1st day off and im back at Fireplace Factory

Well at the start of our Christmas holidays i have been to the factory this afternoon to wrap and send out a gas insert by Parcelforce to a customer in Cumbria who we bent over backwards for to get delivery to before christmas sending it on a courier who collected from us at 10pm at night just so they can have it fitted.
Now as it turns out the gas insert has a missing knob and a one of the matrix that holds the coals in place is broken too, we do not open all of our gas inserts before dispatch as i can honestly say this is only the second time this year something has been wrong with them so we trust our suppliers to check them.
Now we normally insist on having items returned to us before dispatching new replacement item (postage paid by us) as in the past we have had customers not return items when they have had their new one and this is very costly to us as they are £165 retail price.
Now for this customer we have sent replacement gas insert out as we felt it was unfair being so close to Christmas not to send gas insert as there is no way they can return and us dispatch new item in time so i really do hope the original gets sent back.
Now anyway they were not too pleased at it not being correct when the fitter had come to fit so please bear this in mind if you have a fitter booked please check over all the items so they are ready to fit when he comes, dont get me wrong damages are very rare but sometimes customers order the wrong tiles or order wrong size mantel and when the fitter is stood there all ready to fit it and its not right there is not much we can do that same day.
Anyway moan over we have sorted it out at our expense and hopefully it will arrive Christams eve and get fitted in time for the big day so back to my relaxing with family and im just starting to feel tired from yesterdays all day drinking with the Fireplace Lads.

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