A whole Christmas and New Year and Stove is not burning

Hello and a big happy new years eve to everyone thought i would write this blog this afternoon before we get ready to celebrate New Years Eve at Castfireplaces.
Well what has happened to the Christmas feeling of it being cold and wintery weather its a little dissapointing really we have not had our Tiger Plus Mulit Fuel Stove roaring away at all over the festive break.
Infact really Winter has not begun yet it has been very mild with only one good frost and i have prepared again for another harsh winter, our coal bunker is full of smokless ovals and our woodshed is brimming with seasoned logs ready for the cold weather.
I love fire and really love an open fireplace or in our case a stove which heats our home downstairs and stocked up on all our winter fuel needs well before winter arrived.
Logs have been split and crated at our factory and workshop ready for the cold weather we have even had a new coal bunker arrive for the Firefox 12 in our showroom to heat that.
So we are ready for a cold spell and a little frost so i can get the fireplaces roaring and sit down and relax in front of them and get a real winter warming feeling that only a real fire can produce and those of you that already have a real fireplace will know exactly what i mean

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