Arctic Winter about to hit UK get your fireplaces ready

So looking at weather forecasts and its finally taking a turn for the worse and the Met Office says we are going to be hit by some arctic weather lasting a few weeks.
With this is supposed to be freezing temps and even some snow forecast, to be honest we have been very lucky this winter with the weather.
So when the weather does turn cold make sure your fireplace or stove is ready to be used and you have plenty of fuel either wood or coal to burn incase it gets very cold.
Here at Castfireplaces we are very well stocked of smokless coal and logs for our stoves both at home and also at our showroom in Langley Mill.
I love cold weather and love having a fire going to keep the winter weather at the doorstep so we have plenty of fuel and we ordered it early in aticipation of another harsh winter.
Im keeping my fingers crossed though it does not intefere with our fireplace home delivery service as much as inejoy snow it does cause chaos to the UK roads which makes it difficult for us to deliver fireplaces and stoves.
So get your fuel ready get your fireplace cleaned and lets all get ready for a little bit of cold weather and then you can really enjoy your new fire as its intended to be used.

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