Can i use Electric Fire with Back Boiler Fireplace

Well I am glad to be back home today even with the clocks going back and the end of British summertime I am still tired.
Our last drop of the day was to Nina as I said yesterday and we had a beer and a good catch up she had also come with one of her friends and we met at the Fruiterers Arms in Swanley Kent a nice little local pub near the motorway.
All the locals found it amusing two women driving from Belgium to collect fireplaces but they made us feel very welcome.
Thanks again Nina for the Jupiter beer you bring me I will try one later on and I was surprised you said Stella here was different to Belgian Stella.
Anyway enough of my jolly when I returned back to the office Rhian had left me a number to ring for a Scotsman who wants an electric insert in the Jubilee and Brompton Package simple enough I thought till I rang him.
It turns out he has gas back boiler fitted and wants to be able to remove this fireplace to service the boiler once a year through the hole where his old gas fire used to sit.
Now this presents a problem as the jubilee has an attached cast iron back which can’t be removed without removing fireplace which is a large job to service boiler.
After putting phone down to try and work out an option for it I thought about unbolting back etc but I still don’t think you would have enough room.
So I rang our fitter to pick his brains then eureka why not use a fascia plate with slot in electric fire I know it’s not the jubilee but with the Brompton would look good.
Anyway options explained he thanked me very much as two other firms he had contacted just said no it couldn’t be done and offered no solution.
So here at castfireplaces when faced with tricky questions or customers requiring strange items we don’t just say no we have a look at alternatives to solve the problem so he has now gone to show his wife what we have suggested and said he will ring me in the Morning to place order so hopefully with a little bit of work others can’t be bothered to do we have picked up another order.

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