Carbon Monoxide Detector added on Stove Options

As most of our customers may be aware of when fitting a new solid fuel appliance a carbon monoxide detector is required to comply with Building Controls.
Most sensible people have these fitted by a HETAS registered fitter who will make you aware of such a requirement but i do realise alot of our customers attempt a DIY fit saying they will have it signed off by building controls.
A requirement of this law is to have an approved detector fitted in the same room as the stove so we have decided here at Castfireplaces to make it clearer on our website that customers require this.
So on all of our stoves we have added the option of choosing a carbon monoxide detector whilst shopping for this item (it can be simply added to the basket) and have also added the following banner at the bottom of each page

Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Castfireplaces can supply a Kidde Carbon monoxide alarm to comply with the regulations below just add it as an option above

As you can see its pretty eyecatching and clearly explains the requirement for such a device, safety is something we take very seriously here at Castfireplaces and warning our customers abouth the regulations in force are a priority.
This is another job ticked of my to do list for our website and throught January we will be making changes to our website to make shopping at Castfireplaces one of the most informed easiest websites to use.

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