Castfireplaces increases website advertising

As we are always tweaking things here at Castfireplaces and altering things around we have this week renewed various forms of online advertising from our scoot listings to a new seo package to target our chosen Fireplace keywords.
We are also monitoring our new google adwords campaign to see how this pans out over the next few months.
We do have alot of repeat customers at Castfireplaces but generally most of our customers are new or those who have been recommended to us.
We do spend a huge amount of money on google ads and seo work so it is very important to us monitor the flow of traffic to our website.Hidden behind the scenes we have a very good system in place that tells us when customers order on our website what keywords they used to find us and exactly which search engine or refferal sent them to us.
We have aslo ordered a very interesting new format which will be appearing soon on our website which im told by those in the know will convert more visitors into customers online.
It is also very seo friendly and will contain all our relevant keywords, as usual i will tell you more when it is ready to go.
So if you do find us online throught various keywords relating to fireplaces and stoves let us know what you think of our website and why you decided to take alook at what we offer, it really gives us a good idea into what people seacrch for when looking for a galllery fireplace.

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