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Lytton and Pine Lincoln Fireplace is like changing rooms

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Hi there I forgot completely to load yesterdays article continuing the theme of Customer photos so here it is all pre written so I do not have to do one today.

We have had a few photos sent us by our customers with there fitted fireplaces and today featured fireplace is the Lytton and Pine Lincoln Solid fuel package.
For this one we actually have a before and after photo so take a look at the 1st photo shown below

BEFORE PHOTO fire place 002



This Gas Fireplace is hideous and is straight for the 1970s it even has little shelves on the side to place ornaments on I am amazed it was still working before being sent to the scrap heap.
Now take a peek at the new fireplace that was installed in its place a change from gas to solid fuel as well you may notice it is even burning away at a nice lump of wood.

This Lytton Highlighted fireplace goes very well with our plain Lincoln mantel and I am sure you will agree is a huge change of look and style in fireplace and is much more in keeping with any traditional home and with prices starting at £480 there really is no reason to put up with a fire from the past.
So if you feel like taking before and after photos and contributing to our Customer Fireplace gallery please feel free to email them and we will feature them and if you do see somebody with a outdated fire point them in our direction were just like changing rooms.


fire place 003

Gallery Fireplaces Firefox 8 Multi Fuel Stove in Customer Gallery

Monday, October 19th, 2009

So i said i was going to return to our customer gallery feature and show you a few of our range of Gallery Fireplaces and Stoves that previous customers of ours have fitted in their own homes.
I did a little blog about this particular stove before because when i had got home from delivering it in the morning i had on my pc an email from the Customer

Mark Adams.
I recently purchased a Firefox stove from you which was burning within 3 hours of delivery.
We are very pleased with it and more importantly we were very impressed that it arrived when you said it would and that it was delivered right to the Hearth!
Thank you for your reliability

Now that is impressive by any imagination they were enjoying a nice fire in a stove i had only just delivered before i had even arrived home also attached to the email was a picture of  Firefox 8 Multifuel stove with ash in it.

I think that is quite amusing no sooner had i delivered onto the hearth in the friont room and driven off were they there unboxing it an connecting it up to use so i thought i will add this picure of this to our customer gallery to see if it gives anyone inspiration to try and beat this installation time im pretty sure it will be a hard act to follow so have a look at this Firefox 8 stove heating up Jennys house 3 hours after delivery


Firefox 8 Stove Jenny Pennels

Looking Forward to Early Morning Fireplace Delivery

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

So as i sit here at my office desk im very tired today as i went to boxing last night in Nottingham and didnt get to bed till 4.30 am so im having an early night as im off to Norwich in the morning delivering Fireplaces again.
Lucky me i have got to be in Peterborough for 6am on one of our early am deliveries we can arrange when customers order our products.
The Henley and Kingston Marbel Package we are delivering is not a light item so im sure that will wake me up nicely.
The customer who has ordered it has had 2 from us previously so i am looking forward putting a face to the name as i have not personally delivered to him before.
It is always nice to have repeat customers and orders because i always think it shows that you are doing a good job and people trust you to deliver which is one of the reasons why here at Castfireplaces we are regarded as one of the best companies supply fireplaces and stoves online.
I have got some more customer gallery photos to post on here this week to show you various items fitted in houses by our customers so keep checking back to view those features.

Can i collect Coronet and Brompton Limestone Fireplace

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Well I was supposed to be off work today but I had to go the factory to finish off loading one of our vans for Sundays London run as I ran out of time yesterday.
I also had 2 appointments at 10.30 and 11.00 am so it worked at well doing those and finishing loading the van.
Both customers ordered fireplaces after viewing our showroom one even ordered a made to measure mantel when they saw the Oak Stourhead but wanted it in pine, which is no problem as we manufacture our own surrounds.
The other customer had rung us yesterday to ask if we had Coronet and Brompton Limestone Package in stock as they wanted to get it fitted as they were having carpets laid Monday and another company in Nottingham had quoted 2 weeks delivery so they searched online and found us.
They arrived in Transit Van and looked at items on display then went away saying not only had they saved over £250 they did not have to put off carpet fitter so they were very pleased.
This is one of the reasons why we keep so much in stock it just makes it easy for us to lad our vans from stock and customers can collect straight away if they choose to.
This and many other reasons why shopping for a fireplace or stove at Castfireplaces is quicker, easier and cheaper than other fireplace companies whether they be internet sellers or high street shops

Stoves and Fireplace Delivery and general update

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Another big day delivering fireplaces and stoves again today I have been to South Wales and Gloucestershire and Worcestershire working my way home with 10 drops to do most of which were Multi fuel Stoves which are not very nice to deliver as they are so heavy but all done now.
You know how I told you about the large delivery of timber we had that now has been turned into timber surrounds in all shapes and sizes and we have a few new designs which we are photographing on the 30th October to go straight onto our website keep a look out for these new items as they are very impressive and look fantastic.
I am glad the weekend is here and my delivery skills are on hold till Monday when I go to Norwich we have Stuart back for this weekend (Back from Paternity leave) and I have roped one of my good friends to take my place this Sunday as im going to watch Carl Froch boxing on Saturday night and seeing as he doesn’t fight till 2.30 am I do not think I would be fit to drive Sunday at 5am delivering fireplaces so thanks Paul I owe you a huge night out at my expense (knowing how he drinks it will be expensive)
Rhian has again been very busy in the office over the last two days as I’ve been out delivering Thursday and Friday but she really does know what she is doing and has made my work when I return so simple every company needs a Rhian but they can’t have her she is ours.
Ok I am off now to raise all Sundays delivery notes and thanks to all of our customers this week for all your orders I am so glad Stuarts back otherwise I would have to start working nights too.

Whats happened to the Back of my Cast Iron Fireplace

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Why has my cast iron Firebrick in the back of my fireplace warped?

This Question was asked of me today as I was making my way back from North Wales and North West area.
After asking the normal questions we found out the customer had fitted the fireplace himself and had not filled the area behind the cast iron back which is one of the most important things to when fitting a fireplace for gas or solid fuel use.
If you think all the contained by burning solid fuel is heating the chamber behind the fireplace which is empty its bound to warp as the heat is not being pushed forward.
We do recommend having your fireplace fitted by a qualified professional to avoid these mistakes and to make sure it is done properly but we do realise customers do fit these items themselves.
Backfilling is simply done by using vermiculite or small bits of rubble and to pack the chamber after the fireplace has been fitted so as not to leave nay air gaps behind the cast iron back.
Once this is done it forces all the heat forward and then will not damage the little heat plate in the back of the fireplace. Luckily they are designed to be replaced but it has still cost him an extra £29.95 for a Replacement Cast Iron Firebrick just for the simple fact of not fitting fireplace correctly.
So if you do fit your own fireplace, which we do not advise, you to do please ensure you try and fit it correctly to avoid costly error

Fireplace Factory is well and truly stocked for Heating Season

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

We have had one of the biggest deliveries today from our supplier our factory is now bursting at the seams with Limestone Surrounds stoves and cast iron fireplaces.
Along with the fact that we have had daily had arrivals of timber surrounds we are now well and truly stocked up for the Heating Season and are ready to supply all our customers at an even quicker rate at this very busy time of year.
To give you an idea we hold over 40 Stoves in stock around 60 pine and oak surrounds and 100s of cast iron fireplaces all ready to take way.
We keep large stocks of granite and tiled hearths too along with a full range of gas and electric inserts to suit all our fireplaces.
Next week if I remember I will take a photo of our factory so you can see how much stuff we keep in stock customers who visit our factory and showroom are amazed at what we have in stock and say they have never been anywhere like it.
So if you wish to make an appointment to come and view our fantastic range of fireplaces and stoves please ring us to arrange.
We often have viewing out of shop hours so just contact us and come and see probably the largest stock holding fireplace company on the internet

Jubilee and Brompton Limestone makes Customer Fireplace Gallery

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

I have been sitting on these photos for what seems an age now as we were having problems uploading them to our article section this has now been resolved and I am pleased to say we will see a return to the Customer Fireplace Gallery.
The First feature fireplace i think is probably one of the best photos we have ever been sent of one of our Fireplaces it is the best selling limestone package The Jubilee and Brompton
The Limestone surround is a 54” version with the gas insert all sat on a granite hearth.
See below what our customer says about us.

Hi Mark,

Many thanks for an outstanding service! It was a genuine pleasure to do business with you. Great prices, great service, and great products. What more could one wish for?!

You promised me an 8am delivery. Your driver ‘phoned me at about one minute to eight, to apologize because he was stuck in traffic and would not be with me until approximately ten past eight!!!

Now that is service! How many times have we all ordered items on the Internet, only to wait around all day on the day of delivery.

Your driver was brilliant. Polite and cheerful, he carried everything in to the exact spot where I wanted it – no problem.

I would like to wish you every success for the future. Such dedication and commitment warrants it!

Needless to say, I will be recommending you to all my friends and acquaintances.

This fireplace that is shown in the picture below just looks absolutely fantastic in this room setting with the pale walls and the cream beige carpet I think it really makes a focal point of that chimney breast so if you are inspired by Mr Bennett’s photo of there fitted fireplace just click on the photo to take you straight through to that item

New Fire 10.7.09-2

Pulse Firebasket is septembers Gallery Fireplaces Basket winner

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Well after another busy day delivering to Ipswich with a van load of Gallery Fireplaces for just one customer so I was back for 11am and even stopped for breakfast I wish all deliveries were that easy.
Anyway that finally brings me on to our final feature which is the Best Selling Firebasket of the month which is The Pulse Firebasket we have had this basket on special offer for a month now with a gas insert as we have 6 of them in stock we now only have 3 at a never to be repeated price.
This basket is quite modern in looks and like the Cottage basket is reversible with Black on one side and Chrome on the other so you can choose which side you like best before installation.
The gas fire is decorative flame effect which comes with coals as standard but we can add logs pebbles or driftwood for £35 depending on what type of gas fire look you are after.
As we only have 3 left please snap up this bargain as there not likely to last the month out at this price especially as on the website update will be category for crazy deals which are items at giveaway prices for our customers to snap up so keep your eyes out for this section.


Pulse Basket

Back from long day delivering fireplaces and stoves

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Well I am back from the long delivery run today and I must say it was not as bad as I expected I was up nice and early and prepared my van with sat nav and a box full of sandwiches and various drinks and set off at 4.30 am to deliver 12 deliveries of fireplaces all over the south of the England as Stuart is on paternity leave this week I had to put all deliveries on our trusty large Vauxhall Movano van.
I have owned this van since new but do not drive it very often now as I have Boxer van too which is smaller and I must say faster and easier to drive but I must say I have clocked up many of the 160000 miles on this vans Speedo.
It really is a great motorway van and touch wood has never let us down and drives as smooth as the day it was delivered I suppose that must be down to regular servicing it is due to be replaced in March but I’m very fond of it anyway enough sentiment it’s a steel box on wheels.
So if I trundled down to Gosport for our 1st delivery of the day being a made to measure granite slab for stove to sit on and this was followed by trips to Dorking, Cobham, South West London, Bromley, Orpington, Meopham, Bradwell on Sea, Watford, St Albans and finally Stony Stratford I was back home 10 minutes ahead of time at 6pm.
I am not going to bore you telling you exactly what Fireplaces and Stoves each customer had but needless to say it was along day but at the end of it everyone got their fireplace or stove delivered on time and everyone I hope is happy with the purchases they have made.
One more thing I promise tomorrow I will finish off the featured articles section I just could not face looking through orders to find out which basket has sold best.