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Crown Half Polish Fireplace to Isle of Wight

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Last week we were asked if we can deliver to the Isle of Wight a Crown 40″ x 40″ cast iron arched fireplace complete with a granite hearth and an Electric Insert.
We do not delivery to the Isle of Wight its just to time consuming and expensive to travel by ferry there and as we dont sell many there its just not economical to do.
Anyway we do have a solution we have sent things before on pallets to Isle of Wight and have used a great shipping agent that will collect from us.
So we explained this to Mr Morgan and he has come back to us with his own collection and delivery company and asked us if we can wrap it up safe on a pallet for him.
So order placed and items are in stock now ready to be collected so tomorrow morning i will get wrapping and packing this up for collection.
I am becoming quite an expert at wrapping up items and the amount of bubble wrap we use on all our small items we send in the post has been commented on many timees
So if you live in the Isle of Wight, Man or any other island we dont deliver there by our own vehicles but can normally sort out a pallet delivery for you with the minimum of fuss

Firefox 8 Multi Fuel Stove to Bexhill

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Thank you for your excellent service, Mark. Everything took place just as you said it would. I was a bit concerned about placing the order as it is not something that I usually do via the net. In about a week from now it will be installed and hopefully working.

Thanks again

Bryan Clasby Bexhill on Sea 22/03/10

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Lytton and Pine Bedford to Colchester

Monday, March 22nd, 2010


Fireplace arrived as promised.
Delivery man very polite and pleasant.
All in all an excellent service


Carl Ranns Colchester 22/03/10

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Day in the Life of a Fireplace Delivery Man

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Thought i would share with you one of the nicest days driving i have ever had delivering Fireplaces and this is a typical Sunday delivery day.
God is that my alarm clock already its time to get up and start another busy day delivering fireplaces to the South of England.
Im out of the door at 4.15 am with a travel cup full of Twinings English Breakfast Tea theres nothing better to start the day got outside to the Van started up and had to defrost the Windscreen good job i still had some De-icer left in the Door pocket. Sat nav set up its time to go 1st postcode punched in Bexhill on Sea 4 hours away and 220 miles ill be there for 8am Delivery as roads will be quite.
Driving down the M1 towards London warning signs flasnhing M1 shut junc 18-16 great news im going that way.
Quick tap away on sat nav and new routes is found i am now going down the M69 it is slightly longer by 8 minutes and its 20 miles further still it beats sitting in Traffic for 40 minutes as i later found out from Stuart who couldnt avoid it.
Well what a nice route that is no traffic good fast roads i arived at Bexhill at 07.50 with Firefox 8 Stove to a lovely Bungalow one street away from the sea how lovely is that.
Unloaded that in the rain and placed near hearth in front room and on my way to Brighton 30 miles away im now exactly on time from our trusty sat nat planning arrived in Withdean after driving down the A27.
Unloaded the Coronet and Brompton Limestone package into Mr Roberts Garage (what a treat) and was off again this time heading for Fareham.
This is where it got nice the Sun was out and driving down the Coast road through Chichester it was a gorgeous morning with beautiful sights and sounds and i arrived in Fareham and delivered a Sovereign and Pine Bedford Package with Lavenham Velvet Tiles all for solid fuel use.
A few pointers for the Customer re tile fitting and im on my way again heading towards Sunbury ive only got 5 to do today and Stuart is in Ramsgate and the other side of the M25 working his way towards Soham.
The sun is streaming down ive got my shades on window slightly down listening to some great music on the radio thinking god i love my job and even 15 minutes delay on M3 didnt bother me today.
Got to Sunbury 5 minutes late than my 1st arrival time which is amazing planning even if i say so myself and unloaded a Pembroke Black Fireplace package and was off again to my last call in Flaunden with instructions to leave it in the Hosebox on the front drive.
Well i must say what a beautiful little village and the most stunning red brick built house i was delivering too now that is where i want to live when retiring or for that matter now it was just heaven even thought about taking photo to show Rhian but customer was not in so didn’t.
Well the next two hours flew by driving back up the M1 dreaming about my red brick house and stunning village setting it really was perfect and in no time at all sat nav is shouting at me to take M1 exit home its now 2.15 pm and im meeting a customer at the Factory who turns up in nice Lotus.

MMMMMmmmm thats got me thinking again how great would that look in the front drive of my new red brick built house in the perfect village setting well until then ill always dream about that.

Lytton and Pine Bedford to East Claydon

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Hi Mark

Would definately recomend – loads of choice and great value. We ordered on a Wednesday and it turned up that Sunday within a dedicated hourly time slot by a very friendly and helpful driver.

We were a little nervous in changing our current fireplace, as we didn’t know what kind of things we should look out for or need, however, the website gave a lot of information, Mark was on hand immediately for the few queries we did have and we used one of the fitters that were on the site and they too were very helpful in advising what we needed.

Jasmine Gledhill East Claydon 21/03/10

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It Seems to be fireplace Collection Day

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

What a strange day only 1 order on our Website from Customer in Solihull and it seems everyone local to us has decided to pay our Factory and Showroom a visit and what turns out to be a day of collections.
the first customer i knew about as he been emailing me all week regarding collecting a Barcelona Black solid fuel package from us he had seen on our Website.
I thought they were from West Bridgford Nottingham but as it turns out they had come from Sheffield im not now sure why West Bridgford came to mind.
A quick look round our showrrom just to confirm he likes the fireplace and then its promptly loaded into the back of a van he has borrowed and the first of what turns out to be three customers collecting from us today is on his way back home.
As Stuart was late back Friday from Delivery run we are going to load his van today mines already done and full of fuel for tomorrow morning.
So in between wrapping all items up another customer rings me from Ilkeston asking if they can collect Firefox 12 Stove i say straight away have you got a van and a couple of strong mates to which he replies yes.
Im not joking 15 minutes later Man Mountain is stood in front of me paying me in Cash for a Firefox 12 im 6 foot 1 but he towers above me im sure he could lift it on his own.
But that would ruin the fun of me driving the forklift so i persuade him gently ill load it into his van he can then lift it out his end. Another Happy customer and im back to loading van whilst waiting for 1pm and 2 pm apointments.
Both are on time and the first at 1pm takes away Solid oak stourhead mantel and toulouse tiled insert we dont have the tiles they wanted so they take there second choice Tulip Ivory Burgundy.
The last customer of the day at 2pm orders a Black Pemborke and Black Celtic Fireplace package and even though we have them in stock to go he lets me deliver them as they have only come in a car.
Sometimes its easier for us to deliver as its all wrapped and packed carefully and we are experts at delivering Fireplaces and Stoves.
They are in Sheffield so i tell them i will deliver it next Week so they can continue with the renovation of there Victorian Home.
So another busy day at the Factory so much for having Saturday off well i hope im not in too much trouble for it.

New Tile selection choice is running in our test area

Friday, March 19th, 2010

As most of our customers know with our tiled fireplace packages we offer a selction of gallery Fireplace tiles for our customers to choose.
At the moment they are only listed by name but were not 100% happy with that and are working on a format to show them in picture format so our customers can see exactly which set they are adding to there order.
On our old site we did have a link to view tile choices but found it a hassle clicking backwards and forwards to view different tiles so again with customers ease of use a priority on our website we are intending to have the best option available from any website online.
So please bear with us whilst we test this feature before its up and running and then added to all our tiled products it really will be worth the wait and then our customers will be able to see the tiles as they add them to the order.
Another great feature we are working on is when customers choose a particular fireplace the image will change to the item selected this really is work in progress as there are so many photos and options available it will take a while before this is up and running but ill inform you more when its all ready for you to use.
As always at Castfireplaces we are trying to make our site the most simple to use anywhere online and if you have any suggestions please drop us an email.

Pembroke Black Fireplace

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

The Pembroke Black Fireplace package is this weeks featured item and this just happens to be our best selling cast iron package by far.
The Pembroke is available in Black as shown here and also a full polished finish which is availble on our website too.
So a little bit more about this fantastic fireplace, it has a 48″ shelf width and is a 41″ x 41″ square of cast iron. Its very simple in design but thats does not mean its a plain looking fireplace.
In my opinion it is the best looking fireplace in the gallery range and from our customers point of view they agree with me as it appears in our best sellers list on the right hand side of our front page.
For customer swith smaller chimney breasts it does have a smaller brother called the Celtic which has shelf width of 36″.
The Pembroke Black is ideal for solid fuel use and now availble with the Deeper back (extra £100) it creates an area big enough to throw on some large logs.
Most of the black ones we sell are for solid fuel use and with prices at £420 with a 48″ granite hearth to match its an absolute bargain which you would be mad to miss out on.
We do have plenty of these in stock so if you wish to buy this weeks featured fireplace product click on the picture link below to take you straight through to the item

Customer damages tiled fireplace hearth whilst fitting

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

There is nothing worse and a you get a real sinking feeling when you damage something whilst putting it together ive done it with an american fridge trying to squeeze it through a narrow doorway and i know how frustrating it is.
Well today we have had a customer ring us to see if they can buy a single fireplace tile for a 54″ x 18″ ebony black hearth they were fitting they went to get the spirit level to check all was level and crash it came down on one of the tiles knocoking a ten pence piece size whole out of it.
Luckily it is the front tiles with a single rolled edge on it so they could continue fitting the fireplace and surround so the day hasnt been wasted.
It is no problem to supply spare tiles so its now on its way by 24 hour parcelforce to Haverfordwest. The damaged one has been removed and the new one is supplied with some matching black grout so it will be an invisible repair once done.
Its not dififcult to do just use some tile adhesive to bond it to the clean area press into place and allow to dry then grout up using plastic spreader and remove all excess then wash down after that has dried too.
Sometimes the corner tiles do work loose in the wrapping too so most fireplace fitters are quite used to tacking these back on so dont despair if you do damage a tile there only £2.50 each so its not exactly going to break the bank.
It could have been alot worse it could have been a granite hearth but there alot tougher i know ive dropped the poker on mine at home and fearing the worst checked the hearth and there wasnt even a scatch.
So another happy relieved customer whose not going to get grief from his wife this evening as i bet the fireplace is fitted and in the morning the hearth will be as good as new.

Tradition Black Insert to Bristol

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Hi Mark,

Sorry for delay in my reply but it was due to unforseen circumstances.

I ordered my fireplace and hearth for an open fire and a week later I received it. It looked just like the picture on the website. The young man who delivered my order was very helpful and put the order exactly where I wanted. So thanks. The fireplace has since been fitted & we are having very cosy open fires. So once again thanks

Annette Cassidy Bristol 17/03/10

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