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Heating Season time and stove stocks are low

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Once again we are in the middle of what we in the trade call “Heating Season” and we again are running short on a few stoves and it is the new models everyone is low on stock on.
The Brand new Classic 8 Stove is now out of stock and we are taking delivery of 12 of them in the second week of November but that is until January
Also in very short supply is the popular Tiger Cleanburn stove which has sold so well we have also ran out of those too selling the last three we had in stock.
I have been told 2 are arriving and again 12 in Mid November but until then we again have no stock, i can understand the new stoves running out as they are brand new to the market and Gallery fireplaces did not anticipate how popular they were going to be, however the Tiger Cleanburn has been very popular all year and i knew they would be a big seller this Winter and so did the Gallery group but sales have eclipsed anything they had imagined.
We do have plenty of multi fuel stoves on order and in stock as we speak but i expect this will change again over the next month or so especially if the weather turns cold again.
It seems to happen every year running low on one model or another but we can only sell what the gallery group have in stock.

Camber Firescreen and Companion Set to Surbiton

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Good afternoon Mark,

Pleased with the order which arrived between the hour slot you arranged for Sunday.
The three items were well packaged and overall service was excellent

Lorenzo Khan Surbiton 25/10/11

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Strange smell from my Tiger Multi Fuel Stove

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

A customer of ours has rung us today after purchasing one of Gallery Fireplaces Tiger Plus Multi Fuel stoves as after installation it smells when having a fire.
When you first light the stove after installing it and having your first fire during the tempering process it is quite normal to have a strange smell to come from the stove.
The reason for this is down to two things firstly the fire cement curing around the flue pipe but most of this is caused by the paint hardening and curing too.
This smell will only last for the first two fires as it completely hardesn off its just a matter of opening the windows and letting the stove do its work.
After this has been done the stove in normal use will emit no more fumes, although the fumes smell they are not toxic.
After explaining to our customer it was normal they were a little more relaxed as the fireplace fitter had gone justleaving them with instructions about tempering it but did not mention the strange burning in smell.
Worried something was wrong they gave us a call straightaway to make sure it was all ok which im pleased to say it was.
So if you are unsure about anything you have purchased from Castfireplaces just give us a call

Firefox 8 Cleanburn stove added to our range

Monday, October 24th, 2011

So another week another new stove in stock now whilst they last we have only got 14 of these that have arrived for us and if theyr are anything like the Classic 8 stoves they are sure to go very quickly.
So exactly what is the DEFRA approved (pending) Firefox 8 Cleanburn stove i hear you ask, well it is based on our very popular Firefox 8 and now it has been tested by DEFRA to ensure it is capable of burning wood in a smokless zone.
The result is a stove that looks the same as the Firefox 8 but is cleaner for the atmosphere and will allow our customers in smoke controlled zones to burn smokless fuel and also wood.
So it looks the same with the robust look of a cast iron stove and a good sized area for burning the fuel in and with all good stoves a good sized glass so you can see the flames.
Made from premium grade cast iron it has air wash control and is also brick lined as all stoves should be.
Designed for a hard working life the firefox 8 stove packs enough heat output of 7.9KW to warm most rooms so stoke it p sit back and relax that when you are burniong wood you are not polluting the atmosphere
Take a look at the photo below and buy a Firefox 8 Cleanburn stove before we run out of stock

Tiled Fireplace and Grand Corbel to Grays Essex

Monday, October 24th, 2011

I would thoroughly recommend Castfireplaces for anyone considering installing or replacing a Fireplace.
Their website is exceptionally good giving you the ability to ‘Mix & Match’ all types of styles and components to achieve the best result for you.
Once chosen, the order was placed on-line and delivery occurred within 3 days, conveniently for us, at a weekend.
We were kept informed at all stages and Mark was quite happy to answer any technical queries regarding the installation, even on a Sunday morning!
I would have no hesitation in recommending Castfireplaces to anyone!

Ross Bannister Grays 24/10/11

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London Weekday Fireplace Delivery for Castfireplaces

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Good Evening enjoyed a lovely day off today with my family even my Brother Damian and Janet who has come up from Cardiff were out today we met up for Sunday Dinner after football with my son Jaiden.
Before i go any further HOORAY RIPLEY RANGERS WON what a result for the lads im very proud of them all
So onto work matters we have an un uusal delivery run this Tuesday to London as we have a large order going to a customer In SW London and we could not get it on any of our vans this weekend, infact these 5 fireplace packages along with another that needs to goto Ship2Me in Southampton will fill our Van to the brim.
Our customer requires these marble fireplace packages and cast iron fireplace packages quickly as the refurb team are running short ontime and need to complete for them to move back in.
So Steve has an early start to arrive in London for 8am so it can be unloaded and hopefully escape the traffic madness thats is London on any morning
Not something we normally do in the week but it makes sense to get it out the way so it does not fill all the van space for next weekend, so fingers crossed he gets there ontime and manages to escape to Southampton in reasonble time and im sure he will be there before they close at 5pm.
This along with numerous other delivery runs makes for another hectiuc week but we are well geared up for this at Castfireplaces its what we do best

Crown and Brompton Limestone to Rochdale

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

We are very pleased with fireplace, the way the firplace was packaged for transportation was first class, we would certainly recommend your company.

Kind regards

Nicola Glynn Rochdale 23/10/11

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Coronet and Pine Bedford Fireplace to Aylesbury

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Hi Mark

Have received the fireplace thank you . Have not had it fitted yet as waiting for my brothers to be free to do it but from what we can see it looks very nice. Not sure whether we should have asked for the extra panel for the back. The driver was great and most helpful. Will let you know how it goes once fitted.


Sue Luxford Aylesbury 23/10/11

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Reproduction Fireplaces are what Castfireplaces sell

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Good Evening
Another busy day here at Castfireplaces both in the office and at the showroom where we have had numerous customer viwieng and collecting items today.
One phonecall today asked what type of fireplaces we sell and whether the gallery range are original victorian fireplaces which have been refurbished.
The Fireplaces we sell are actually reproduction fireplaces from the gallery range and also a range of modern fireplaces and of course Stoves.
So the caller was a little dissapointed that we did not have a showroom full of original fireplaces for them to come and view but as we only do new fireplaces i pointed him towards a company in Leicester that specialise in Georgian and victorian fireplaces.
In the past i have found buying an original cast iron fireplace is fine if everything is there and no spares or replacement parts are required, if you are missing items such as bars or hood plates it becomes a mammoth task sourcing original parts to complete your fireplace.
Im afriad with these bits missing they are not much use as a working fireplace but can be installed as decorative items.
Anyway off the man has gone to see Heritage and waht they have to offer and kindly said if he found anyone asking about a new fireplace or stove would point them in our direction as we are so helpful

Barcelona Fireplaces to Worthing

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Hi Mark

I ordered two fireplaces on the Thursday and they were delivered 8am on the Saturday morning. I didn’t live at the property where the fireplaces were to be delivered and asked for a phone call 20 mins before delivery which I received.

The reason why I used this Company was because I had used them 4 years previously and received an excellent, quick courteous service and the same applied this time.

Fireplaces look good as well

Jo Searle Worthing 22/10/11

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