Do we buy Antique or Victorian Fireplaces

Often we get asked the question i have some antique fireplaces from our house would you be interested in buying them ive emailed you some photos.
Hera at Castfireplaces we only sell new fireplaces and stoves from the gallery and carron range and thats exactly what we do.
We do not have the time to restore original fireplaces and i even have some in stock that i bought 6 years ago and have never got round to having them renovated.
The problem with original antique fireplaces is the fact that they always sem to have bits missing whether it be bars hoods backs shelves etc they never seem to be complete and thats where the time factor comes into it sourcing them.
Also we do not have the facilities at our factory for proper restoration yes we can have them blasted and blacked up but as to welding and repairing them its not something i wish to undertake as a business.
I know of a few good firms who do nothing but originals and can point you in the right direction for you to sell them too but im afraid it is not something we undertake here at Castfireplaces.
I know most of you find us in google under antique fireplaces its just basically a phrase we use such as victorian fireplaces we dont sell them but people searching for those items do buy reproduction fireplaces confusing i know but thats the way it is.

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