Extra Hour in bed this weekend before we deliver our Fireplaces and Stoves

Hi there just sat at my office desk at 7.30pm ringing round to confirm the final delivery runs for Fireplaces and Stoves this Sunday when it struck me the clocks go back so what seemed like an early start at 5am is not so bad now.
We have also had some good news today that the website update is all ready and under final testing before so next week I have to finally tweak the sections and add a all our new products after photo session on Friday so fingers crossed it will go live around the 1st week of November.
I do have full access to this update and believe me it looks fantastic and the simple shopping experience is fantastic I just can’t wait for it all to happen.
I have had a very busy day today and have not stopped since 8am this morning when I left home to go to the factory to sort out large delivery of Multi Fuel Stoves which was well timed as I had just loaded yesterday the last Firefox 5 Stove we had in stock onto our van for North Wales and Cheshire Run.
As luck would have it Rhian rang me at 4.30 pm and added another Firefox 5 to tomorrows delivery in Winsford which we can do on the way to Stockport. It is now balanced on strapped down on the top of some limestone mantels that we are delivering so the van is fully loaded.
Ok I’m off to take the dog a walk and shut down pc for the evening as I’m shattered today it is always the same in Winter long hard days but that’s what we do here at Cast Fireplaces we never lower our standards no matter how busy we are.

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