Fireplace delivery on Sunday to Miss Loncke from Belgium

Today has been a strange day I thought I was going to watch Forest at Crystal Palace but one of my mates was ill so we didn’t go so in the end I have been working and really it’s a good job too because it has been busy.
We have had four different lots of people come to view fireplaces today at our showroom and have taken orders of all of them I’m sure its not my charm just free honest correct advice and a price that can’t be beaten that’s all.
I am out delivering again in the morning and my last drop of the day is in Crawley to a Miss Nina Loncke from Belgium.
Nina has been buying fireplaces from us for years and runs an antiques shop and has 3 of our fireplaces on display she used to drive up to Derbyshire to collect them and stop overnight but now she catches the ferry in the morning and we meet her at a pub have a quick drink and then load her van.
This has worked very well and over the years she has become our biggest customer everything she buys has to be black leaded for her as Belgium customers she tells me prefer it that way she also says there not to keen in knots in pine mantels so we do go through them and choose the least knotty.
So it’s a nice finish for me tomorrow to catch up with Nina buy her a drink and have a chat before we head of to different parts.
This time she has ordered two Lytton and Large Corbel Packages and one Northmoor Black Tiled Fireplace package im not sure why but she never has hearths.
The best part of the trip is she always brings me a box of Belgian beer, which is gorgeous, and I know Sunday evening after we have come in from night out ill crack one open and have a drink.

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