Fireplace shops we are quicker, cheaper and can get it fitted before you too

If I order a fireplace today will I get it delivered and fitted before Christmas I was asked today now I know time is going pretty quick but the lady in question had been told by some shop in Derby that to get fitting and delivery before the big day in December they had to order by Friday and it would be fitted 21st December.
I spoke to our fitter who fits all of our fireplaces and stoves in the local surrounding areas and he said 1st week in December so not only will they have it fitted they also saved over £320 on the same Gallery fireplace package.
So this shows you how much savings there are to be found shopping online and the shops saying online products are inferior and we do not offer a good service well let me tell them.
Not only can we supply it cheaper than you, quicker than you we can also have it fitted before you so before you shout about internet firms having no customer service take a leaf out of our book we really are the best online.
So after I had told her this about the fitting an order was then placed for a Granite Panel and Brompton Limestone Package which is being delivered last week in November.
So I know time is flying and we are really busy and fitting dates are filling quickly but there is no reason to panic yet there should still be some pre Christmas fitting dates still available in first weeks of November but it is best to book fitter now while you have time to get things sorted out.
We do deliver right up till the last weeks in December so if you do manage to get a late fitting date we keep so much stuff in stock we are sure to be able to deliver before then.

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