How to repair a chip on limestone fireplace shelf

A customer of ours has contacted us today to ask us some advice on how to repair a very small chip on the edge of the Brompton Agean Limestone Mantel shelf as they had caught it whilst fitting it.
I asked them to send me a photo to see how bad the damage was and when it came through luckily it had the samllest chip along the front edge of the shelf.
I quickly rang them back telling them it could be simply be solved with some sandpaper and to sand the three face edges adding a new flat edge to them with a block of wood.
Ten minutes later Mr R rang back to say how pleased he was with his handiwork and that it even passed the visual inspection from his wife.
I reminded him to reseal the shelf with the lithofin limestones sealer and he proudly told me it had already been done.
So all has ended well and the limestone mantel i presume has been fitted with no further damage and again we have another very happy customer.
So please be careful when fitting your new limestone fireplace as they can be damaged easily and simple repairs are not always possible to make an invisible repair.
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  1. david archer says:

    Hi, i have an asquith 55 agean limestone fireplace, unfortunatly i have also got a small chip, unfortunatly it is at the top of the left hand pillar, on the verry front, any help would be most appreciated

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