I call this work at Castfireplaces Fireplace showroom

So this morning i was at our fireplace showroom in Langley Mill between 10 and 12 for customers to come and view our showroom and to collect fireplaces and stoves they have ordered.
Its not a cold morning but as always the Firefox 12 stove has been lit in our showroom so customers can see a live solid fuel appliance running and also so they can relax on our leather settee in front of a lovely roaring fire.
We burn smokless fuel on this stove and also logs and i can tell you the heat it gives off is amazing, so i was here early this morning and lit the stove which is roaring away.
A cup of tea in between customers saw me sat on the leather suite just gazing at the flames thinking what a fantastic job i have.
How many other people in whatever jobs you do can take a little time to sit and have a cuppa in front of a roaring fire whilst being at work.
It is these little moments that makes me realise how lucky i am enjoying what we do for a living and meeting nice people too who want to purchase our gallery fireplaces and stoves makes it even better i get paid for it.
So how can i call it work it just seems so perfect but its something that i enjoy doing and will continue to do so see if you like my view of the stove below from the comfort of our sofa theres even my cup of tea in the photo what could be better

What hard work i have

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