Independant fireplace fitters say Castfireplaces are the best

Hello and a late evening again in the office after a very busy day and i have been chatting this evening to one of the fireplace fitters we use in London and the whole of the South today.
He does not work for Castfireplaces but we give his companies number to our customers looking for reliable professional fire installer around the South.
He has done work for a few well known interent based fireplace firms and always sends his customers to us for us to supply them with gallery firepaces and stoves.
The reason for this he tells me is because he knows how good a service we offer and that if we say it will arrive ontime it will arrive and he can book a fitting date with you there and then such is th trust he has in our company to deliver.
He knows how stringent we are on inspection before loading our vans and knows how well we transport our fireplaces and stoves and that they arrive in good condition.
He has done work for numerous other comapnies inc B&Q and says Castfireplaces are by far the best firm he has ever dealt with thats why he suggests his customers buy from us.
We use 2 very good firms in the South and they will both tell you the same about Castfireplaces its nice to know that two of the best independant fireplace fitting companies in the South suggest there customer shop at Castfireplaces for gallery fireplaces and stoves.
So thanks to Tony for the continued customers you direct to our website and it works both ways too we can also vouch for his work too he really is good and i have met him too and he is a nice bloke

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