Jig Fireplaces soon to be sold on our website again

Well I’m exhausted today I have been at the factory since 8.30 am this morning except for nipping back to the office for an hour in between our deliveries of fireplaces today.
As is normal for this time of year it is two box vanloads that arrive to us weekly so they have all been unloaded and we have some more arriving Thursday that were not in stock in time so that will be three loads this week, thank heavens for the new forklift my back would be in two it does make our job easier loading limestone crates and Multi fuel stoves without having to struggle to lift them on the van.
Delivering them is the easy part if you have the right men and the right things to do the job its all in the handling method.
So in the morning I am off to Jig early doors to fetch a van full of goods we are taking into stock from them too.
On our website we will be offering a selected range of jig fireplaces that we will be retailing at better prices than our competitors.
I know Richard there rep is keen to have us sell Jig Fireplace items as he has been to our factory and showroom and commented on how professional we are and how having our own dedicated delivery service is like buying it from a local shop.
We have also had quite a few display items put onto display in our showroom so our customers can choose between Jig and Gallery Fireplaces.
We used to sell a lot of Jig fireplaces but over the years have concentrated on Gallery items but we are having a whole section dedicated to just there items so that will be going live soon so in the meantime if you do want a Jig or Carron Fireplace or stove let me know we have sold a Celtic Full Polish and Somerset Mantel to a Mr Marshall from Finchley in London which is being delivered to him Sunday.
Also another quick note I can’t believe it is the 1st November on Saturday where has the last few months gone.

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