Largest Timber Fireplace Surround we have ever made

We have today finished the largest timber surround we have ever made it is based on the Worcester Pine mantel and has an opening size 54 inches wide and 50 inches high.
The customer rang us after reading one of our articles as to whether we could make such a surround to fit around this opening shown below.

The customer emailed me this after me questioning opening sizes were right

Yes it’s a very big opening. We’ve just discovered an original Cotswold stone fire chamber behind a plasterboard wall in our house and had it opened up and a stove put in (see attached picture).

The opening is big, but needs finishing off somehow so we are thinking about using a pine surround.
So have a look at the photo they sent me



As you can see something does need to be done to hide some of the rugged stone work and Mr Cottingham has requested the mantel to be unfinished so they can match it too some existing polished timber they have.
This mantel is around 60 inches high with the mantel on so it is quite a strange looking item but im 100% sure when fitted in place on the customers chimney breast it will finish of what will be a great looking fireplace.
After Mr Cottingham has fitted it I will ask him if he can send us a photo of the finished item so we can add this to this article for you to compare.
Don’t forget we offer a full made to measure service for any timber mantel whether it be in MDF Pine Oak or any timber you fancy so please email or ring us for a quote for our great bespoke service

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