Limestone Fireplace Shelf Broken on Fitting

Hello and hope your all well, a tale of woe im afraid this morning about one of our customers who has broken his limestone fireplace shelf whilst fitting it this morning.
We supplied our Customer a Crown and Brompton Limestone package back in Late November and he has decided to fit it himself as its for electric use which is perfectly fine as there are no laws required for decorative or electric use fitting.
So he has been on the phone for a little advice fitting the cast etc and enquiring about the electric fire, all pretty simple stuff to be honest so this morning i take a phonecall asking if we stock limestone mantel shelfs.
Very odd i thought as its not something we get asked for alot it turns out that whilst fitting his new fireplace the shelf was lent against the wall and simply fell over.
Well limestone is a very fragile stone and there is no chance if dropped it will survive a fall it will crack everytime so our customer is now without a shelf for his finished masterpiece.
I know our suppliers and Castfireplaces did discuss ordering a batch of replacement mantel shelfs in various sizes to offer our customers more choice so i will have to check with them when they repoen on January 3rd.
Lets hope so otherwise a new mantel will be required

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