Only three days to go to save money on our Fireplaces

Time is running out for the VAT reduction on our Fireplaces as we return on Sunday to vat rate of 17.5% im not really sure if this has made a difference to our economy but hey im not in charge.
I have been out shooting today as we do every Christmas (and whenever i can get time off) and have had a lovely day whilst Rhian has been answering phones and taking a few orders.
Our workload is building up quite nicely so we do have plenty to do when return full time to the Factory on Jan 4th.
I really must say i am enjoying our time off but i am also ready to stop drinking and eating so much and return to normal living and get back to work as we have so much to do in January with website launch and around 200 new items to list on our website which feature new products we have not sold before and some old favourites from the Jig / Carron range which are making a long awaited return to our range and they will have there own section so our customers can easily naviaget our website.
Right of to lock up my very tired dog and give him his tripe as a reward for being my little shooting pal

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