Quick hour in the office to catch up on Fireplace Orders and Work

Hello and seasons greetings to you all i have had an hour in the office this morning just to answer a few emails and ring a few people who have ordered things on our website.
As i said we do answer the phones and emails when we can during time off so we never seem to shut properly but its better than no rest at all.
Im off to the factory today to make sure everything is in order there and also to have an hour splitting my logs that i was telling you about.
I really must grab a day in early jan to move a bit of stock around as as it was coming in and out that fast in November and December we have stoves and fireplaces all over the factory and not stacked neatly how we normally have it.
I know it sounds petty but its much simpler to have things where you know they are and fireplaces being fragile items we dont want to damage anything.
In january we do have a large shipment of stoves arriving and also we have numerous crates of fireplaces arriving that have been ordered and now will need somewhere to be stacked ready to be opened and dispatched what is always another busy few months anyway im off now to walk the dog in the lovely drizzle then im off to refill my woodshed (an excuse really its already very full of oak) so i will keep you posted on how wood splitting goes

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