Reproduction Fireplaces are what Castfireplaces sell

Good Evening
Another busy day here at Castfireplaces both in the office and at the showroom where we have had numerous customer viwieng and collecting items today.
One phonecall today asked what type of fireplaces we sell and whether the gallery range are original victorian fireplaces which have been refurbished.
The Fireplaces we sell are actually reproduction fireplaces from the gallery range and also a range of modern fireplaces and of course Stoves.
So the caller was a little dissapointed that we did not have a showroom full of original fireplaces for them to come and view but as we only do new fireplaces i pointed him towards a company in Leicester that specialise in Georgian and victorian fireplaces.
In the past i have found buying an original cast iron fireplace is fine if everything is there and no spares or replacement parts are required, if you are missing items such as bars or hood plates it becomes a mammoth task sourcing original parts to complete your fireplace.
Im afriad with these bits missing they are not much use as a working fireplace but can be installed as decorative items.
Anyway off the man has gone to see Heritage and waht they have to offer and kindly said if he found anyone asking about a new fireplace or stove would point them in our direction as we are so helpful

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