Stove Glass will it break under use

A question a customer has asked us today is to whether the glass in the stove will crack under normal use, im pleased to say the answer is NO.
In our Multi Fuel Stoves and DEFRA Approved stoves we sell they all have glass panels in them so you can view the flames in the stove whilst running.
There are a few stoves on the market still which have cast iron doors byt there not very nice to look at more of a workshop heater i would say.
So this morning a customer of ours rang me asking whether the glass is ok in the stove as they were worried before they lit the stove, the glass we supply is High temperature glass and is designed to work under extreme heat conditions.
It will not break under normal use and the only reason it will break is through mechanical damage ie closing it onto a log etc or slamming the door shut.
Another reason is customers tightening the glass brackets which hold it in place they should not be overtightened as under use the glass will move slightly on the rope seals with expansion and contraction.
So off they go to light and enjoy the new stove they have purchased from us

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