Stoves and Fireplaces are selling as quick as we can get them in stock

We have had another load of stoves arrive today and we have loads of fireplace stock arriving tommorow which is a good job as our granite hearth levels are really low as we do not have enough gas hearths in to complete this weeks orders so im glad its all arriving tomorrow even though it means a hard day packing and stacking all the stuff away.
We are also having a delivery of jura stone longford mantels that have sold very well over the last 4 weeks since they have been on the front page of our website in featured items and we have purchased all the stock our suppliers have.
We have a photo session planned on Friday when we have lots of new photos to take of various fireplaces with new Limestone and Timber mantels that we will put straight on to the new formatted website which i am slowly finishing off whilst running our business but i do have Thursday and Friday planned this week for nothing else except trying to finish this little job or to be honest mammoth task will perhaps load up quick screen shot so you can have a preview befor it goes live.
Anyway it is now 10.30 so im of to bed as i have really busy day.

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