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Do we buy Antique or Victorian Fireplaces

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Often we get asked the question i have some antique fireplaces from our house would you be interested in buying them ive emailed you some photos.
Hera at Castfireplaces we only sell new fireplaces and stoves from the gallery and carron range and thats exactly what we do.
We do not have the time to restore original fireplaces and i even have some in stock that i bought 6 years ago and have never got round to having them renovated.
The problem with original antique fireplaces is the fact that they always sem to have bits missing whether it be bars hoods backs shelves etc they never seem to be complete and thats where the time factor comes into it sourcing them.
Also we do not have the facilities at our factory for proper restoration yes we can have them blasted and blacked up but as to welding and repairing them its not something i wish to undertake as a business.
I know of a few good firms who do nothing but originals and can point you in the right direction for you to sell them too but im afraid it is not something we undertake here at Castfireplaces.
I know most of you find us in google under antique fireplaces its just basically a phrase we use such as victorian fireplaces we dont sell them but people searching for those items do buy reproduction fireplaces confusing i know but thats the way it is.

Can you damage a fireplace for me please to make it look antique?

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

We have today answered strange Questions here at cast fireplaces I should have rolled over this morning and had another hours sleep to prepare me for answering them but I was out delivering and was up at 5am.
When I first opened up emails this afternoon I was pleased to see two orders from our website and promptly dealt with them and arranged delivery one was 1 mile from where I had been today in Hornchurch Essex but what can you do about that.
I just looked at the question that said do we sell Fireplaces? Now with our website name being  it does suggest we may sell fireplaces so I emailed them back enquiring what they were after.
The next email was a simple fitting query and the third one I read made me burst out laughing it asked whether the cast iron fireplaces we sell can be damaged a little bit to make them look more antique now that is a strange question to ask but to be honest I think I know where they are coming from.
When we were at Derwentside we used to distress (our technical name for rough up) furniture to make it look older than it really was we have been known to use a chain to distress table tops and belt sanders to add wear to Butchers blocks, now I have never attempted to do this to cast iron as it is very brittle so I suggested we could have the fireplace shot blasted and then just black leaded so it’s a little pitted and not as smooth as the ones we do supply.
With this news she was thrilled and ordered a Pembroke Fireplace to be shot blasted and black-leaded and even suggested to polish it sparingly so they could see some bare cast through it so they could get some rust spots.
So off its going tomorrow to our local shot blast to have it grit blasted which is the coarsest you can do im not sure how this is going to turn out I have had original fireplaces bead blasted to remove paint but nothing this severe anyway I will keep you informed of how things turn out.
So if you do have a strange question just email it to us there can’t be that many left that we have not heard off it certainly keeps us on our toes

Reproduction Marble Fireplaces antiques for the Future

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Explaining these fireplace categories seems to be taking ages we only have 4 left after this post but if it makes it easier for our customers to navigate round the site then its worth doing.
The Next Category we feature is Marble Fireplaces this is where we sell all the marble fireplace packages for use with all fuel options. These tend to be rather grand styles as most original marble surrounds were. They are all made from natural 100% solid Carrara Marble, this stone is creamy white in colour and has grey veins running through it personally I think you could not pick a better marble to manufacture these surrounds from. Quite a few years ago gallery decided to try another stone, which was Florentine marble, this was beige in colour and wasn’t very popular with our customers and only lasted one season before it was withdrawn and since then Carrara has been the choice of marble used for these great designs.
It is an expensive stone to use hence why the prices are higher than our limestone packages but there is nothing as Grand or Sophisticated as marble it never dates and is the perfect fireplace to fit in larger Victorian Homes. These packages are featured with some of our more ornate and larger cast iron fireplaces so they make sure that they make a statement and become the main focal point of any room.
We can mix and match the inserts and the surrounds to get the perfect fireplace you are looking for so you are not fixed to have the packages we have listed in this section so let your imagination run wild and choose one of these fabulous grand fireplaces.