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Wooden Fireplaces mantels made to measure after showroom visit

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

A visitor to our showroom today in Langley mill had come to look at various types of wooden mantels we manufacture at Castfireplaces and was interested in our Pine Bedford Mantel.
We do have this on display in our showroom as it is one of the most popular wooden mantels we sell.
Available from stock in 42″ 48″ and 54″ sizes it fits a vareity of arched and tiled inserts so when thay came over this morning they were keen to see it in both sizes to check if it overpowered there small room.
So after looking at the diagram and drawings along with photos of their chimney breast (very well prepared i must say) we discussed having a 51″ mantel made as the chimney breast was only 55″ and they were not to keen on having only half an inch either side of the mantel shelf but thought 48″ was too small.
Nothing at Castfireplaces is too much trouble so after explaining the details of manufacture and what we would change on the mantel to achieve the 51″ shelf an order was placed there and then with the gorgeous Henley arched insert.
So i told them two weeks for it to arrive to them and the said they were amazed as fireplace shop in Leics had told them 4 weeks for even the stock size Bedford.
I explained they must buy them in which meant them coming from the supplier and then to them for delivery but as we make them ourselves the delivery time would be far shorter even for made to measure and if it was stock itme we could have delivered it Thursday.
So another very happy customer on his way and happy he made the effort to come and see us at Castfireplaces as he got what suits his home best

Timber made to measure Mantels from Castfireplaces

Monday, May 24th, 2010

As a lot of our customers now know after quite a few blogs and it stating it on all our timber mantels we do offer a made to measure bespoke size service on the majority of our fireplace mantels and surrounds.
Ive had an email over the weekend from a man who requires an oak lincoln mantel at a made to measure size but wants me to price match it to something similar he has seen on another website.
How can we price match something that is bespoke and made exactly to your measurements when you are trying to price compare it too a standard off the shelf item.
I tried to explain this to him when i rang him back but as this mantel was smaller than the standard one we keep in stock (which is cheaper than theirs anyway) im sure he didnt grasp that made to measure items are always more expensive.
You can buy a suit from Marks and Sparks off the shelf and you can also have made to measure but a made to measure is never going to be the same or cheaper price.
But your making it anyway he replied why cant you just make it smaller and you save some money on wood and i will get what i want.
After explaining we dont just cut timber for one mantel at a time we always make ten minimum so we just set up the saws and cut a batch out ready and then use our jigs to clamp everyhting perfectly square and drill out all screw holes etc.
I wouldnt have minded if it was just opening size difference but he wants to specify leg width and shelf thickness which is perfectly fine if you wish to pay the extra for it.
Anyway needless to say after trying to explain this which i can clearly say im not sure he understood it he didnt order it he said ill measure up and have a think about it.
So im a little puzzled to say the least im sure im not going mad or is the sun clouding my normal judgement,still it makes me smile and has filled my blog of around 360 words lol

Bespoke Oak Fireplace Order is Placed

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Around a week ago or perhaps a little longer i told you about a customer who wanted a piece of Oak from an old Bureau incorparating into our Oak Stourhead Mantel which they are having as part of a solid fuel fireplace package with the Henley arched insert.
I must say what a great choice the solid oak stourhead made by us here at Castfireplaces really sells well and is fast becoming a contender to our Oak Lincoln.
Thinking of mantels i really should start informing you of our best selling items again now the new site is up and running.
Anyway this particualr piece of oak is now making its way to us by courier so we can actually set it into the mantel for our customer it will be easier for us to do then him to fix it when mantel is delivered i will take some photos of it being made and of course the finished article so you can see the work we are capable of.
Really nothing is to much trouble for us here.
Anyway enough fireplace talk we have had a new vehicle arrive today and collected it from Audi this morning and for once its not another new Van (god i wished audi made vans nothing comes close)
So My lovely wife and business partner Rhian has a new car to drive round and what a car it is take a look at the photo below i did get my way with the Forest colours but as you can see she has the reg plate.

Help needed with Oak Fireplace Mantel

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

A customer today has rung me today with one of the strangest queries and situations i think i have ever answered.
He originally enquired about the Crown and Oak Lincoln fireplace from our wooden fireplace packages section which was simple enough as he was asking about dimensions and opening sizes etc.
He then told me he was having the inside of his house insulated with a foam which is 110mm thick with a plaster skim on it and would it affect the fitting of the fireplace.
He is using this fireplace for solid fuel use but when i explained that with the brick work to the chimney breast and also the insulation of 110mm im pretty sure there will be not enough depth on the cast back to vent it into his chimney.
We continued to sort out methods of fixing and i cam up with the idea of fitting the cast insert to the wall in the normal way using rope and sealeing it to the wall and then clad arond the sides of the cast with the insulation then we will custom make a mantel with a reverse rebate of 110mm (inside legs longer than outer legs) which will then fit flush with the plaster work and also hold in place the cast insert.
Im pretty sure this will work and he is coming to see me tomorrow afternoon at the factory to discuss that and another fireplace for another room.
So with us being able to custom make another bespoke mantel and a little bit of knowledge gained from numerous years in the Fireplace trade it looks like we could have a solution.
So if he does order ill keep you all posted on how it works out and take photos of what will be a very strange looking mantel untill its fiitted.
Really looking forward to Monday we have new company vehicle arriving i will tell you all more then.

Largest Timber Fireplace Surround we have ever made

Friday, October 30th, 2009

We have today finished the largest timber surround we have ever made it is based on the Worcester Pine mantel and has an opening size 54 inches wide and 50 inches high.
The customer rang us after reading one of our articles as to whether we could make such a surround to fit around this opening shown below.

The customer emailed me this after me questioning opening sizes were right

Yes it’s a very big opening. We’ve just discovered an original Cotswold stone fire chamber behind a plasterboard wall in our house and had it opened up and a stove put in (see attached picture).

The opening is big, but needs finishing off somehow so we are thinking about using a pine surround.
So have a look at the photo they sent me



As you can see something does need to be done to hide some of the rugged stone work and Mr Cottingham has requested the mantel to be unfinished so they can match it too some existing polished timber they have.
This mantel is around 60 inches high with the mantel on so it is quite a strange looking item but im 100% sure when fitted in place on the customers chimney breast it will finish of what will be a great looking fireplace.
After Mr Cottingham has fitted it I will ask him if he can send us a photo of the finished item so we can add this to this article for you to compare.
Don’t forget we offer a full made to measure service for any timber mantel whether it be in MDF Pine Oak or any timber you fancy so please email or ring us for a quote for our great bespoke service

Made to measure fireplace timber mantels

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Ever since we had our last post about Made to Measure Fireplace Surrounds we have seen an increase in orders for such products.
Stuart and Darren who make most of these surrounds have been kept quite busy making bespoke mantels and Daz said to me it makes a nice change having to do odd sizes and different dimensions (I am sure he would much rather build a Sauna in our showroom like he suggested).
Because we manufacture ourselves the vast majority of the Surrounds we sell means that we can offer these bespoke mantels at prices that are not too expensive in relation to our standard items.
Some of the work we have one this week include an Oak Brompton Mantel with no rebate so it fits flush to the wall when fitting around a wood burning stove.
We have also made a made to measure Worcester Pine Mantel which will be used to fit around an existing arched fireplace that the customer already had and wanted to use in their house renovation.
These are just a couple of examples of what we can do at Cast and Pine so if you do see one of our mantels and it isn’t the right size for you just contact us and we can always make you a bespoke surround at prices that are unbelievable.
We will be adding a simple print off Easy measuring form so you can just fill in dimensions and email it us back so then we can easily manufacture your new surround to your sizes.
Right off to get my gun I’m going shooting this afternoon so if you need any help the lovely Rhian is here to help you.

Bespoke Fireplace Mantels at Package Prices

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Here at Cast and Pine Direct we offer a good range of Timber Surrounds available in Pine and Oak and even a few in Veneered MDF. We keep a good amount in stock ready to be delivered in various sizes from the 42” Lincoln and Bedford to the Large Corbel surround in 55” from our standard stock range.
All these surrounds can be supplied in our own antique stain and then waxed by hand to create the lovely patina we achieve on them or we can simply supply unfinished for you to paint or stain yourself.
We also offer a full made to measure service on most of our surrounds and this starts at an extra £25 for simple changes to openings and shelf widths etc. We can also add this made to measure service on to our package prices so you can that get a bespoke mantel at a bargain package price, have a hearth made to measure too and as you can see no other company offers this bespoke service at package prices. Other Companies will just try to sell you what they have in stock and only what they can obtain, we are different to all the others if you want a 56.2” mantel and hearth instead of a 54” we can supply it no problem at all. It will take a little longer to arrive to you but “all good things come to ye who waits”
We can also offer a fully bespoke service creating a fireplace surround you may have seen in a magazine or even copy an original design you have in another room. These will all be handmade and finished to any colour you choose we also a have a full French polishing service so we can match most colours and designs in a range of exotic timbers.
Please contact us for any further info or quotes you want to achieve the perfect fireplace mantel you require and remember you don’t have to settle for something that just isn’t quite the right size.