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Can we collect Fireplace when visiting Crich Tramway

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Well its Easter sunday im sat in my office at 9.45 pm just answering a few emails before i go to bed you see we really do work strange hours its all part of our great service.
So today strangely enough has seen quite a few orders proccessed by our website and i have answered a few calls whenever i was in as we are off work till Tuesday.
So we had a phone call about the Celtic Full Polish Fireplace and whether they could collect it after visiting Crich Tramway museam which is not far from us and to be honest is good day out.
So always one to be helpful im meeting them at 4pm on Easter Monday at our showroom so they can take it away with them as they are in the area and wish to collect saving them £50 delivery charge.
We are out in the morning on an easter egg trail at Kedleston Hall so collection earlier wasn’t possible.
We do have an if we can we will attitude here so as you can see we do offer things and services other companies do not thats what makes shopping with Castfireplaces one of the best buying experiances you will ever have online.

Replacement Firebricks for my Celtic Fireplace

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Today we have had a phonecall about the cast iron back firebrick in the celtic fireplace and why does it move up and down and do i have to seal it shut.
The idea is to have this little replacement brick as when the fireplace is being used for solid fuel use there is a little expansion and contraction but primarily this firebrick is where all the heat is contained and as these are proper working fireplaces the brick is designed to be replaced when it shows sign of wear and tear.
Now recently we have had one or two customers ring up saying that the replacement brick has bowed in towards the fire and it is really damaged.
This basically is though not backfilling the fireplace as the area behind the cast iron back needs to be packed tightly with vermiculite or rubble making sure that no air pockets are left.
Heats registered fitters will enusre this job is done properly and its normally DIY people we find who have not backfilled at all or done it wrong.
Its not the end of the world as the bricks are replaceable and cost £25.
So back to the original question leave the firebrick with its cast iron brackets that hold it in place and do not overtighten and make sure it moves up and down backfill the fireplace properly and all will be good for years to come.

Celtic Combination Cast Iron Gallery Fireplace Featured Item

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Happy Boxing day we are not at work today so please dont think im a saddo posting an article about fireplaces i am actually at my sisters with all my family having christmas boozy fun.
Anway heres todays article.
The celtic cast iron fireplace has been a firm favorite in the selling stakes for quite a few years and understandably so as it is a great looking fireplace and with prices starting at £250 for the cast iron on its own what better or cheaper way is there to make a feature out of your chimney breast.
The celtic comes in three finishes

Black A matt black finish we can be treated with black lead grate polish for amore traditional look

Highlighted This finish is where all the raised edges have been polished to give a highlighted appearance to all the decorative features

Full Polished Our most popular choice the polishing on all gallery fireplaces is secondary to none in the trade and this offers amodern look to a traditiopanl fireplace.

As with all the fireplaces we sell the Celtic Cast Iron Fireplace Package is available as a package complete with choice of hearth for our normal option of solid fuel (Real Fire) Gas and Electric use and on our new website it alos comes with the option of an LPG gas insert for our customers running on bottled gas.
Anyway have alook at the photo of the full polished version below and click on it to see the item


Celtic full polish

Cast Iron Fireplaces and Stoves Sales Busy Day Diary

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Where has today gone its 7.25 pm at night and have just finished running around today from 8 o’clock this morning.
This morning I was at the workshop early to meet a customer who had driven from Aylesbury up to us in Langley Mill to view an Edwardian Fireplace he ordered this item with Elise tiles and a granite hearth for show use.
After I loaded the van and went to Beeston in Nottingham to deliver an Oak Stourhead mantel and two made to measure hearths for a customer of ours who is having it fitted tomorrow around a stove.
After another happy customer after he had taken delivery of these made to measure items we were then on our way to Derby to collect some timber mantels.
Back to the workshop for a welcome cup of tea and a customer arriving to collect a Tiger Plus Stove with flue pipe which was promptly loaded into his van after we had measured the rear flue exit on the stove to confirm it fitted his chimney breast opening (another happy customer)
An hour at the office having a quick bite to eat then a few phone calls to customers to arrange this Sundays London delivery run then back to the workshop to load Second Van as our biggest van is currently working its way back from Plymouth via Taunton Cardiff and Worcester.
Van loaded I have an hour top spare before tired man and van arrive back so I go to the Gym god knows how I’m so big running round like this all day
Back to the Factory just as it drives in quickly load that so he can get home and have some rest. Off to the office again to raise delivery notes and then finally back to the Factory again in the car this time to meet final appointment of the Day at 6pm who has come from Dronfield to buy a Celtic full polished gas package
So the final happy customer of the day leaves and im now at home writing daily blog for our website after this is finished I am done for the day ZZZzzzzz

First customers to our showroom buy Celtic Fireplace Package

Friday, July 31st, 2009

We welcomed our first customers today to our new showroom to view all our products they had only travelled from Hucknall to come and see us.
They had done the usual of looking in local fireplace shops and online to find the best deal and came directly to us to view our Fireplaces after phoning us earlier in the week.
As they arrived I had literally just switched off the Hoover after cleaning right through for this Sundays Official opening so it was all look very clean and shiny for the first guests.
After showing them The Celtic, Pembroke, Barcelona and Edinburgh in all the finishes we have in stock they eventually chose the Celtic Full Polish Gas Package at £490 with a tiled hearth instead of the Granite one.
After checking earlier in the week whether they could take it away with them we loaded there car and off they drove back to Hucknall so the floor fitter can put hearth down and continue with the oak floor they were laying.
As I have said in previous posts no other company keeps so many fireplaces in stock ready to take away we really do offer one of the best services in fact THE BEST Service to be found in any online or High Street shop and to top all this we are one of the most competitive with our pricing too so why shop elsewhere.
So if you do want to come and visit us we do visits by appointment only so you are guaranteed a personal uninterrupted service where you can ask as many questions as you like to make sure you get the perfect fireplace for your home

Cast Iron Fireplace of the Month

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

The best selling cast iron fireplace for the month was the Celtic Solid Fuel Package this fireplace package is very popular due to it being compact, it has a 36″ shelf which is suited to smaller dining rooms or larger bedrooms. Combination fireplaces do not need a surround as the shelf is attached to the cast iron body so for the smaller chimney breast where you can’t fit a stone or timber surround we offer this perfect solution. This Celtic is what we call the middle range of the combination fireplace type as it is perfectly proportioned and still has an area good for burning solid fuel even though its only 36″ wide, where as some smaller fireplaces the area decreases and they don’t really work for solid fuel use. For people wanting a larger fireplace have a look at the Pembroke its the Celtic’s Larger brother with shelf of 48″ wide.
The Celtic is available in three finishes Black, Highlighted or Full Polish we keep all these fireplaces in stock ready for delivery. Available with hearth choices in Tiled or Granite for solid fuel this package has been one of our main sellers for years now ( we do also sell for gas use too). The type we have sold most of this month is the Highlighted Version with the granite hearth for solid fuel use, we have also supllied two for just decorative use too so take a look at the Celtic fireplace and note the decent area for burning coal on and why not order this months best selling cast iron fireplace.


Celtic Highlighted Fireplace