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Do we sell replacement gas fire coals

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

I wonder if you can help me came the question just after i had finished eating my tea early this evening, we have had this gas fireplace in for nearly six years and use it daily in winter.
We have tried using the matt black coal paint which works fine but now they are really starting to look tired and need replacing.
As i listened to this story unfolding i knew exactly what they were talking about Ceramic Fibre Coals is that what you are after i asked.
Hooray came the reply you know what i mean we have tried our local shop and they don’t want to know, im suprised about this as they are an item that is easy to get hold of but some shops dont care about after service or spares.
Anyway to cut a long story short its just a standard 16″ gas taper tray from some brand ive never heard of and the coals are square in two slightly different sizes.
After a visit to the factory this afternoon and a phonecall to the customer 20 medium coals (which were very close size) are now on the re way to Newcastle (small lie its Consett but that isnt the phrase)
So when calling us here at Castfireplaces we normally can source items you think not possible so dont be afraid to ask any questions we will only laugh if its impossible