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Cast Iron Combination Fireplaces explained

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

So what exactly is a cast iron combination fireplace I was asked this morning by a customer, now I’m a big believer no question is stupid if you do not know the answer.
Well it’s nothing complicated or exciting I’m afraid the reason it’s called a combination fireplace is because it has a shelf so it does not require an extra mantel or surround.
They are always made form cast iron and available in different finishes
So why do we sell this type of fireplace well they are very compact in size which means they are ideal for smaller chimney breasts or in rooms where you want a smaller fireplace so it does not dominate the room.
They are amazing value for money too as it has its shelf attached you do not need to buy a separate surround saving you money.
Another good thing is they are very simple to fit cutting down on installation costs which is another factor in choosing this type of fireplace.
With sizes ranging from 30″ to 48″ we have combination fireplace to suit most rooms so have a good look through our range and see what Castfireplaces can offer you.


Daisy Bedroom Fireplace

Monday, October 28th, 2013

The Daisy Combination fireplace is a firm favourite from the Gallery range we sell and is one of our most popular cast irons.
Quite often called by our customers the Daisy Bedroom fireplace because of its small compact size its ideal for smaller rooms.
So it is ideal for smaller chimney breasts which do tend to be found in bedrooms but it’s also very popular for dining rooms where our customers decide they would like a focal point for the room but not something too large and the Daisy really fits the bill.
It has a 30″ shelf width which is the smallest in our range so it’s perfect for even the smallest of rooms that’s crying out for a feature fireplace,
It’s perfect in proportion and is a great choice for a bedroom and being available in Black or Highlighted offers two different looks.
It’s a combination fireplace so does come with its own shelf so there is no need for any surround or extra mantel making it very affordable and with prices starting at around £240 you can see why it’s popular.
So if you are searching for a small bedroom fireplace take a look at what Castfireplaces can offer you.

Can i use Bedroom Fireplace in Dining Room

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Good afternoon what another busy morning with deliveries and loading vans for tomorrow the day has just gone.
When i got back to the office i had an email from someone asking if they could use a bedroom fireplace in the dining room.
Now i know on our website we do not have a section called bedroom fireplaces but i know exactly what they mean.
Basically a Bedroom fireplace is a small Combination Fireplace of around 30″ to 36″ that can be used on a small chimney breast mostly for decorative purposes however they can also be used for Solid Fuel (real Fire) Gas or Electric use.
All these type of fireplaces are designed for smaller chimney breasts not just for use in Bedrooms infact most we sell around the 36″ shelf width normally go in Dining roooms and Hallways.
Saying that they are also ideal for bedrooms that have chimney breasts and most Victorian houses do, the thing is to have a small combination fireplace with a built on shelf to form a compact decorative fireplace that can be used.This type of fireplace are excellent value for money as you are not also paying for a seperate surround which keeps the cost down.
We also do larger combination fireplaces such as the Pembroke and Edwardian suitable for larger rooms as they both have shelf width of 48″
So in answer to your question a combination fireplace is not just restricted to use in a bedroom they can be fitted as a working fireplace or decorative feature to any chimney breast in any room.

Bedroom Fireplaces What exactly are they

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Well a strange question i know but we have been asked this a few times and which paricular fireplaces are suite to the the Bedroom.
Well back in Victorian times before Central Heating the main heat source for heating houses was from an open grate so basically every bedroom had some form of open grate fireplace.
Most of these were small Combination Fireplaces which are around the 30″ to 36″ shelf Width.
We do offer a good selection of this type of fireplace and and all of these are perfect for decorative use or to be used for Gas,solid fuel or even electric.
Most original Victorian houses will have tiles that are set at the same level as the wooden floors in your bedrooms next to the chimney breasts these are what the original fireplaces were sat on such as the image below ive borrowed from google images it shows a nice original fireplace sat on simple quarry tiles all level with the floor so you dont stub your toes.

This type of tiles are pretty common and is ideal for sitting a combination fireplace on for decorative use only.
If using for solid fuel or gas use there are regulations reagarding hearth sizes etc but to be honest it is a waste of money haveing a working fireplace in the bedroom as it will get very little use.
We alos often recomend just tiling over the existing tiles if they are damaged with a few slate or granite tiles you can buy from tile shops it will save you around £90 on the price of a granite fireplace hearth and also being thinner it is easier to walk around in the bedroom.

So if you think you would like to reinstate a Bedroom Fireplace have a look through the options we have on offer or contact us so we can point you in the right direction

Can we collect Fireplace when visiting Crich Tramway

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Well its Easter sunday im sat in my office at 9.45 pm just answering a few emails before i go to bed you see we really do work strange hours its all part of our great service.
So today strangely enough has seen quite a few orders proccessed by our website and i have answered a few calls whenever i was in as we are off work till Tuesday.
So we had a phone call about the Celtic Full Polish Fireplace and whether they could collect it after visiting Crich Tramway museam which is not far from us and to be honest is good day out.
So always one to be helpful im meeting them at 4pm on Easter Monday at our showroom so they can take it away with them as they are in the area and wish to collect saving them £50 delivery charge.
We are out in the morning on an easter egg trail at Kedleston Hall so collection earlier wasn’t possible.
We do have an if we can we will attitude here so as you can see we do offer things and services other companies do not thats what makes shopping with Castfireplaces one of the best buying experiances you will ever have online.

Another Customer let down by a Fireplace Retailer

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Today we have again come across the bad face of the internet in a fireplace online retailer this time who sent out the wrong fireplace which the customer had to return at there expense only to be told the reason they sent Highlighted was because they hadn’t got Black one in stock and cant get hold of it till May.
Now the item in question is a Black Edinburgh Combination Fireplace which is quite a popular selling fireplace and although not a stock item for us im not sure why it can not be supplied until May.
So a quick call to our fantastic suppliers and its been ordered with solid fuel kit and is on it is way to us which will arrive Wednesday next week.
Now where is the hassle in that our new customer needs it before 13th April so we are delivering it to West Sussex on the 11th.
Why companies do this im not sure it just makes you look stupid we are transparent here at Castfireplaces if we can not supply in time or can not get hold of the item you want we will tell you so, we never substitute items and always supply exactly wht you have ordered and to expect customer to pay to return item when its your fault sending out wrong one im sure will be against the law.
Anyway she is in touch with Trading Standards so i hope they sort it out for her.
It just goes to show you i have visited the website in question today and it again has lack of contact details and who and where they are etc so ALARM BELLS TIME.
So please be careful when buying anything online if the company in question does not tell you who they are where they are and you can not speak to anyone before ordering click the little cross at the top right hand of the screen and move on its bound to be a disaster

Daisy Highlighted Fireplace is it from B and Q

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

We sell a small combination fireplace on our website called the Daisy which is available in Black or a Highlighted Finish.
It is made by Gallery but has been dropped from the 2010 brochure but is still available to us as and we will continue to stock it.
Today i have had a phonecall from a lady in Redcar enquiring whether we had the Daisy in stock as she had ordered one from B and Q in January but they telephoned her today telling her they are not in stock till May along with their small cast iron hearth.
Now May in my mind is a long way off seeing as we have only just started March that leadtime is wrong.
I find it really strange how a huge company like B and Q can run out of such items and what are there re ordering levels like to be without an item from January to May.
The Fireplace they supply is not the Daisy Fireplace and we are not short on stock of them so we have yet another order in the bag and the item on its way to Redcar next week again down to yet another comapny who can not supply goods in time for the customers needs.
Also today we have had someone order a fireplace from Shropshire and drive to Nottingham to collect it as the one he bought from ebay was missing parts and was not as described.
Beware of cheap items on any auction sites there always cheap for the wrong reasons

Victorian Style Fireplaces from Cast and Pine Direct

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

So we often get asked what is a Victorian fireplace well basically the answer is a fireplace made in the reign of Queen Victoria 1819-1901 (Longest reining monarch) this period spans so many different decades it really does define a great era not only for fireplaces but for the shaping of things and items in general.
The Victorians were the masters of Cast iron and there are so many fantastic designs of fireplaces that a lot of our replica fireplace have been cast on an original.
Here at Castfireplaces we do not supply original victorian fireplaces but we suppy reproductions of this fabulaous era.
A fireplace of this great age varied from room to room from a plain combination or open grate in the servants quarters to a grand fireplace with decorated slate or Marble.
Any timber fireplace would always be painted (not like todays stripped wood fashion) and quite often grained or marbelized to match the more expensive original item.
In the bedrooms of any victorian house you would find a smaller combination fireplace with a shelf that was designed to be used as a heat source not just for display.
So many houses have lost these fantastic features over the years and in particular the 1970s so we do offer a good range of smaller bedroom fireplaces to compliment the larger ones we do.
if you are intersted in learning more about Victorian Fireplaces click on the link to take you too another page.

Celtic Combination Cast Iron Gallery Fireplace Featured Item

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Happy Boxing day we are not at work today so please dont think im a saddo posting an article about fireplaces i am actually at my sisters with all my family having christmas boozy fun.
Anway heres todays article.
The celtic cast iron fireplace has been a firm favorite in the selling stakes for quite a few years and understandably so as it is a great looking fireplace and with prices starting at £250 for the cast iron on its own what better or cheaper way is there to make a feature out of your chimney breast.
The celtic comes in three finishes

Black A matt black finish we can be treated with black lead grate polish for amore traditional look

Highlighted This finish is where all the raised edges have been polished to give a highlighted appearance to all the decorative features

Full Polished Our most popular choice the polishing on all gallery fireplaces is secondary to none in the trade and this offers amodern look to a traditiopanl fireplace.

As with all the fireplaces we sell the Celtic Cast Iron Fireplace Package is available as a package complete with choice of hearth for our normal option of solid fuel (Real Fire) Gas and Electric use and on our new website it alos comes with the option of an LPG gas insert for our customers running on bottled gas.
Anyway have alook at the photo of the full polished version below and click on it to see the item


Celtic full polish

Derby Black Fireplace Novembers Featured Cast iron

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

So it perils me being a forest supporter to have a fireplace named after a team i dislike but it was not me who named it and within our group inc our suppliers it is known as the Dirty for these reasons only.
Joking apart it happens to be a great cast iron combination fireplace and has a fireplace award from back in the day to its name.
It was dicontinued from the gallery range a few years ago but it is still made and we do keep it in stock because it is a very nice fireplace and also because it sells quite well.
So really it is exclusive to us no other website i know of sells it and we will continue to sell this fireplace.
On the new website categories it will be featuring as a package for both gas and solid fuel so it will give our customers a chance to buy this cast iron with a greater choice of options again all at our fantastic prices.
Anway about the Derby it is available in Black Grate polished finish only which really brings out the decorative features in the casting it does have a good sized back on suitable for solid fuel use and takes quite a large gas insert too.
Have alook at the photograph to view this fireplace in all its splendour and i am sure you will agree it does look good even if it does have a dodgy name


Derby Fireplace

Black Derby Fireplace