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New Showroom planned for new Fireplace Factory

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

As some of you may be aware our fireplace factory is on the move not very far though i have to add from Unit 3 to unit 2 on North Street in Langley Mill.
The reason for this move is because we are buying unit 2 as its larger than our current premises and has a further 900 sq ft to expand into and we intend to build larger showroom and have greater area for the storage of our fireplaces and Stoves.
Today i have been planning where everything is going to go in our new showroom and the main focal point of the working Firefox 12 Stove to help with the heating in the colder months, the design of the office and kitchen area above it has also been done. We will be adding a further 12 showroom displays featuring new products in a range of materials
We do need office space at our factory to keep all the files i have at home and also being internet based we need pc at work.
We intend to also have a customer rest area with tea coffee and soft drinks etc so customers can relax over a drink and discuss items they have seen in the showroom and browse through the brochures at their own pace.
Down in the factory we also intend to have a forklift loading area so we can keep all the heavy items like limestone surrounds and stoves all in one place where our forklift can operate safely and save us loads of work moving things around.
So all in all its exciting expansion times again and we have also ordered a large range of new limestone and timber mantel we intend to supply along with the odd new cast.
We never stop here at Castfireplaces and all this work is done with the customer in mind making it a better and quicker shopping and delivery service buying from us and dont forgot you are also welcome to collect your items and in the meantime our old showroom is still open to come and view.

New Factory in the pipeline for Castfireplaces

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

As most of you know we do have a warehouse and showroom in Langley mill and im pleased to say i have just agreed a deal to buy a larger unit so it means we are on the move.
Luckily we are not moving far and it wont be to much trouble when we move as its all of 20 ft we are moving as we have agreed to buy the unit next to where we are.
This unit has 2400 sq ft of storage space plus room for a larger fireplace showroom display area with an office above it.
We have so many files stored at our office at home i intend to move them to new factory office and spend more time there.
Im pleased to say the extra space is needed as we are buying more and more stock in and need more room to store it all.
Work will start on new showroom as soon as we have signed and have it in our possesion and until then do not worry our existing showroom will not be moved until its all ready which gives us plenty of time to plan it and get it right.
I have decided this time im having a solid fuel working stove in there and to hell with all the paperwork and hassle i had before.
It means we can have more working display fires on show and a true wood burning appliance on show too im thinking about having the Firefox 12 Stove with all the brick chamber and associated hearth etc.
The main reason for the move is extra storage space and having enough space to plan for future expansion of our company.
So it all makes perfect sense really and the sooner we conclude it the better i love a little project and cant wait to get stuck into it again im already drawing up plans where everything is going to go and where to put a large leather settee in my new office.
As with all posts as soon as i know anymore i will fill you in.

It Seems to be fireplace Collection Day

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

What a strange day only 1 order on our Website from Customer in Solihull and it seems everyone local to us has decided to pay our Factory and Showroom a visit and what turns out to be a day of collections.
the first customer i knew about as he been emailing me all week regarding collecting a Barcelona Black solid fuel package from us he had seen on our Website.
I thought they were from West Bridgford Nottingham but as it turns out they had come from Sheffield im not now sure why West Bridgford came to mind.
A quick look round our showrrom just to confirm he likes the fireplace and then its promptly loaded into the back of a van he has borrowed and the first of what turns out to be three customers collecting from us today is on his way back home.
As Stuart was late back Friday from Delivery run we are going to load his van today mines already done and full of fuel for tomorrow morning.
So in between wrapping all items up another customer rings me from Ilkeston asking if they can collect Firefox 12 Stove i say straight away have you got a van and a couple of strong mates to which he replies yes.
Im not joking 15 minutes later Man Mountain is stood in front of me paying me in Cash for a Firefox 12 im 6 foot 1 but he towers above me im sure he could lift it on his own.
But that would ruin the fun of me driving the forklift so i persuade him gently ill load it into his van he can then lift it out his end. Another Happy customer and im back to loading van whilst waiting for 1pm and 2 pm apointments.
Both are on time and the first at 1pm takes away Solid oak stourhead mantel and toulouse tiled insert we dont have the tiles they wanted so they take there second choice Tulip Ivory Burgundy.
The last customer of the day at 2pm orders a Black Pemborke and Black Celtic Fireplace package and even though we have them in stock to go he lets me deliver them as they have only come in a car.
Sometimes its easier for us to deliver as its all wrapped and packed carefully and we are experts at delivering Fireplaces and Stoves.
They are in Sheffield so i tell them i will deliver it next Week so they can continue with the renovation of there Victorian Home.
So another busy day at the Factory so much for having Saturday off well i hope im not in too much trouble for it.

Fully Stocked Fireplace Factory except Granite

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Well over the past two days we have had well over 100 cast iron fireplaces delivered to us to replenish our stocks and this now means we have all our stock items in bulk again ready to supply all over the UK via our fantastic delivery service.
John from our suppliers has been unloading them using our forklift as i have been in the office they are in temporary accomadation in the Unit next too ours until i get chance next week to remove all empty crates and restack these.
The only thing we are now short of is 48″ Granite hearths for solid fuel use and with those not arriving till the 1st week of April we will run out early next week, again with the cold winter we have had, all the stocks accoss the major stockists have run dry.
As these come from China there is not alot that can be done to speed up the process so we will just have to offer alteranative hearths or people will have to wait untill they arrive.
We do have plenty of 54″ hearths so please keep ordering the larger fireplace packages we do and it wont be a problem.
One of the main reasons we have run out is the amount of Black Pembroke Fireplace packages for solid fuel use we have sold everyone goes with a 48″ granite hearth and these have been selling so fast we ran out of Pembrokes too but we now have those back in stock so we may have to swap to offering tiled hearths untill the granite returns to stock.
Anyway ill keep you all posted as to stock situation…
Oooh nearly forgot the Oak mantel with the Fancy moulding has been done today it will be ready monday so ill keep you posted about that too

Solid Fuel Fireplaces and Stoves are going so fast

Friday, January 8th, 2010

I know it is always busy in January when we return from our Christmas break but things this week have been mad and im sure it is the Weather.
With temperatures below freezing and according to the News -20 Degrees in some places i can see why.
Well anyway solid fuel stoves and fireplaces are flying out of our factory and with the weather as it is some deliverys are being postponed in certain areas but this has not stopped people buying.
We do keep a huge amount of fireplaces and stoves in stock and next week we do have an interim delivery of Firefox 5 stoves that we have on order as most are arriving at the end of the month but we do have 4 spare which are coming next week.
So with the upsurge in sales the gallery group has run out of various fireplaces such as the Lytton Highlighted and The Pembroke Black but the problem now is there are not any more solid fuel kits for arched fireplaces.
We only have 2 in stock and need 7 to go out this week alone, these are not due in on container until the 26/27th Jan which means we will be sending out the fireplaces without the relevant solid fuel kits and then forwarding them on when they arrive.
The fireplace can still be fitted as the solid fuel kit slots in from the front and will not hold up any fitting work but im afraid you will not be able to light a fire until it arrives.
It is not just us that has run short the whole gallery group are very low on them there really is not much we can do except wait.
As for Stoves we do have them coming into stock still so im reasonably sure we should have enough to last this cold spell out.
Right im off to toast my feet in front of my glowing Tiger Plus Stove and those that have them installed or have ordered them from us will know just how warm they are

Buy an new Fireplace or Stove in the New Year

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

As 2009 finishes we all reflect on what the past year has brought us all and i must say with things in our personal lives im glad to see the back of it.
Workwise i dont think things could have gone any better i know times have been tough and money is short for people but we have come through this terrible turbulent times in a new factory which we are in the process of buying and our Fireplace stocks have grown hugely.
Yes profits are down slightly but being house orientated people have mothballed projects and a few developers we deal with have dissapeared.
It could be alot worse i know of 6 local fireplace companies finishing business this year and i have noticed a few website firms shut too.
So as we await the new year and get things ready for what are normally a few busy months for fireplaces and stoves as the weather starts to get really cold i look back and think yes we have done ok were all intact our company is well known and has respect in the trade and im sure that here at Castfireplaces we have a very exciting 2010 ahead of us.
Im really looking forward to getting back to work and making progress in our aim to be the best known company on the internet and the 1st choice for buying all your fireplace products and im sure with all our staffs help and in particular our customers help we can achieve some real big results this year.

All Fireplace deliverys and collections are complete

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Hooray we have managed it and delivered everything we said we would before our Christmas break, both sleighs i mean vans are now back safe and sound after snow tried to ruin our last attempt at delivery before Christmas.
I have had two people say to me they didnt think we would be arriving today with there items due to the weather and thought we would ring to cancel, in all our time here at Castfireplaces i can honestly only remember not doing two deliverys and thats when Stu was struck down a few weeks ago and i did two delivery runs and put back two deliverys to the following Sunday.
It has not been a nice drive today and we were both around two hours late getting home due to the bad weather and funnily enough the closer we got home the worse the weather was.
My last job of the day was to meet a customer at our factory who had come to collect a firefox 12 stove (the heavy one) which also happens to be our last in stock luckily for them, they had come from Chester and were surprised at how heavily it was snowing at 4pm when they came.
I enquired if they were going to drive back home but it turns out thay are stopping at her parents in Derby tonight hence the reason for collection.
So one more heave and it was loaded in his car with a 1000mm length of flue and then lock and alarm Factory and Showroom, im now back at home with a large grin on my face ready to open a bottle of Wine (Thanks TT) and sit back and relax for the 1st time in a few months knowing that our work is done for two weeks i am really so looking forward to Christmas and a nice rest.

We Offer Late Night Viewings at our Fireplace Factory

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Customer service comes as standard when shopping at Cast Fireplaces and we do go out of our way to make sure our customers are happy.
As alot of you may know we do offer viewings at our Showroom which is based on North Street in Langley Mill by appointment only which makes sure you have our full attention and we can dedicate as much time as you need sorting through your fireplace options i dont think there is anything worse than a showroom with loads of customers and no one to offer them advice in choosing a fireplace or stove which will be the main feature of your room.
It is a big purchase and once fitted you have to look at it every day there may be questions you need answering thats why when you visit us at Cast Fireplaces you will only ever get Mark who will explain all the options available to you.
I have numerous years of knowledge of the fireplace trade and im 100% confident there is not much i do not know about our gallery fireplaces so i can always give honest correct free advice.
As part of our exceptional service we offer late night viewings and tonight at 7pm when other showrooms and fireplace companies are closed i will be at our factory showing customers a Pembroke black gas and solid fuel package they rang earlier today enquiring about viewing and he said he had read some of our articles about viewing after hours.
So if you do wish to come and see us please make an appointment so we can help you source the Fireplace of your dreams and create a focal point for your room

Fireplace Factory is well and truly stocked for Heating Season

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

We have had one of the biggest deliveries today from our supplier our factory is now bursting at the seams with Limestone Surrounds stoves and cast iron fireplaces.
Along with the fact that we have had daily had arrivals of timber surrounds we are now well and truly stocked up for the Heating Season and are ready to supply all our customers at an even quicker rate at this very busy time of year.
To give you an idea we hold over 40 Stoves in stock around 60 pine and oak surrounds and 100s of cast iron fireplaces all ready to take way.
We keep large stocks of granite and tiled hearths too along with a full range of gas and electric inserts to suit all our fireplaces.
Next week if I remember I will take a photo of our factory so you can see how much stuff we keep in stock customers who visit our factory and showroom are amazed at what we have in stock and say they have never been anywhere like it.
So if you wish to make an appointment to come and view our fantastic range of fireplaces and stoves please ring us to arrange.
We often have viewing out of shop hours so just contact us and come and see probably the largest stock holding fireplace company on the internet

Gallery Fireplaces Firefox 8 Multi Fuel stove fitted 3 hours after delivery

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

I have been out delivering Fireplaces this morning to Hampshire, Salisbury, London and Bedfordshire and I returned back at 2.30 pm to meet a customer at the workshop who wanted to swap some Tiles as he wasn’t sure about the colour of the tiles and wanted another set.
He came from Shepshed, which is only 25 miles from our factory, and I met him there and showed him alternatives, which he went away with another set saying how pleased he was with our service.
I saw another two customers and we had one appointment who did not appear and my builder mate who collected the stove right on time said I looked tired I replied its your fault making me work later on a Sunday. He smiled and gave me a pat on the back and said go home and get to bed (I wish I could).
So when I Got back to the office and had this email I could not believe it

Mark Adams.
I recently purchased a Firefox stove from you which was burning within 3 hours of delivery.
We are very pleased with it and more importantly we were very impressed that it arrived when you said it would and that it was delivered right to the Hearth!
Thank you for your reliability.


Now that is from Mrs Briggs in Salisbury who we delivered the stove to this morning at 9am they even had it fitted and running before id even got to drop number 5 in Harpenden at 12.30.
They must have unpacked it and started the minute I left the house I have never had anybody reply saying they had it working before I had even got home.
Emails and comments like that always make us feel special that we have done our best and we have delivered yet again a great service word of mouth is one of our best forms of advertising and certainly the cheapest so we want you to be happy with the goods and service we offer if not please inform us and we can do something about it and we take all comments whether good or bad very seriously.