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Backfilling a cast iron fireplace advice

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Quite often here at Castfireplaces we get asked questions regarding installation and how to do things, we are fireplace retailers and know about the products we sell so can often give good advice.
Today by email we were contacted about back filling a fireplace,

“We bought a couple gallery cast iron gas fires from you a couple weeks back…just now in process of having installed so far looks lovely – thanks for the great service. However I have a general installation question….

I intend to back fill the void behind cast iron inset with a 1-5 mixture of cement and vermiculite, I have read somewhere that I need (?) an air gap between the vermiculite and the cast iron. Apparently one trick is to place some cardboard between cast iron and the mix – the cardboard is supposed to burn off leaving a gap – do you know if its recommended to leave a gap? I would have thought having a gap will reduce the ability of the vermiculite to remove heat via conduction / prevent cracking of the cast iron. But then with no gap would the iron be able to expand okay.”

So what is backfilling I hear you all ask it’s actually the process of filling the chamber behind the fireplace making sure it’s all filled with vermiculite and cement so the fire doesn’t heat the chamber behind and pushes all the heat forward.
It is an essential part of fireplace fitting and if not done correctly damage will occur to the cast iron back, the customer is right cement and vermiculite is tightly packed into the void with a thin piece of cardboard behind the cast back the reason for this you do not want the vermiculite mix sticking to the firebrick that can be replaced.
Once done it’s topped off so that any soot will fall into the fireplace and not sit behind it as it’s flammable.
So some good advice and our customer is correct in his knowledge and should have fireplace fitted that can be signed off by building controls.
We are here to help at Castfireplaces that why ordering a fireplace from us is another great choice.

Information on regulations when fitting a multi fuel stove

Friday, October 25th, 2013

So you have decided you are going to purchase a multi fuel stove and need some advice about fitting or the regulations regarding fitting.
What you need to think about is the fact that this is covered by Building Regulations and is not a DIY job.
There are many factors you may not have considered so I would download Document J on our website which contains all the information you need.
If you have a HETAS registered fitter to install your new stove he will already be adhering to Document J and will after installation give you a certificate to say the work carried out is compliant.
If you do decide to DIY fit you can have building controls out to sign off the work and issue you with a certificate too.
So consult this document to find out hearth sizes and distances to combustible materials, minimum flue sizes and details regarding ventilation.
All this information is contained in this one document and if followed you will have a safely installed stove that building controls will pass.
This is very important this is done as Home insurance will be invalid should you have any problems and also on a minor note any stove warranty will be void if it’s not been fitted correctly so the easiest thing to do is have HETAS registered fitter install your new stove.


How much should i pay for fireplace installation

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

I have had a customer ring me today and ask how much they should pay for a fireplace to be installed and whether we could fit the fireplace for her.
I asked where abouts she was and Plymouth came the reply, now thats a little far for our local fitter to travel too we do operate within a 100 mile radius of us in Ripley Derbyshire and any further afield we use a good network of fitters we have approved to make sure the job gets done correctly.
Now there is no set standard price for fitting a new fireplace or stove as it depends on how much work has to be done to your chimney breast to fit the new fireplace.
The more work you do yourself including removing the original the cheaper it will become and we always say to our customers to expect to pay around £250 to £400 for a typical fireplace fitting charge.
Now some people will gasp at that price and say is he there all week but with courses for gas safe and Hetas costing 100s of pounds each year its pretty reasonable i think.
What you can be assured of when using a registered fireplace fitter is that it will be installed correctly and you will be given the correct compliance certificate.
So please avoid the DIY masters and the local builder who says i can install that for you it really is not worth the risk, so if you are within our fitting radius give us a call if not we can give you a nuymber for someone who will fit it for you

Funny Old World in The Fireplace Game

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Hi there happy valentines day to everyone just thought i would pop online and share with you something that has made me really smile today i have had an email from somebody asking if we can fit a fireplace if they purchase it from us so i enquired saying where are you re fitting and the reply came back Living Room.
Ha Ha Living room i thought are they trying to wind me up its not Aprils Fools day but i suppose thinking about it it makes sense they obviously require a fireplace in the living room.
After we had a laugh about it even our customer thought it was funny we found out they are in Keighley we said we can fit there no problem our local fitter who does alot of work for us we travel there and fit.
So all prices have been emailed and we hope to see if another of our great fireplaces will be finding itself a new home in somebodys dining room in Keighley and if not it certainly gave us a little smile and a laugh.
Right im off to wrap up a set of tiles i promised to send out to a customer to arrive before 9am Tuesday morning after he broke them showing his wife how they looked in the fireplace oh dear bet he has had ear ache after that.

Fireplace shops we are quicker, cheaper and can get it fitted before you too

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

If I order a fireplace today will I get it delivered and fitted before Christmas I was asked today now I know time is going pretty quick but the lady in question had been told by some shop in Derby that to get fitting and delivery before the big day in December they had to order by Friday and it would be fitted 21st December.
I spoke to our fitter who fits all of our fireplaces and stoves in the local surrounding areas and he said 1st week in December so not only will they have it fitted they also saved over £320 on the same Gallery fireplace package.
So this shows you how much savings there are to be found shopping online and the shops saying online products are inferior and we do not offer a good service well let me tell them.
Not only can we supply it cheaper than you, quicker than you we can also have it fitted before you so before you shout about internet firms having no customer service take a leaf out of our book we really are the best online.
So after I had told her this about the fitting an order was then placed for a Granite Panel and Brompton Limestone Package which is being delivered last week in November.
So I know time is flying and we are really busy and fitting dates are filling quickly but there is no reason to panic yet there should still be some pre Christmas fitting dates still available in first weeks of November but it is best to book fitter now while you have time to get things sorted out.
We do deliver right up till the last weeks in December so if you do manage to get a late fitting date we keep so much stuff in stock we are sure to be able to deliver before then.

Fireplace Fitters Who would you trust

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Here at Castfireplaces we take fitting of our fires and fireplaces very seriously that’s why we use a professional fireplace fitter who undertakes all our fitting work in the Midlands and surrounding areas. He does a fair amount of work for us and we are more than happy to put him in touch with you so you can have your new Fireplace fitted by someone we recommend and trust to do a good job.
We do have other fitter’s details for most areas and we have spoken to our previous customers to see if they would comment on their work and whether they would use them again.
This over time has allowed us to build up a good working relationship with these fitters and now 3 of them buy fireplaces from us too so you can rest assure when we give out there numbers you are guaranteed of having a good job done at a price that’s competitive and more importantly they are qualified to install the items whether you are using them for Gas or solid fuel use.
We never give out details of fitters whose work we haven’t seen or at the very least spoken to the customer and checked everything went ok. I know this sounds over the top but it is our reputation on the line so why would we jeopardise that and just offer any fitters services.
So if you do decide to buy one of our Fireplaces you can rely on a fantastic service followed by our wonderful delivery service and then be sure that it will be fitted properly then sit back and relax and say to yourself I’m glad I ordered from Cast Fireplaces it really was simple from start to finish.

Fireplace Tile fitting how is it done ?

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

How do we fit the tubeline fireplace tiles are always a question we get asked and whether the two metal strips are needed that comes with the Fireplace? STOP don’t throw them away they are the tile straps that along with the long thinner bolts and wing nuts they are needed to hold the tiles in place. We supply two different types of tiles with our fireplaces all in sets of tens such as our most popular selling set Tulip Burgundy / Ivory Tiles these tiles are supplied loose or on a fibre board depending on which Tiled Insert you have bought.
They are very simple to fit on a board and you just need to attach straps to the lugs at the back of the fireplace and slide tiles in from the top tighten up the wing nuts and the tiles are simply held in place by them don’t try to over tighten them otherwise you are liable to crack the top or bottom tile.
Loose tiles are slightly harder to fit we recommend lying them flat in pattern then turn them over and apply a few strips of gaffer tape again attach straps then slide them in again loosely tighten wing nuts till top and bottom tiles are secure pack centre tiles out with a little cardboard or filler then cement all the tiles in place from behind with a bonding plaster type adhesive make sure the pattern is straight as once it has set they wont be moved.Thats all there is to it simple as that. Picture shows Tulip Insert with Tulip Burgundy Ivory Tiles.



Tulip Insert Tulip Burgundy Tiles