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Cast iron fireplace choices

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Adding a living flame cast iron fireplace to a room can really add that ‘wow’ factor you might have been looking for. But with so many different designs available, how can you be sure what fireplace will work well in the room?
The size of your chimney breast
Perhaps the first thing to consider when choosing a cast iron fireplace is the size of the room in which it is going to be installed. The fireplace will be installed in your chimney breast, so it’s best to check the dimensions of this before you make your choice. Chimney breast dimensions can differ from home to home, so it’s always worth checking this before you buy a fireplace which is too large for the space you have.
Tiles or no tiles
This is purely down to personal preference, but the tiles in the fire can work well with the décor in your home if you choose appropriately. It’s worth noting that fireplaces that have tiles are usually wider that those that do not.
The cast iron fireplace finish
Not all cast iron fireplaces are finished with a matt black effect. On some, the detail can be of a highly polished effect and on others the whole fire can polished to provide a striking high polish shiny finish.
With so many different beautiful designs to choose from, we hope that these tips will be able to narrow down your options.
If not just give us a call

Celtic Combination Cast Iron Gallery Fireplace Featured Item

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Happy Boxing day we are not at work today so please dont think im a saddo posting an article about fireplaces i am actually at my sisters with all my family having christmas boozy fun.
Anway heres todays article.
The celtic cast iron fireplace has been a firm favorite in the selling stakes for quite a few years and understandably so as it is a great looking fireplace and with prices starting at £250 for the cast iron on its own what better or cheaper way is there to make a feature out of your chimney breast.
The celtic comes in three finishes

Black A matt black finish we can be treated with black lead grate polish for amore traditional look

Highlighted This finish is where all the raised edges have been polished to give a highlighted appearance to all the decorative features

Full Polished Our most popular choice the polishing on all gallery fireplaces is secondary to none in the trade and this offers amodern look to a traditiopanl fireplace.

As with all the fireplaces we sell the Celtic Cast Iron Fireplace Package is available as a package complete with choice of hearth for our normal option of solid fuel (Real Fire) Gas and Electric use and on our new website it alos comes with the option of an LPG gas insert for our customers running on bottled gas.
Anyway have alook at the photo of the full polished version below and click on it to see the item


Celtic full polish

Barcelona Fascia Fireplace with Glass fronted High Efficiency Fire

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Welcome to one of the brand new items from the Gallery collection purple brochure from 2009 -2010 this brochure has only been out a few weeks now and features quite a few new fireplaces.
The first one we have decided to feature may look very familiar to you as it is based on the very popular Barcelona Fireplace.
It has been slighty widened and this particular fascia has a shelf width of 38″
It is available in Black or Full polished and the real change comes when you look at the fire opening it has been designed to accept a standard gas, electric or Convector fire with an opening of 16″ wide and 22″ high which makes it useable with nearly every standard fire on the market which can open up a huge amount of options available to you with this fascia fireplace.
In the new brochures it is shown in a Full polished finish with the Glass fronted High Effiency Convector fire and in the Black version is shown with the same H/E fire with the Lunar Highlighted fire frame.
These frames are a new idea so the effeicient fire can now have 6 different looks to it and available in a colour and design to suit most decor.
So have a look at the photos below and see what you think of one of the new offerings from the gallery fireplace range.


Barcelona Fascia with HE gas fire









Barcelona Fascia Black

Can I use Polished or Highlighted Fireplace for Solid Fuel Use ?

Friday, July 10th, 2009

YES But read below for a little advice
A phone call we had this morning has had me thinking that we ought to offer some more advice on whether polished fireplaces are suitable for solid fuel use.
They are available and we sell Polished Fireplaces for solid fuel use but there are opinions on the Internet that they shouldn’t be used for solid fuel use let me explain why.
When burning solid fuel the heat this option gives off has on occasions discoloured the bars that fit around the front of the fireplace.
This discolouration is a bluing effect, which is caused by the polished surface coming into contact with extreme heat. It will not affect the service of the particular fireplace and the product is perfectly safe to use its just a cosmetic appearance.
I am of the opinion that this affect adds to the traditional look of the product and it is normal to show signs of use I don’t think it distracts from the look of the fireplace and its not as if the whole of the fireplace is going to discolour.
This affect can be kept to minimum or without any discolouration if the fuel you are burning is kept out of contact with the bars and basically the hotter the fuel (such as anthracite) the worse the discoloration is.
A lot of this can be removed with a metal polish but it can’t be removed altogether and should be considered when ordering your fireplace, if you feel like you couldn’t live with this you are better to choose an all black finish.
Just to add to this article we as a company have sold literally 1000s of Highlighted or Full Polished fireplaces over the years for Solid Fuel Use and have never had a single phone call saying about it discolouring so I’m sure again its other people online or in some fireplace shops not correctly advising customers as to what can happen so hope this makes it easier for you to make your own mind up and if you need any more help just contact us