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Granite Hearth for a Multi Fuel Stove

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Quite often we get asked here at Castfireplaces if you can use a granite hearth when fitting it below a wood burning or multi fuel stove.
I’m pleased to say the answer is yes but it’s not just any hearth the only way we will guarantee they will not crack is to section and slab them for solid fuel.
So what does this mean, basically the front hearth is cut into three sections and re-joined allowing for expansion and contraction with heat change.
You can see the joints so it looks like the hearth is basically in 3 pieces, for the inside area of your chimney breast we use 2 pieces of granite 20mm thick and level them and sand and cement at the same height as the front hearth.
Allow to set and then grout the joints this will ensure that when the hearth changes temperatures it will expand and contract without cracking.
This is the only way we will guarantee our hearths and whilst your stove may be fine on a 1 piece hearth we would not cover it under warranty when used with a stove.
So on our website we do sell the Granite Stove Hearths with front hearths in widths of 48″ x 18″ and 54″ x 18″ complete with a back section 36″ x 15″ cut in two.
So questions answered and you can have a granite hearth for a stove from us here at Castfireplaces.

Can i use a limestone fireplace for solid fuel use

Monday, January 21st, 2013

So you have set your heart on having a limestone fireplace but are not sure as to whether you can use it for solid fuel ie a real fire.
Well this depends on what type of fireplace package you have chosen, if you are looking at one of our modern fireplaces which contain our portuguese limestone range im afriad the answer is no.
The back panles and hearths are not suitable for solid fuel use and any attempt to do so will end in the fireplace cracking.
So if you are looking at our Limestone Fireplace Packages you will be pleased to know you can use any of these in here for use as a real fire.
This is because we offer the correct granite hearths for solid fuel use and all the cast iron fireplaces are designed to be used for a real wood burning fire.
If you wanted something a little more modern have a look at our Granite Fireplaces section these have the option of choosing a granite panel which is suitable for solid fuel use so you can also have a real fire in one of these.
So take a look through Castfireplaces extensive website and if you are unsure just pick up the phone and give us a call we are here to help.

How do i measure made to measure Granite Hearth

Friday, August 13th, 2010

First off before you think about ordering a made to measure granite or tiled hearth have alook through our Hearths Section to make sure we do not have a stock size that is a few cms or inches off the size you require.
Stock size hearths are considerably cheaper than made to measure and for it being a little larger or smaller could save you time and money.
So you have had a look and there is nothing suitabl don’t dispair we can manufacture exactly the right size you need in Granite,Tiled Slate etc.
The main reason for made to measure hearths are either to replace hearth within a room that is carpeted or you have a consructional hearth laid level with your floorboards and standard hearth will not cover it.
Another common reason is a sub hearth for a stove to sit on where there has never been a hearth and it needs to match the front one.
Ok were ready to go then decide on waht size you want your new hearth to be either to cover the hole in your carpet or to extend over the constructional hearth
The Dimensions we require are
A Width
B Depth

C Height
Most hearths are simple three measurements and normally the hearths are made as standard at 50mm in height for normal use there should be no reason to later this
Just bear im mind that granite hearths are boxed and lipped that means the top section overhangs the front and the sides by 10-15mm so if hearth is required to cover cooncrete base take this inot consideration

Alsp if using for solid fuel your granite hearth will be in sections and rejoined so it can expand and contract with the heat from a real fire it has to be done or it will crack if in one solid piece.

If you are in doubt about any made to measure hearth jst ring the office and we can run through it with you.

Made to measure hearths very popular

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Here at Castfireplaces most of you will know we do offer made to measure service in granite, slate and tiles for all our hearth options and its always very popular with our customers.
Now recently we have had a few people order items and ask if they can collect or have the items delivered within a few days.
When we do made to measure items its around 5-10 days depending on how busy they are at the workshop to get the items manufactured.
When using for solid fuel they also have to be slabbed and then left to dry which takes a while longer, so although we do have a quick turn around on the hearths please do not order and then try and arrange collection or delivery for the same week as normally it can not be done in such short time.
I understand you sometimes are in a rush but theres not much we can do about it im afraid made to measure is what it says we never alter stock sizes we always cut from new sheets.
So if you do require a made to measure hearth send us an email stating sizes which material and whether it is for Gas, Electric or solid fuel use.
We will return with a quote for you as soon as we can and then if you allow around 2 weeks for manufacture and delivery all will arrive in good time.

Limestone Sample for your Fireplaces Required

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

As with all internet shopping it is sometimes difficult to get the real feel and texture for a product and a lot of people do like to touch and feel before purchase.
Thats the main reason we have a showroom at our Factory in Langley Mill where we invite everyone to view our products before purchase.
I also understand some of our customers have seen the very same fireplaces in a local showroom and viewed them there before searching online and already know exactly what they want.
Even though all our images are of a good standard we do also offer samples of all our Stone Surrounds including Limestone in both Agean and Portuguese.
The full range of Jura-Stone and carrara marble are also available and we do offer timber samples too from the range of wooden mantels we manufacture.
These include Oak in both natural and oiled finish and the Pine we sell in unwaxed and our antique hand waxed finish.
To top this all off Slate, Granite and Tiled hearth samples are also available so you can order any of these free of charge and we will post them out to you so you can see and feel exactly what your new fireplace is made of if you decide not to visit our showroom.
So anybody wanting a sample please contact us with your details and we will wrap and send off to you to help you decide on your fireplace choice.
Yet again this is all part of the unique shopping service you get here at Castfireplaces thats why we are the number one place online to order your fireplace

Granite Panel And Hearths Sets from Castfireplaces

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Here at Castfireplaces we offer a good range of Granite panels and hearth sets which are listed in our Modern Packages section under Granite.
What we offer here is a range of fireplace surrounds all with a granite panel and hearth set offered in various sizes and different materials from Wood to Limestone and even our Longford Jura-stone mantel.
Each package has the option of being chosen on its own with the surround and then to compliment it we offer a range of electric and gas fireplaces and also with the option of solid fuel.
All the Granite we supply is Grade A Aboslute Black which is the finest granite you can buy, it is smooth shiny polished finish and comes with a 22″ x 16″ standard cut out so will accept any gas or electric fireplace from the gallery range or any other fire you have seen.
This range we have offers you the largest choice on the internet for panel and hearth sets and is very popular due to the easy choice options.
Most places sell them as packages and do not offer you the option of changing fire but again with our new website choice and ease of use is king.
So if you are looking for a new granite fireplace and wish to view our range just head over too our Granite Modern Fireplaces Section and browse the range we do.
If we do not have your perfect fireplace listed just contact us and we can get you a package price for it.

Daisy Highlighted Fireplace is it from B and Q

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

We sell a small combination fireplace on our website called the Daisy which is available in Black or a Highlighted Finish.
It is made by Gallery but has been dropped from the 2010 brochure but is still available to us as and we will continue to stock it.
Today i have had a phonecall from a lady in Redcar enquiring whether we had the Daisy in stock as she had ordered one from B and Q in January but they telephoned her today telling her they are not in stock till May along with their small cast iron hearth.
Now May in my mind is a long way off seeing as we have only just started March that leadtime is wrong.
I find it really strange how a huge company like B and Q can run out of such items and what are there re ordering levels like to be without an item from January to May.
The Fireplace they supply is not the Daisy Fireplace and we are not short on stock of them so we have yet another order in the bag and the item on its way to Redcar next week again down to yet another comapny who can not supply goods in time for the customers needs.
Also today we have had someone order a fireplace from Shropshire and drive to Nottingham to collect it as the one he bought from ebay was missing parts and was not as described.
Beware of cheap items on any auction sites there always cheap for the wrong reasons

Can we do made to measure Granite Hearths

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Hi all another busy day again with deliveries to Torquay and Middlesborough two vans though not 1 big run ive had the easy Middlesborough run Stuart has been to Torquay and worked his way home with seven drops i only had four.
Anyway when i got back to the office i answered a few made to measure Hearth emails which we do have quite frequently infact now every other day but there were four of them wanting prices within a couple of hours which is very unusual.
All of them were for solid fuel ranging from a small sectional hearth for a multi fuel stove to sit on to a large 64″ x 18″ hearth for an original marble surround.
Anway all of them have been emailed back with prices and manufacture times and writing this at 20.25 we have had an order all ready for a box flusehed hearth.
Thats the joy of made to measure items and indeed hearths you dont have to put up with standard hearth not covering the constructional hearth or where existing flooring has been laid up to a hearth you are replacing you can have what you want in any size you want.
Also if you are buying a fireplace package from us and require a made to measure hearth do not worry we can still supply made to measure at the additional price to the package saving you a fortune.
So if you do want made to measure hearth just visit our Contact page and send us an email.

Time running out for Fireplace delivery as customer collects Pembroke from Newcastle

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Now i have heard of Carrying Coals to Newcastle but today we have had a customer come and collect a Pembroke Full Polish Fireplace and granite hearth as when he rang yesterday we told him we had no delivery route planned to the North East until January and we could not deliver before then but he asked if we did have the items in stock if he wished to collect.
As most readers of our article section know we do keep large amounts of fireplaces and stoves in stock and Yes we do have the pembroke in stock both in Black and the required Full Polished Version.
So this morning the phone rang and he asked if it was ok to drive over and collect and he arrived at 2.15 pm today.
Card payment taken and fireplace loaded he was on his way saying he was fitting it tonight so his wife could decorate the christmas tree. It is a good job the fireplace he  had is easy to fit and as he was using it for decorative purposes only i gave him a little fitting advice on the hearth etc.
So another very happy customer driving back home with one of our fireplaces i should really have bought him a bag of Coal to complete the little phrase of Coals to Newcastle but i suppose im more than happy to be sending fireplaces there instead.
So we are open until Sunday for collections so if you wish to collect just give me a ring

Fireplace Shop Myths What they tell you is not true

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Now Today I have had a call from a Woman in Surrey who rang us after visiting our website over the weekend and then going to a fireplace shop local to her on Sunday here’s a few things the shop told her after asking why there prices were more than double ours.
Now these salesman must be so desperate for a sale they have lied and deceived the customer beyond belief, now it makes me mad people saying Online Retailers have no customer service or back up we pride ourselves on customer service and you only have to read my article the other day about fireplace showroom who do not return calls.
I do understand they have a bone to pick with us saying we can sell them cheaper than them as they have larger overheads well that is not true we have 1700 sq Foot factory to pay for, 2 Modern vans and we spend £1000s of pounds every month on seo and google ads let alone the rates, heating and lighting for our factory and office.
Now wait for it here’s the best bit the products you buy from them are made from inferior cast iron and HETAS registered fitters and GAS SAFE fitters will refuse to install it due to this.
What utter Bo****** I have never heard such rubbish in my life.
The Gallery Fireplaces we sell are the same ones sat in there showroom just like they sit in our showroom we do not sell seconds, rejects or any other made up excuse they come out with.
Now I know which shop you are and I have even been passed it when out delivering and if you think it is ok lying and deceiving customers to clinch a sale then you go ahead I can honestly say the day we lie to our customers regarding any of our products is the day I will pack it all in.
Yes there are dodgy firms out there who have terrible customer service and sell rubbish but then there are High Street Shops that do the same ask yourself this when ordering online

1 Can I contact them by phone and do they have Address and Company details shown
2 Are they VAT registered and will I get an invoice
3 Do they have a showroom I can visit?
4 Am I going to get Honest Correct Free Advice without Sales Pressure?
5 Can I contact any of their Customers or read genuine testimonials

If you can not assure yourself of getting all 5 of these things move on to another website or shop its just not worth the risk

So if you do want a fireplace or stove that can be used for gas or solid fuel use shop with us here at Castfireplaces we have over 5500 genuine customers who have bought from us in the Last 6 years that’s why we are in my opinion the best fireplace retailer online.

And Just for the record we do now have a sale for a Pembroke Black Fireplace with Granite Hearth for Solid fuel use going to Surrey on Sunday 29th so not only have you lost your sale you have deceived someone who will tell all her friends and Family what a con merchant you are