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Toulouse Highlighted Fireplace Package Pine Bedford to Derby

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Hi Mark

Thanks so much for our beautiful fireplace. It arrived exactly when you said it would, between 9:30 and 10am! The service and value we received from you was second to none. The fireplace was cheaper than anywhere else and the mantel on the surround was customised for our smaller width chimney breast at your suggestion. I have never received such wonderful customer service from a company before. We were updated on our order and when we could expect it at all times and we couldn’t be happier. We have your recommended fitter coming to fit the fire on 18th September, and it can’t come soon enough. Thanks to your company we now have the fire we always wanted but didn’t think we’d be able to afford! I have already mentioned your company to a few friends and won’t hesitate to recomme you to more!

Thanks again

Sarah Simmonds Derby 30/08/10

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Toulouse Highlighted and Pine Bedford

Paris Highlighted and Daisy Fireplaces are Out Of Stock

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Quite unusual for us i know but as these two Fireplaces are ordered directly from China and not available anymore to most shops that deal in Gallery Fireplaces we have a little bit of a supply problem concerning both of these fireplaces.
We have sold all those we had left in stock infact we oversold the Paris Highlighted as a customer in Skegness ordered three and has now swapped two to the Nottage Fireplaces instead.
I was not aware of the stock shortage so please accept my apologies for us being out of stock.
They are due in again but not until October at the earliest which is not ideal but there is not much we can do as no other people in the Gallery group stock them anymore so it really is a waiting game.
We do have Paris Black in Stock which i will be adding to our website and also the Defra approved Carron Stoves arrive on Monday so they will be listed too.
On our website when anything is out of stock for a long while we have a little notice near the add to basket stating when it will be back in stock see photo below so you can see what i mean this advises our customers of delivery date.
When this has been removed or with all the other items on our website theres nothing there you are fine to order.
Sorry again for this happening it is beyond our control as to when they arrive

Help ive cleaned my cast iron fireplace with water

Friday, July 9th, 2010

A woman in distress after the fitters has finished installing her fireplace decided after they had gone to clean her new cast iron fireplace and remove the dusty fingerprints from the cast decided to clean it with cold water on a cloth.
Each fireplace we supply does come with instruction leaflet explaining what to do etc re cleaning and it does state never to wash fireplace with water.
Now i have done it to remove stubborn dirt marks but it must be dried off straight away with another clean cloth this is fine but if water is left on the surface and particularly polished surface it will start to rust.
Anyway Mrs C came into the room in the afternoon and noticed all the highlighted details on the cast had gone rusty but the matt black surface of the main body of the cast was fine and the finger prints had gone.
So she rang us for some advice simply solved i told her as the rust had not had time to get hold and would only be surface rust.
Just spray some WD40 onto a clean cloth and wipe over the polished areas NOT THE BLACK and it will come straight off.
Ten minutes later she rang back thanking me for our advice and i did mention not to clean it again with water as polished cast iron and water do not mix to well, she laughed and promised to read instructions next time.

Cast iron fireplace choices

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Adding a living flame cast iron fireplace to a room can really add that ‘wow’ factor you might have been looking for. But with so many different designs available, how can you be sure what fireplace will work well in the room?
The size of your chimney breast
Perhaps the first thing to consider when choosing a cast iron fireplace is the size of the room in which it is going to be installed. The fireplace will be installed in your chimney breast, so it’s best to check the dimensions of this before you make your choice. Chimney breast dimensions can differ from home to home, so it’s always worth checking this before you buy a fireplace which is too large for the space you have.
Tiles or no tiles
This is purely down to personal preference, but the tiles in the fire can work well with the décor in your home if you choose appropriately. It’s worth noting that fireplaces that have tiles are usually wider that those that do not.
The cast iron fireplace finish
Not all cast iron fireplaces are finished with a matt black effect. On some, the detail can be of a highly polished effect and on others the whole fire can polished to provide a striking high polish shiny finish.
With so many different beautiful designs to choose from, we hope that these tips will be able to narrow down your options.
If not just give us a call

New Coronet Highlighted Fireplace Revealed

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Here at Castfireplaces we are always listening to what our customers ask for and a few have said they would like a bigger choice in smaller limestones for small chimney breasts.
So listening to this we are currently having designed some 48″ limestones and a new arch to go with them.
Following on form the huge sucess of the Jubilee Highlighted insert we are having made a Coronet Highlighted insert which is smaller than the jubilee but will be polished in exactly the same way.
This new insert will be sold alongside our current very popular Black and Half polished Coronets all available with the same fantastic mantel choices.
Suitable for solid fuel, gas and electric use this arched insert is sure to be a big seller ane below is a photo straight from China showing the polished finish and how it looks.
The cast iron back and bars are from the half polished coronet so basically its just the different polishing details that makes it different so all our current gas fires and solid fuel kits will slot straight in withouht the need for designing new versions.
So feast your eyes on the new Fireplace and i can assure you this will be the first time anybody has seen this as it has only been emailed to me about an hour ago.

Fireplace Stock Update as Goods Arrive

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Hello what a busy little day we have had, we normally have deliveries on Wednesday and today has been no different we are pleased to say all items are now back in stock even though some mainly the Pembrokes are still low until next week.
Today we have taken delivery of the following
Lytton Highlighted Arched Inserts
Pembroke Black Fireplaces
Pembroke Full Polish Fireplaces

These items we had run out of so it is great to have them back in stock in time for our Norfolk and Norwich Run tomorrow and our North West Run on Friday.
As normal our fantastic suplliers got it right telling me when they were coming into stock so we can take forward orders and arrange delivery dates to suit.
Im sure sometimes they must get fed up of me asking when and how many are arriving but i know they understand how difficult it is to arrange deliveries and sort out orders so a Big thanks again for getting it Right it makes my job easier.
On top of this we had our normal weekly delivery of Hearths and cast fireplaces we dont keep in stock along with some gas inserts a few tiles,solid fuel kits and all other ordered items.
This afternoon was mainly taking up by stacking it all away and back in time to meet Bank Manager to sort out finances for buying our Factory which im pleased to say has all gone well.
So Really looking forward to getting things moving and dont forget New Website goes Live Monday Worldpay has all been sorted today so next week we have new website online too.
It really is exciting times here at Cast Fireplaces

Daisy Fireplace Cast iron Combination is Featured Item

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Well back to work properly today and have been to the factory and met a few customers for collection and been in office all day planning routes for delivery and generally sorting things out and i can now say we are back up to Full Speed.
Over Christmas and New Year we did write a few articles but not much in the day to day things we write about as we were closed so there was not much to tell you.
Anyway in all the festive fun i forgot to do the Featured items which we normally do at the start of the month
This months featured cast iron fireplace is The Daisy Combination Fireplace this small bedroom fireplace had been discontinued by Gallery from the fireplace brochure but is still available to us directly on container so we will carry on selling this Bedroom size cast in both the Black and Highlighted Finish.
I has a shelf width of 30″ and is perfect for any small bedroom chimney breast i personally think gallery have dropped a clanger removing this from the range but im sure it will benefit us as many fireplace shops will not be able to supply it.
Also it will be held in price and will not be affected by any current price increase.We also offer it as one of our packages for gas, solid fuel,LPG and electric use so if you do want a working bedroom fireplace thats is great value look no further than the Daisy Fireplace  


Daisy Highlighted Fireplace

Celtic Combination Cast Iron Gallery Fireplace Featured Item

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Happy Boxing day we are not at work today so please dont think im a saddo posting an article about fireplaces i am actually at my sisters with all my family having christmas boozy fun.
Anway heres todays article.
The celtic cast iron fireplace has been a firm favorite in the selling stakes for quite a few years and understandably so as it is a great looking fireplace and with prices starting at £250 for the cast iron on its own what better or cheaper way is there to make a feature out of your chimney breast.
The celtic comes in three finishes

Black A matt black finish we can be treated with black lead grate polish for amore traditional look

Highlighted This finish is where all the raised edges have been polished to give a highlighted appearance to all the decorative features

Full Polished Our most popular choice the polishing on all gallery fireplaces is secondary to none in the trade and this offers amodern look to a traditiopanl fireplace.

As with all the fireplaces we sell the Celtic Cast Iron Fireplace Package is available as a package complete with choice of hearth for our normal option of solid fuel (Real Fire) Gas and Electric use and on our new website it alos comes with the option of an LPG gas insert for our customers running on bottled gas.
Anyway have alook at the photo of the full polished version below and click on it to see the item


Celtic full polish

Local Fireplaces and Stoves Delivery at Night

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Tonight i have been out on local delivery runs to Smalley, Riddings and a house just round the corner from me at Ripley.The first drop was at 5.30 pm to Riddings with a Lytton Black fireplace and pine corbel unwaxed surround which the lady came to visit us at our showrrom last week and could not believe it was only £325 for a highlighted fireplace solid fuel kit and surround, we have sold this package for years now and is one we first made as a budget surround at Derwentside and have made it ever since.
After dropping that off i was then off to Marehay to deliver Firefox 12 stove not half a mile from my house and near our local pub.
This man had found us using google searching for Firefox stoves for which we are listed on the 1st page he was very suprised to find out not only were we the cheapest online but also half a mile from him (and i delivered it free of charge as all of the fireplaces i have delivered tonight) so he ordered over the phone and i droped it off today.
Last visit of the early evening was to Smalley and was a Tiger stove and a Pembroke Full Polish Fireplace,this particular customer was one of those who had visited our showroom on Saturday and viewed items before placing his order.
We do try to offer a better service than any of the other shops and often do Early morning or evening deliverys as we do understand that not all people can escape from work to take delivery of these type of items.
So if your looking for a fireplace or stove and want to take advantage of our early or late delivery service just contact us

Radley and Bartello Package Novembers Featured Limestone Fireplace

Friday, November 6th, 2009

So the new format for our monthly-featured fireplaces starts today and 1st off we will start with our Limestone section.
This months featured limestone fireplace is the Radley and Bartello Limestone Package
The Radley arched fireplace is available in Black or Highlighted finish and is shown Highlighted in the photo below.
It is one of our more decorative arched fireplaces but I think is still very elegant looking, it has the same cast iron back as the lytton and jubilee so does not offer the largest area for burning solid fuel on but you can still throw on a medium sized log.
We mainly sell the Highlighted version but we do stock the black variety which is better suited to solid fuel.
The bartello Limestone Mantel was new for the 08-09 Gallery brochures and has sold very well. Made from 100% solid agean Limestone it is a slightly off white stone that is sculptured with a fancy ornate shelf and legs.
The Bartello is one fine looking mantel and would grace any chimney breast in A Victorian or modern styled home so have a look at the photograph shown below and click this to go straight to the item for any further information.
Tomorrow we will feature a cast iron fireplace from the fantastic Gallery range we supply.
Right off to celebrate my son Jaidens 5th Birthday mmm its a kids tea party.

Radley and Bartello

Radley and Bartello Limestone Fireplace