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Good Advice from customer regarding limestone fireplace fitting

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

We have had an email from one of our customers regarding a Lytton and Brompton Fireplace package we have sold them and they got conflicting advice from different fireplace installers and Building controls cleared it up for them.
They go on to say

Very reasonably priced against local suppliers. The delivery was excellent and came in a wooden box (not a pallet) on time given 8am Sunday morning, delivered by a `strong` young man, which we were glad of as both being pensioners with Arthritis and quite a high front doorstep we would have been scuppered to have had it left outside for us to deal with as other companies do.
We did however have a problem initially as surprisingly no assembly instructions came with it and a quick call to Castfireplaces confirmed it is their practice not to supply these as it should be fitted by a qualified fitter.
Our builder had seen a photo before we bought it and thought it would be straightforward but had not fitted one before.
Searching the internet for guidance we found warnings that we would need a Hetas certification if we planned to sell the house which we are doing which meant finding someone else to fit it who could provide the certificate.
This proved another major hurdle as the local fitters would only do so if we had bought it from their shop; we naively thought they would be glad to get the extra work in a recession! Two builders warned us that we would also need an air vent (more work) as well as the certificate and each gave suspiciously high quotes.
Eventually because of conflicting information we checked with the local buildings regs department and it all proved to be `misinformation`.
Because we were only replacing an open fireplace with another open fireplace, no certificate or air vent was required. After lots of phone calls we eventually found a builder who fitted it in a morning at a more reasonable price and gave us the Hetas certificate even though we don’t need it.
However we were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to deal with this company and put the problems down to experience.
When we eventually move we hope to buy another one from this company, the fireplace looks fabulous and judging by the feedback from buyers we think it was worth all the anxiety. So check with local building regs first before anything starts
Personally I’m of the opinion it should have had a vent installed as it’s an open fire situation and certainly a HETAS certificate supplied.
So different advice from different fitters and even building controls, Cast fireplaces always suggest using a HETAS registered fitter to install your fire or get it signed off by building controls as you can see it’s down to whose fitting and what they deem is correct for each installation.
Anyway a happy customer and a lovely looking fireplace too.

What is a fireplace package and are they good value

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

When looking for a new fireplace there are a few individual items that you need to make your perfect fire.
Lets start at the bottom if you intend to use your fireplaces for gas or solid fuel use you will require a hearth.
A hearth is basically a base to sit the fireplace on and we offer various sizes and depths to suit different mantels and have different hearths for solid fuel and gas use.
The next part is the cast this is the cast iron fireplace part which is the main part of a fire these are all suitable for use with all the fuel options we offer.
Next you require a mantel to finish off the fire availble in cast iron, wood, marble and limestone we have a huge range to compliment the casts we sell.
Finally there is the fuel option and this is what you want to use your fire for.
Cast fire places have a huge section on our website called Fireplace Packages where we have done all the hard work for you and have over 200 complete fireplaces for you to view and buy.
All the guess work has been taken out and all these packages fit together and come complete with everything you need for fitting.
So if we do not have your perfect fire we can mix and match to create the perfect package please contact us if you need any more help.

Can i use a limestone fireplace for solid fuel use

Monday, January 21st, 2013

So you have set your heart on having a limestone fireplace but are not sure as to whether you can use it for solid fuel ie a real fire.
Well this depends on what type of fireplace package you have chosen, if you are looking at one of our modern fireplaces which contain our portuguese limestone range im afriad the answer is no.
The back panles and hearths are not suitable for solid fuel use and any attempt to do so will end in the fireplace cracking.
So if you are looking at our Limestone Fireplace Packages you will be pleased to know you can use any of these in here for use as a real fire.
This is because we offer the correct granite hearths for solid fuel use and all the cast iron fireplaces are designed to be used for a real wood burning fire.
If you wanted something a little more modern have a look at our Granite Fireplaces section these have the option of choosing a granite panel which is suitable for solid fuel use so you can also have a real fire in one of these.
So take a look through Castfireplaces extensive website and if you are unsure just pick up the phone and give us a call we are here to help.

Marble Fireplaces do they need sealing too

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

The fireplaces we sell from the Gallery range are made from 100% natural stone and too some extent are porous so will need sealing to protect them.
Limestone is the worst and is extremely porous and anything will stain it simply brushing dirty hands over it will leave a mark and also with it being light marks can be seen very easily.
With marble its more of a polished smoother finish which closes the grain although it is still porous and can also be stained simply.
The Carrara marble we sell is a light marble with a grey vein that runs through it so would also show up any marks althougth it is a smoother stone it is more difficult to stain but if you were to spill say red wine on it it will soak into the marble.
So how do you protect your new fireplace surround i hear you ask we sell two types of Stone Sealer on our website.
The Gallery Stone Sealer and the Lithofin Stain Stop Sealer are ideal for protecting your new stone fireplace.
These products are simple to apply and will soak into the stone and from a protective barrier so nothing will soak into the stones, if liquids are spilt they still need to mopped away as soon as possible so do not allow anything to sit on the surface.
So if you do own a marble or limestone fireplace mantel be sure to seal it after or before installation to ensure it looks great for years to come.

A contemporary fireplace could improve the look of your room

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Often when we are redesigning a room, we make our decisions about décor based on the appearance of the fireplace. This makes a lot of sense, but if you feel like you are going to be stuck with a design that you’re not really that happy with as a result of that fireplace, you can always change it. It is a fairly significant job, but this will allow you free rein to make the room look exactly how you want.

Home décor has generally become more minimalist in recent years. Extravagant decoration is a thing of the past for many people, which means that in an older home, the fireplace may look somewhat out of place if it dates back a few years.

Modern fireplace designs are generally a lot simpler, with the emphasis on the quality of the materials used, whether natural stone or manufactured. Clean, straight lines are common and there will generally be little or no decoration – perhaps just a slight refinement of edges and corners. If your home is generally decorated in a contemporary style, you should get a fireplace that complements that.
Take a look at our range of Modern Fireplaces and see what we have to offer you.

How to repair a chip on limestone fireplace shelf

Friday, September 24th, 2010

A customer of ours has contacted us today to ask us some advice on how to repair a very small chip on the edge of the Brompton Agean Limestone Mantel shelf as they had caught it whilst fitting it.
I asked them to send me a photo to see how bad the damage was and when it came through luckily it had the samllest chip along the front edge of the shelf.
I quickly rang them back telling them it could be simply be solved with some sandpaper and to sand the three face edges adding a new flat edge to them with a block of wood.
Ten minutes later Mr R rang back to say how pleased he was with his handiwork and that it even passed the visual inspection from his wife.
I reminded him to reseal the shelf with the lithofin limestones sealer and he proudly told me it had already been done.
So all has ended well and the limestone mantel i presume has been fitted with no further damage and again we have another very happy customer.
So please be careful when fitting your new limestone fireplace as they can be damaged easily and simple repairs are not always possible to make an invisible repair.
We are here to give you free advice and help so contact us any time

Crates of Fireplaces and Wooden Surrounds Arrive

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

It was like a scene of devastation at our factory today when 1st thing this morning we had some cast iron fireplaces delivered which were promptly unloaded by the forklift and john was back on his way to our suppliers to relaod his van with all the other things we need to dispatch this week.
After that little job had been done we had a load of Oak Mantels some made to measure that have been done whilst i have been on holiday arrive that were also unloaded and stacked away with customers names on to be despatched this week.
Friday we have all the Pine Bedfords and Worcester mantels arriving that have been made too and this is really just in time as i have let stocks drop a little low whilst i have been away.
Just to top it off all the extra Stoves we have ordered to increase our stock levels are arriving too this week and will be stacked in new Factory awaiting dispatch.
Luckily for us we have use of this building till the sale is completed otherwise i have no idea where i would have put it all.
Along with the Limestone Mantels that are due any day now we are really full of stock ready in time for the “Heating Season”.
All office work is now up to date with all the weeks routes planned and it is a very busy week so i only have Sundays customers to ring tomorrow regarding the Souths 3 delivery runs and then all is complete.
Thats not bad at all two days to catch up im pleased with that but i did cheat again and come in early this morning before the phone starts ringing it does give me a chance to get things sorted.
Im out delivering Fireplaces and Stoves around Birmingham tomorrow as there are too many for Stuarts Friday Run to the South west and South Wales.
So im back around lunchtime so untill thenm you will get the Lovely Rhian answering phone.

All the hard work for new fireplaces is done

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

After beavering away for most of the day apart from meeting customers at the workshop i have today completed all the hard work for our new fireplace packages from altering all our current limestone listings with the new mantel sizes and doing all the dimension drawings.
All this work is hidden unfortunately so im now sat in my office thinking what exactly have i done today ive added a couple of brand new products but thats all our customers can see im afraid.
If i look a little closer all the new items are in our admin section they just need options adding and photograpahs attaching to the text so im sure all the hard work is done.
Anyone who has anything to do with websites will know how tedious and time consuming it is if its just a couple of things its great and really quick but when adding over 50 now packages (with mantel size changes) it makes for quite a few days work.
Still it will be worth it i have added our New Monarch Arched insert cast with the Brompton surround which is due into stock around October and added this to the item so customers can view it but orders will be refused untill it is in stock.
This gives our customers a chance to view new products and it will be changed once we have shipping arrival date so they can be pre-ordered online.
Speaking of pre-ordering i have today ordered some new thing related to our website and i will explain more when it is confirmed they are arriving cant wait for that.
So expect to see many new items being listed Thursday and Friday and hopefully come the weekend it will all be online.
Oh forgot to say within 30 minutes yesterday of adding 48″ Brompton package to our website we sold one to
Mrs S of Windsor who will be the first to take delivery of new mantel even before mine arrives at home to replace our pembroke.

Introducing the New 42″ and 48″ Agean Brompton Limestone Mantel

Monday, July 19th, 2010

So at last the new brompton mantel arrives in the 42″ and 48″ versions we have been waiting for and im sure you will agree it has well worth been waiting for.
It opens up a whole new option of limestone surrounds that have previously only been available in 48″ versions and larger to customers with smaller chimneys.
So now if you do have a small chimney breast and you want to use a limestone surround we do have an option for you not only in the brompton mantel but also the Ripley and our new plain corbel design.
Im the same at home i have a 48″ pembroke fireplace on my 50″ chimney breast and Rhian already tells me this is being removed and new 48″ Brompton limestone going in its place with the Henley arched insert.
So we do have them in stock ready to go with more arriving shortly and today i will be adding pictures and size options to our website so they will be available to buy from later today.
Im 100% sure these will become a great fast seller of ours and at the price we sell them for they are an absolute bargian.
Just one more thing they are 100% solid agean limestone which is a natural product so rest assured we do not compromise on quality to deliver our outstanding prices.
Take a look at the preview photo below as to what is heading into our front room

Brompton Limestone Fireplace Completes the Job

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Here at Cast Fireplaces we do supply individual surrounds in limestone and timber and also Cast iron all these are to be found in our Mantels and Surrounds section where you can choose whichever mantel you require in numerous finishes and sizes.
The reason we sell these seperately is because a few of our customers just decide to change the mantel or have other bits they wish to use.
Today’s little article is exactly what this is about we had a website order a couple of weeks ago for just a 51″ Brompton limestone mantel which was delivered to Benson to a Mrs McCulloch.
When i rang to confirm order she told me she had a granite panel and hearth set from elsewhere and an electric fire and asked if 51″ Brompton would fit.
As she had ordered hearth elsewhere it was a 48″ one which was not 100% right (should have been 51″) but as i explained it will fit on physically but may look a little strange.
Anyway she was happy with this and surround was delivered by me and she was showing me photos on a website with shelves and storage units around it with this limestone fireplace as the centrepiece and this is what she wanted to create.
On delivering she asked me if i knew any fireplace fitters which i do and could i let her have some details, so numbers exchanged i went on my way to next calls and then i have phonecall from Tony thanking me for another job and then email today of fitted fireplace with the following comments
Dear Mark,

“We are thrilled and delighted with the fireplace, Tony fitted it and did a brilliant job.see pix.”
Regards, Emma.

So have a look at the photo i was sent and im looking forward to seeing it with all storage units fitted round it and im gald another customer has found shopping at Castfireplaces a great experience