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What is a fireplace package and are they good value

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

When looking for a new fireplace there are a few individual items that you need to make your perfect fire.
Lets start at the bottom if you intend to use your fireplaces for gas or solid fuel use you will require a hearth.
A hearth is basically a base to sit the fireplace on and we offer various sizes and depths to suit different mantels and have different hearths for solid fuel and gas use.
The next part is the cast this is the cast iron fireplace part which is the main part of a fire these are all suitable for use with all the fuel options we offer.
Next you require a mantel to finish off the fire availble in cast iron, wood, marble and limestone we have a huge range to compliment the casts we sell.
Finally there is the fuel option and this is what you want to use your fire for.
Cast fire places have a huge section on our website called Fireplace Packages where we have done all the hard work for you and have over 200 complete fireplaces for you to view and buy.
All the guess work has been taken out and all these packages fit together and come complete with everything you need for fitting.
So if we do not have your perfect fire we can mix and match to create the perfect package please contact us if you need any more help.

Marble Fireplaces do they need sealing too

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

The fireplaces we sell from the Gallery range are made from 100% natural stone and too some extent are porous so will need sealing to protect them.
Limestone is the worst and is extremely porous and anything will stain it simply brushing dirty hands over it will leave a mark and also with it being light marks can be seen very easily.
With marble its more of a polished smoother finish which closes the grain although it is still porous and can also be stained simply.
The Carrara marble we sell is a light marble with a grey vein that runs through it so would also show up any marks althougth it is a smoother stone it is more difficult to stain but if you were to spill say red wine on it it will soak into the marble.
So how do you protect your new fireplace surround i hear you ask we sell two types of Stone Sealer on our website.
The Gallery Stone Sealer and the Lithofin Stain Stop Sealer are ideal for protecting your new stone fireplace.
These products are simple to apply and will soak into the stone and from a protective barrier so nothing will soak into the stones, if liquids are spilt they still need to mopped away as soon as possible so do not allow anything to sit on the surface.
So if you do own a marble or limestone fireplace mantel be sure to seal it after or before installation to ensure it looks great for years to come.

Victorian Style Fireplaces from Cast and Pine Direct

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

So we often get asked what is a Victorian fireplace well basically the answer is a fireplace made in the reign of Queen Victoria 1819-1901 (Longest reining monarch) this period spans so many different decades it really does define a great era not only for fireplaces but for the shaping of things and items in general.
The Victorians were the masters of Cast iron and there are so many fantastic designs of fireplaces that a lot of our replica fireplace have been cast on an original.
Here at Castfireplaces we do not supply original victorian fireplaces but we suppy reproductions of this fabulaous era.
A fireplace of this great age varied from room to room from a plain combination or open grate in the servants quarters to a grand fireplace with decorated slate or Marble.
Any timber fireplace would always be painted (not like todays stripped wood fashion) and quite often grained or marbelized to match the more expensive original item.
In the bedrooms of any victorian house you would find a smaller combination fireplace with a shelf that was designed to be used as a heat source not just for display.
So many houses have lost these fantastic features over the years and in particular the 1970s so we do offer a good range of smaller bedroom fireplaces to compliment the larger ones we do.
if you are intersted in learning more about Victorian Fireplaces click on the link to take you too another page.

Mr Wing Adds his Edwardian Fireplace and Kingston Marble to our Gallery

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

 Having supplied two fireplace orders to Mr Wing from Peterborough who i met on the last delivery early in the morning to deliver a Henley and Kingston Marble Package to i was very impressed by the Edwardain fireplace he had installed in one of his rooms.
Living in a lovely victorian house as he does both these fireplaces we have supplied him look fantastic now they are fitted.
Here below are the comments he left for our website

Dear all at Cast Fireplaces,

I would like to tell you how happy I am with the fireplaces you supplied. Excellent and friendly service both with order, delivery and advice. Both fireplaces top quality products at a very reasonable price.
I would not hesitate in recommending your company. 10/10

Andrew Wing

As you can see he is very happy with his fireplaces and i commented on seeing the Edwardian as i delivered the Henley that it looked really good he told me he had fitted it himself which we normally do not advise.
A few days after delivering i recieved photos of  the Edwardian and also a picture of The Henley and Kingston have a look at the following pictures and see what effect can be achieved by having a fireplace installed.
Both Fireplaces we have supplied are for solid fuel use (Real Fire) and he has taken a photo of the both burning away very nicely so hope this gives you some idea of another fireplace and how it will look fitted in your home



Looking Forward to Early Morning Fireplace Delivery

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

So as i sit here at my office desk im very tired today as i went to boxing last night in Nottingham and didnt get to bed till 4.30 am so im having an early night as im off to Norwich in the morning delivering Fireplaces again.
Lucky me i have got to be in Peterborough for 6am on one of our early am deliveries we can arrange when customers order our products.
The Henley and Kingston Marbel Package we are delivering is not a light item so im sure that will wake me up nicely.
The customer who has ordered it has had 2 from us previously so i am looking forward putting a face to the name as i have not personally delivered to him before.
It is always nice to have repeat customers and orders because i always think it shows that you are doing a good job and people trust you to deliver which is one of the reasons why here at Castfireplaces we are regarded as one of the best companies supply fireplaces and stoves online.
I have got some more customer gallery photos to post on here this week to show you various items fitted in houses by our customers so keep checking back to view those features.

Modern Fireplace Changes to this Category

Friday, June 26th, 2009

The Modern Fireplace seems to be our fastest growing section what originally started out as one section we know have plans to alter it and split the categories up into sections that are dedicated to each particular type here we will try and explain what they will become

Jura–Stone This section will feature all our Jurastone suites that are available for use with gas and electric fires, we currently do not offer solid fuel option except for when we use a Jura stone surround such as the Longford and feature it with a cast iron fireplace. This Stone is available in two finishes and both will be offered on our website with various fire options.

Micromarble This again is going to be a featured section with the options of purchasing full suites in Mocha Beige or Marfil, which are the two, finishes available in this type of fireplace. We will again be offering a full selection of fires to complete the packages.

Portuguese Limestone This natural products is available as an option for most of our Modern Fireplaces it’s a white limestone with darker and lighter veins which are a natural feature of this product. We offer full suites with panels and hearths in the same material to form a unique fire set to grace any room.

Granite The Black granite panel and hearth set has been added to our modern range as we feel it gives a very contemporary look and is perfectly suited to everyday living. These sets are available with numerous mantels and are offered with both gas solid fuel and electric.

These category changes will take effect over the next few weeks as we update and alter our website so until then they are all in the one category so it may take a little time navigating through them but they are all there for you to see and buy.

Reproduction Marble Fireplaces antiques for the Future

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Explaining these fireplace categories seems to be taking ages we only have 4 left after this post but if it makes it easier for our customers to navigate round the site then its worth doing.
The Next Category we feature is Marble Fireplaces this is where we sell all the marble fireplace packages for use with all fuel options. These tend to be rather grand styles as most original marble surrounds were. They are all made from natural 100% solid Carrara Marble, this stone is creamy white in colour and has grey veins running through it personally I think you could not pick a better marble to manufacture these surrounds from. Quite a few years ago gallery decided to try another stone, which was Florentine marble, this was beige in colour and wasn’t very popular with our customers and only lasted one season before it was withdrawn and since then Carrara has been the choice of marble used for these great designs.
It is an expensive stone to use hence why the prices are higher than our limestone packages but there is nothing as Grand or Sophisticated as marble it never dates and is the perfect fireplace to fit in larger Victorian Homes. These packages are featured with some of our more ornate and larger cast iron fireplaces so they make sure that they make a statement and become the main focal point of any room.
We can mix and match the inserts and the surrounds to get the perfect fireplace you are looking for so you are not fixed to have the packages we have listed in this section so let your imagination run wild and choose one of these fabulous grand fireplaces.