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All Stoves sold need to Have CE marking

Monday, November 18th, 2013

At long last we are seeing an end to the companies that supply stoves that are not up to CE standard or certified for the use in the UK.
All stoves supplied should bear a CE mark and I’m pleased to say all the Gallery Stoves we supply are CE approved to EN13240 standard.
In fact all the stoves we sell on our website and through are shop have been CE approved, quite often dodgy stoves and ones not approved can be found lurking on EBay or other action sites and most customers would have no idea the fire they are looking to buy could not be fitted.
All our fireplace installers we use are aware of the law regarding fitting a rogue device and basically will not undertake any fitting if it does not comply.
The reason for this is for safety to ensure your fire is up to a certain standard, well-built the CE mark will contain details about the stove and manufacture year etc.
All this is supplied is to ensure consumers get a good quality stove that’s safe to use.
Any stove made after July 1st must bear these details so when looking for a new fire just ask the question and be sure to avoid any stove that does not comply no matter how cheap it is.

Cold Weather to wreak havoc with UK get a stove keep warm

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

So if you have read the papers today or seen any news online we are being told that the Super Typhoon Haiyan will wreak havoc in Britain throughout winter 2013 with the long range weather forecast warning heavy snow, huge storms, high winds and freezing temperatures are heading to the UK.
It is said this will be the worst winter for decades with freezing temperatures set to last till February, as you all know the greedy energy companies have or are raising the prices they charge us for gas and electricity leaving us all with rising bills during a terrible winter.
So we think we have a solution here at Castfireplaces and I’m talking about Multi Fuel Stoves, they are an amazing heat source and will be the main heat source for any room they are installed in.
They can burn wood, coal, anthracite, peat etc. and this means you can take control of the cost of the fuel you are buying.
A ton of smokeless coal costs around £320 and will last a while burning away in a stove our coal bunker at home holds 600KG and this lasts us a whole winter for our Tiger Stove.
So take control of your household bills and with a cold winter coming can you afford not to rip out your old gas fire install a multi fuel stove then sit back and relax knowing heating your home will be cheaper than last winter and I can assure you your house will be warmer too

Hunter Herald 6 Double Double Stove delivered in Ripley

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Today should be a day of rest after working for the last two weeks but as usual I’m working away here at Castfireplaces, I have even managed to get a delivery done to some friends of ours in Ripley.
Not normally a problem for us here at Castfireplaces delivery is what we excel at and I’m pleased to say this little stove was delivered in Ripley without a hitch.
I’m lying when I say little it was in fact a Hunter Herald 6 Double Sided Double Depth Stove which whilst not being the largest in the range weighs in at around 150KG.
Not a nice thing to be moving around but my trusty assistant and wife Rhian came to supervise the delivery mainly because she and Steph are friends.
So Mr and Mrs Burton have a new addition to the family and it will take pride of place between the kitchen dining room and front room and soon will be warming the house.
Rhian did actually help carrying in the flue adapter and fire cement as me and Paul moved the stove around, all unpacked and ready to fit it really is a beast and I’m looking forward to seeing it running it will make such a transformation.
So if you want a Hunter Stove take a look on our website they are very well built and of course here at Castfireplaces you will find them at hard to beat prices.

Inset Stoves a larger range available from Cast fireplaces

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Quite a popular item over the last few years with customers wanting to keep an original or existing fire and changing from gas to solid fuel, the easiest and cleanest way of doing this is to fit an Inset Stove.

Both Gallery and Hunter have new designs for this type of fireplaces that are due to be released in time for 2013 heating season, we have been told the Tiger Inset Stove will not be available till December and around the same dates for the Hunter Insets.

We already stock the very popular FDC5 Inset and also the Larger FDC8I we sell these through our showroom and I can personally say the FDC8I is a fantastic stove having one fitted in my own home.

The benefit of this type of stove is the fact it simply fits into a standard 16″ x 22″ fireplace opening which is what we use on our modern suites and granite panels making it a very simple fit.

So keep checking back to Castfireplaces we will be having a separate category on our website for the Inset Stoves as soon as we list them on our website it won’t be long now till you can purchase one of these from us like the Tiger Inset Stove shown above

Hunter Stoves Arrive at Castfireplaces Showroom

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Another great brand arrives at Castfireplaces in the form of the recently delivered amazing range of Hunter, Parkray and Clean Burn Stoves.

As one of the UK leading fireplace retailers, it’s only right that Castfireplaces became an authorised dealer of these fantastic high-quality products, and no that we are, they’ll be available to buy both in our showroom and from the Castfireplaces online store.

We have various models on display including the Eco-Ideal 4 , Parkray Consort 9 , Hunter Hawk 4 and the star of the show, the single door Sonderskoven Traditional.

Hunter Stoves are being added to our website daily to compliment this expansive range of UK -made stoves but there are a few that are showroom models only, so you will have to visit us in person if you want to snap one of them up for your home.

If you want to come and take a look at the new stoves we have on offer just pop round to our showroom in Langley Mill and relax in front of our new live display with a nice cuppa. If that’s not possible, just order online and Castfireplaces will soon be knocking on your door with your new Hunter or Parkray stove.


Stoves are due back into stock next week

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Just a quick update as to the amount of Stoves we have in stock we are still very low on certain models and in particular the Tiger Plus Stove and The Firefox 8 Stove which im told are arriving towards the end of this month.
We are expecting the Firefox 5 Stove into stock next week as its been out of stock since well before Christmas.
We have taken delivery two days ago of some Firefox 8 stoves but they have now all gone and we are expecting a few more next week too.
Some good news though we have plenty of Tiger stoves both in Classic and the new DEFRA Clean Burn version we also have in stock the Firefox 5cb clean burn stove and the Carron Matt Black 7.2Kw Stove.
We expect the shortages to last a couple more weeks as the containers start arriving and deliveries will arrive asap, its just frustrating for us taking pre orders for customers and then having to sort out in date ordered too for who to deliver to first.
So get a move on China Shipping Company we have customers waiting all over the UK for these stoves to arrive so we can get them delivered so our customers can get them installed before the cold weather returns.

Firefox 5 Gallery Fireplace Stove in short supply

Monday, October 25th, 2010

The Firefox 5 multi fuel stove made by gallery fireplaces is again in short supply and we have had trade customers today on two occasions asking us if we can do a deal on 4 or more.
I knew last week there was a little problem when a company from Scotland called Smiddy Stoves rang me and asked if we could do trade price on them as Doughtys were out of stock of them and none were arrivng till November.
They did purchase four from us at our website prices as we do not discount them any further as they are already very cheap.
Today we have had two further calls from trade customers asking the same questions, we do only have 12 left in stock ready to sell which after this weekends sales pattern we will be lucky if we have any come Friday.
Asking questions as you do as to how come they were in short supply again after last years fiasco i was told they had ordered double what they sold in last years “heating season” and then told they had actually sold three times the amount which nobody could have predicted.
This has happened to all the regional gallery fireplace suppliers and no one has any left and as they are made in china and it takes six weeks to arrive we are all stumped.
So again we have a little problem with the supply of our best selling stove we do have a few left on 1st come 1st served basis so be quick they will not be around very long.

Will you Price match a Second Hand Tiger Stove

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Now call me odd if you want but is this not one of the most daft questions anybody has ever asked im not really sure what they are thinking.
We only sell brand new items here at Cast Fireplaces no seconds no returns just genuine 1st grade gallery products.
Anyway Mr Tiger stove man has been trawling thorugh ebay looking for a bargain stove and has come accross a listing where someone is selling a 12 month old Tiger stove and wants £250 for it now this really is a fair deal there is not a lot to go wrong with them and for someone wanting to take a chance on it its a good deal.
Now Mr Tiger then decides to Google search tiger stove doing a little research i presume in to how much they cost new and comes accross our website with the Tiger stove there for sale at £310 and then as he says ” i saw your stove for sale and at the top of the page it says seen it cheaper let us know”
Now technically he is right but what sort of person thinks to themselves these are brand new at £310 i bet they will price match a 12 month old second hand stove sold on ebay with no warranty offered.
MMMMMmmm now let me think for a short while errrmmmmm NO way would we possibly price match a new stove sold by us brand new in the crate for a second hand Tiger.
I wouldnt have minded if he had somehow come across a brand new Tiger stove sold by a company who offers warranty and is a genuine business id see what we could have done.
Needless to say i declined his kind offer of £250 for one of our shiny new stoves and im sure he didnt fully understand why we could not price match it anyway you live and learn im off for a lie down now im not sure i can take anymore today now

Do i need to line my chimney when fitting Gallery Fireplaces Stove

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Do we really need to line our chimney or is the fitter we have had come round trying to rip us off a concerned customer rang me this morning to ask.
Well the answer is yes and no and here ill explain
A multi fuel stove can be fitted without using a chimney liner if the chimney is in good order and the chimney has been swept and smoke tested most chimneys are in reasonable condition and after fitting stove with register plate with a sweeping hatch in you can rely on the chimney breast to take naturally take the fumes away.
We use 6″ chimney liners when the chimney is in poor condition and leaks or if you have a large chimney that makes the fire uncontrollable or for customers wanting peace of mind that nothing is going to go wrong

Our advice here at Castfireplace is to have a reputable qualified HETAS registered fitter fit your stove and they will advise you if chimney liner is needed.
Personally i think it is a good idea as whilst they are there installing tove its not too much of a job for them to drop liner down and connect it to the stove and with the chimney lining kits that cost £320 it is good value to and to think they have 10 year warranty its only £32 year for peace and mind.
If you do have liner installed at a later date the stove and register plate will have to be removed to undertake this job so really i would suggest having it done.
But that decisio is yours and as we have stated it is not essential but its worthwhile having done while your fitter is there so if you need any help or advice with lining kits or stove choice just give me a ring we are here to help

Back in Stock Firefox 5 Stoves arriving this week but we only have 2 spare

Monday, January 11th, 2010

We do have a small delivery of our best selling multi fuel stove The Firefox 5 arriving on Friday and we do have loads on order that are arriving at the End of the Month
We have been taking pre orders on this model as it has been out of stock for around a month now and we even had somebody buy our display model in the showroom as they were so desperate to get it fitted way back before Christmas.
I hate running out of items as i spend a lot of time monitoring sales patterns and deciding which items to have on special offers and to get our stock levels right but even we didn’t see the 40% increase on sales of the Firefox 5 from last year when we ran out too.
The surge in solid fuel sales was expected but again it sees our suppliers and the whole Gallery group running short of some items you just cant plan for this and with the reccesion as well nobody wanted to stock too much either.
Here at Castfireplaces we doubled our stove stock levels from our normal rate and this has kept a good flow coming through of everything except the Firefox 5.
Anyway we do have 2 left as my lovely wife has sold two today after i removed the out of stock tag on the website page and we dont expect these to be around for long.
So if you do miss these we do have stock arriving around the 26th January when we have a huge amount coming in which will see our Warehouse bursting at the seams i really must have a day moving things around but you know what its like when your busy with things coming in and going out you just never get round to it but i know at the End of the Month space does need to be made for all these Fireplaces and Stoves.
Mmmmmm now where am i going to fit it all leave that with me im just not sure yet