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Fireplace Article Section has search feature

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

As we now have over 500 posts on our Fireplace Website in our Articles Section it offers a wealth of knowledge about various products and questions we have been asked in the past.
Most of you know we add to this section most days if not everyday so basically its an ever growing wealth of information about Fireplaces and Stoves and all there related Items.
As such it does have a serach bar where you can enter any question or phrase you may have and it picks out all the related articles with that phrase in.
This is not just in the titles it is also in the text too to return more conclusive information so entering just Fireplaces will return 100s of results where if you were to enter say Pembroke Black Fireplace it returns aound 40 posts where this has been mentioned.
The more specific you are about the information you require the more accurate the results are so if you are looking for relevant information about certain items take a look in our article section it just might have the answer or a little bit of information you are after and if you can not find it drop us an email or ring us, we really are hear to help.

People do read our Fireplace articles section

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

I have often wondered how many people are interested in what we do here at Castfireplaces and whether they do read our Articles section to find out information about the range of Fireplaces we stock.
Well we do have Google analytics set up on this website so we can see how many pages are being visited and exactly which page and this month so far we have had 330 people read our article section.
It is very time consuming writing an article every day and i was toying with the option of writing 2 or 3 times a week as i often find myself blooging away late at night when i should be relaxing.
Now when i started this section which now has 215 articles in it was easy to write the content as we had loads to write up about now i know i have to revisit certain subjects but i do think it is a good form of media to give our customers an insight into what we are doing and what we offer here at Castfireplaces so i will try and continue writing articles.
Most things we write about are relevant to our customers and with the new updated site ready to go live there is alot of features and things we need to show you and im so tempted to give you a quick glimpse of what we have on offer but i have resisited it and i must say i am very excited about it all being changed over it really is the most simple easy way to shop online im 100% sure we have got it right so there is not long to wait now i feel like im awaiting a grand opening i hope all our customers old and new will enjoy shopping online with us.
As with our normal practice you do not have to order online that is why we show our phone number everywhere we do like chatting to customers we are not one of those faceless unfriendly websites where you can not speak to anyone so if you do want a chat about a fireplace or stove ar any info you require pick up the phone it is always nice to hear from you.