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No rise in VAT on all our Fireplaces

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Well it was budget day today and to be honest i really thought we were going to have to alter all our prices on our website and in our showroom with a new VAT rate but thankfully for now thats been put on hold.
As with most products we buy the Gallery range of fireplaces and stoves we sell does include VAT at the present rate of 17.5%.
Its a simple tax that is very difficult for customers to avoid and a lot of talk this week has been centered on an increase to 20% which effectively is you our customers paying £2.50 (aproxx) extra for every £100 you spend.
Anyway im glad that hasn’t come to light the country is in a bad enough state without people being charged extra to compensate banks borrowing our money.
Since the Credit crunch crisis here at Cast Fireplaces people have started to use Debit cards more now than ever before and Cash on Collection is very popular too.
I prefer Debit card for my online shopping as once its been taken from the bank its done then and you dont have to worry about paying credit card bill ontime but i do understand the ease of use with credit card should anything go wrong.
So with this little bit of Good budget news apart from Fuel Duty rise again our prices will remain the same so you can heave a sigh of relief that the Limestone fireplace you are looking to buy for £600 will not cost you £613.
Personally i think with all fireplaces burning wood seeing as it is carbon neutral there should be some form of VAT reduction due to it being GREEN i will write to MP and let him throw my letter in the Bin.