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Pembroke Black Gas Package to Chichester

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Hi Mark
It was really easy ordering our fireplace online.Mark was very helpful in helping us to choose the right fire for the surround we wanted.Our Pembroke Fireplace arrived early on sunday as promised.
Excellent service from start to finish

Robin Sopp Chichester 29/08/10

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Pembroke Black Gas Fireplace Package

My Dad lives in Eastwood can he collect Pembroke Fireplace

Friday, May 28th, 2010

A quick nice easy thing to sort out i had a phonecall from a Mrs Crombleholme in Preston as to if they bought a Pembroke Full Polish gas package from us whether her dad could collect it from us as he only lives in Eastwood and as they have just moved into their house they are looking at saving as much money as possible in renovation and he is going to Preston this weekend.
Anyway along came Dad and collected it this morning after Rhian had processed order yesterday afternoon.
He duely arrived this morning at 10am as he said he would which was then loaded onto the back seats of his 4×4.
Off he went invoice in hand after me explaining basic fitting instructions as he is going to fit it and have gas connected by the Gas Safe man whilst he alters some other things at their house.
So really this little article is about collections thats why we charge seperate for delivery as people collecting can save even more money and our delivery prices working on the basis of the further you are away from us the more expensive it is to have it delivered.
Our system works and is fair so anyone wanting to save money on a new fireplace and stove you can collect from us and save yourself between £15 and £98 particularly if Dad is coming your way anyway.

Pembroke Black Fireplace

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

The Pembroke Black Fireplace package is this weeks featured item and this just happens to be our best selling cast iron package by far.
The Pembroke is available in Black as shown here and also a full polished finish which is availble on our website too.
So a little bit more about this fantastic fireplace, it has a 48″ shelf width and is a 41″ x 41″ square of cast iron. Its very simple in design but thats does not mean its a plain looking fireplace.
In my opinion it is the best looking fireplace in the gallery range and from our customers point of view they agree with me as it appears in our best sellers list on the right hand side of our front page.
For customer swith smaller chimney breasts it does have a smaller brother called the Celtic which has shelf width of 36″.
The Pembroke Black is ideal for solid fuel use and now availble with the Deeper back (extra £100) it creates an area big enough to throw on some large logs.
Most of the black ones we sell are for solid fuel use and with prices at £420 with a 48″ granite hearth to match its an absolute bargain which you would be mad to miss out on.
We do have plenty of these in stock so if you wish to buy this weeks featured fireplace product click on the picture link below to take you straight through to the item

Fully Stocked Fireplace Factory except Granite

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Well over the past two days we have had well over 100 cast iron fireplaces delivered to us to replenish our stocks and this now means we have all our stock items in bulk again ready to supply all over the UK via our fantastic delivery service.
John from our suppliers has been unloading them using our forklift as i have been in the office they are in temporary accomadation in the Unit next too ours until i get chance next week to remove all empty crates and restack these.
The only thing we are now short of is 48″ Granite hearths for solid fuel use and with those not arriving till the 1st week of April we will run out early next week, again with the cold winter we have had, all the stocks accoss the major stockists have run dry.
As these come from China there is not alot that can be done to speed up the process so we will just have to offer alteranative hearths or people will have to wait untill they arrive.
We do have plenty of 54″ hearths so please keep ordering the larger fireplace packages we do and it wont be a problem.
One of the main reasons we have run out is the amount of Black Pembroke Fireplace packages for solid fuel use we have sold everyone goes with a 48″ granite hearth and these have been selling so fast we ran out of Pembrokes too but we now have those back in stock so we may have to swap to offering tiled hearths untill the granite returns to stock.
Anyway ill keep you all posted as to stock situation…
Oooh nearly forgot the Oak mantel with the Fancy moulding has been done today it will be ready monday so ill keep you posted about that too

Space sorted for Fireplaces arriving into stock

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

As i said last week we have a huge amount of Cast iron fireplaces arriving to us next week and to be honest just in time too as we are out of Pembroke Black Fireplace and only have a few of the other items we stock left.
After such a busy week my job has been made easier in moving things around as alot of the crates we keep this items in are nearly empty which means we can remove them and replace crates with full ones and then just recrate all the oddments together.
So space will be made in the morning for the deliveries arriving Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week.
Im sure John from our suppliers will be sick of the Journey to Langley Mill by the end of the week, but i know he does appreciate our forklift and the amount of work we now do not have to do as anyone in the fireplace trade knows cast iron fireplaces are very heavy items.
We are also expecting a delivery of Jura stone mantels we have on order and i know Daz is busy this week making Oak Lincolns and Bedfords again just in time to replenish stocks to ensure our quick delivery service is kept up and running.
Right off to Stuarts to drop off a late order ive added to his van for a customer tomorrow (sunday) so they now have a stove to go with there Limestone Package and still will only pay 1 delivery charge saving them both money and time.
Thats why we keep so much in stock it makes us better than the rest

Deeper Back For Solid Fuel Fireplaces

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Hello again todays little article is about a product we are getting asked for more and more but it only fits a few of our Fireplaces.
Brand new in the 2010 purple brochure photographed with the Pembroke Black Fireplace is an item called Deeper Back For Solid fuel use.
Basically this is an extra back supplied by us to replace the standard back that comes with the fireplaces it fits. It has been designed to increase the area for burning solid fuel fot the following three Fireplaces


These three very popular fireplaces have the option of the deeper back which to be fair does increase the size quite a bit and are ideal for customers wanting to use solid fuel fire regurlarly.
The original cast back is removed and this deeper one bolted on replacing it, as it is not tapered as much it forms a squarer opening and also it gains 65mm depth wise too so you have more room to throw on some more coal or a log or two.
It adds £105 to the price of a fireplace package as we have to replace the solid fuel kit with one with a bigger grate and ashpan too.
The damper flap is the same size with the same design on it so if you you wish to use your fireplace for solid fuel regurlarly consider having one of theose three fireplaces and then we can offer you the Deeper back to go with it.
Will add photo next week of the items when i remember to take my camera to the Factory

Fireplace Stock Update as Goods Arrive

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Hello what a busy little day we have had, we normally have deliveries on Wednesday and today has been no different we are pleased to say all items are now back in stock even though some mainly the Pembrokes are still low until next week.
Today we have taken delivery of the following
Lytton Highlighted Arched Inserts
Pembroke Black Fireplaces
Pembroke Full Polish Fireplaces

These items we had run out of so it is great to have them back in stock in time for our Norfolk and Norwich Run tomorrow and our North West Run on Friday.
As normal our fantastic suplliers got it right telling me when they were coming into stock so we can take forward orders and arrange delivery dates to suit.
Im sure sometimes they must get fed up of me asking when and how many are arriving but i know they understand how difficult it is to arrange deliveries and sort out orders so a Big thanks again for getting it Right it makes my job easier.
On top of this we had our normal weekly delivery of Hearths and cast fireplaces we dont keep in stock along with some gas inserts a few tiles,solid fuel kits and all other ordered items.
This afternoon was mainly taking up by stacking it all away and back in time to meet Bank Manager to sort out finances for buying our Factory which im pleased to say has all gone well.
So Really looking forward to getting things moving and dont forget New Website goes Live Monday Worldpay has all been sorted today so next week we have new website online too.
It really is exciting times here at Cast Fireplaces

Slight Delay in Email answering Fireplace Questions

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Hi there sorry for the delay in answering Fireplace emails today (Saturday) i was out shooting till 5 pm ( Last Day of our Season not too good a day) and had renewed our Norton Anti Virus at Work on all our laptops and main pcs which meant it had upgraded in the morning and i forgot to import address book and lower our spam filter settings which meant most of our emails went to Spam Filter
When i spoke to Rhian at Lunchtime she said the phone had not stopped ringing but there had been only 1 email which is very odd for a weekend.
Anyway when i got home i quickly realised what i had done and emptied Spam folder and there they all were so i quickly answered all those with little apology and explanation as to why we were so late answering as we really do try to answer the all within two hours if not straight away.
Rhian had collected a nice little pile of Fireplace and Stove Orders and i was then driven to the Factory to meet some customers from Ramsay St Marys at 6pm at our Showroom
Mr and Mrs Hewlett again did not make it past our show piece surround the Oak Stourhead as they liked it straight away and both said thats the surround now we just need to choose the insert and after finding out they wanted a sollid fuel fireplace with a large burning area they opted for the Jubilee and Oak Stourhead Fireplace Package with extra deep back and solid fuel kit which makes it a good size for burning solid fuel.
This Back is only available with the Pembroke, Jubilee and the Henley so they were more than happy with the chosen fire and left saying they were glad they made the effort to come and see us and after seeing it in the flesh realised they had printed off the same option from our website with realising it just goes to show our pictures must give a good impression of the fireplace  so have a look at the photo and see what you think


Jubilee Oak Stourhead.jpg

Solid Fuel Fireplaces and Stoves are going so fast

Friday, January 8th, 2010

I know it is always busy in January when we return from our Christmas break but things this week have been mad and im sure it is the Weather.
With temperatures below freezing and according to the News -20 Degrees in some places i can see why.
Well anyway solid fuel stoves and fireplaces are flying out of our factory and with the weather as it is some deliverys are being postponed in certain areas but this has not stopped people buying.
We do keep a huge amount of fireplaces and stoves in stock and next week we do have an interim delivery of Firefox 5 stoves that we have on order as most are arriving at the end of the month but we do have 4 spare which are coming next week.
So with the upsurge in sales the gallery group has run out of various fireplaces such as the Lytton Highlighted and The Pembroke Black but the problem now is there are not any more solid fuel kits for arched fireplaces.
We only have 2 in stock and need 7 to go out this week alone, these are not due in on container until the 26/27th Jan which means we will be sending out the fireplaces without the relevant solid fuel kits and then forwarding them on when they arrive.
The fireplace can still be fitted as the solid fuel kit slots in from the front and will not hold up any fitting work but im afraid you will not be able to light a fire until it arrives.
It is not just us that has run short the whole gallery group are very low on them there really is not much we can do except wait.
As for Stoves we do have them coming into stock still so im reasonably sure we should have enough to last this cold spell out.
Right im off to toast my feet in front of my glowing Tiger Plus Stove and those that have them installed or have ordered them from us will know just how warm they are

Fuel for Fireplaces How do you split yours

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Ok im sat in my office at 9pm just writing a little article for our website i have the blinds open as i look out to the garden where it has a nice covering of snow and it is snowing quite heavily.
Now i love the winter weather and love snow and both my kids are really excited about going sledging as i am now laughing to myself as i bought two shiny red sledges today from Franks Warehouse in Ripley just on the off chance.
So after i get back from deliverys (Weather permitting im off sledging)
Anyway back to the point i have had some cherry wood dropped off at our factory in large tree trunk sizes that have been chain saw cut to around 10″ perfect for all our Multi Fuel Stoves
So went i went to the factory today to meet customer collecting Pembroke Fireplace i took my large axe with me. So van loaded and fireplace loaded in to Customers van i thought i will just have a quick try.
Anway all set up and i swung the axe Boing it just bounced straight off just making a small axe head dent.
Right then another bigger swing and it did split it this time i chopped about 3 or 4 trunk size pieces up and my arms were aching back was aching and i hadnt even touched the pile.
I can honestly say i did not realise how much hard work it was. So i thought to myself i know Walvins has large hydraulic spliiter ill google it and see what i can get so when i was back in my office im now the proud new owner of 6 ton Log splitter which im told will be delivered in three days maximum.
Cant wait to try it out im now having a huge amount of timber from Paul and me and him are going to log it up.
He runs a gardening business and has huge amount of wood he now is going to sell logs to our customers who buy solid fuel fireplaces from us and yipee i will get mine for free.
What a deal i cant go wrong i just pass on his details with every stove or fireplace i sell and i get large tree trunks delivered for me to split with my new toy.
Stupid isnt it that im quite looking forward to spending a day between Christmas and New Year making solid fuel for my Stove.