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Wooden Fireplaces are made from solid Timber

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Here at Castfireplaces we sell a great range of wooden fireplaces and are proud of the range we manufacture and offer our customers.
We have one of the largest selections of Wooden Fireplaces online and today a customer has asked us if they are made from real wood.
The answer to that is of course YES we use solid Oak and Solid Pine in every mantel we manufacture and with the exception of The Oak Veneered Malton all the others are 100% solid natural wood too.
I asked him why he thought they wouldn’t be and it then comes out someone in a local fireplace shop had told him most mantels sold online are rejects or veneered.
So basically it’s another sales ploy from the so called reputable High Street stores in an attempt to make the products they sell sound superior to anything you can buy online.
So rest assured any timber mantel you purchase from Castfireplaces will be made from solid natural wood and be hand finished too it’s what we do here at Castfireplaces offering top quality fires at affordable prices.
No sale ploys or lies coming from us here we don’t need to pretend our products are better we know we supply the best it’s as simple as that.

Wooden Fireplace Samples gets us Order

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Most people know who shop with us at Castfireplaces know we go the extra yard to make your shopping with us the best online and we do often do things others dont.
As we have said before we are more than happy to post out stone samples and even samples of our waxed and unwaxed timbers in Pine and Oak.
Most companies have all on sending you a brochure let alone material samples but we are very different to them.
Anyway i have had an email this morning from one of or customers in Darlington she goes on to say

“Hi Mark

Have now unwrapped my new fireplace and am very happy with it. Thanks very much for your patience in answering my many questions and for the wood samples you sent.
It makes a refreshing change to receive such a prompt, personal and efficient service and I would not hesitate to recommend you”

Thanks again

Tracey Cloughton Darlington 26/08/10

So as you can see we do exactly what we say on the tin and its nice to know a customer has chosen us because we sent out the all important colour samples so they could see the colour of the finished mantel.
This has happened many times in the past we also send out stone and Jura-stone samples too and some are now wrapped in a jiffy bag on my office desk to be posted tomorrow.
So if you do not wish to come to our showroom and view the products we can send samples out and with no obligation its as its free of charge for you too what have you got to lose.
Right of to the factory to meet my 6.30pm appointment bye for now

How do i measure Made to Size Fireplace Mantel

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Ok so you know you need a made to measure fireplace mantel and your not 100 % sure how to find out exactly what size you require lets see if we can help you out a bit so you can then contact our office in confidence
First off you need to measure the chimney breast of where the fireplace is going this is the main factor in the size of your mantel.
Then decide what your using it for is it to go round a fireplace etc or is it it fitting flush to the chimney breast to surround a stove etc.
All these details are important for rebate sizes etc we will work these out for you do not worry about those.
Ok on to the design have a look through any brochure, magazine or website to find the design you like.
We can manufacture any style and design in any wood you choose the choices are endless.
Right dimension time we need to know a few things in relation to what you are after the most important are shown on the diagram below so we can then make sure everything looks right and we also can see if it will work ok.
It is not as daunting as it sounds fireplace mantels are very simple in design basically and have few sections to measure so if you have the dimensions below to hand it makes it very simple to work out.
Most mantels are normally slight variations to stock sizes so have a check through and contact us if you are unsure.
We are here to help you and wish to make your purchase as simple as possible

Limestone Sample for your Fireplaces Required

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

As with all internet shopping it is sometimes difficult to get the real feel and texture for a product and a lot of people do like to touch and feel before purchase.
Thats the main reason we have a showroom at our Factory in Langley Mill where we invite everyone to view our products before purchase.
I also understand some of our customers have seen the very same fireplaces in a local showroom and viewed them there before searching online and already know exactly what they want.
Even though all our images are of a good standard we do also offer samples of all our Stone Surrounds including Limestone in both Agean and Portuguese.
The full range of Jura-Stone and carrara marble are also available and we do offer timber samples too from the range of wooden mantels we manufacture.
These include Oak in both natural and oiled finish and the Pine we sell in unwaxed and our antique hand waxed finish.
To top this all off Slate, Granite and Tiled hearth samples are also available so you can order any of these free of charge and we will post them out to you so you can see and feel exactly what your new fireplace is made of if you decide not to visit our showroom.
So anybody wanting a sample please contact us with your details and we will wrap and send off to you to help you decide on your fireplace choice.
Yet again this is all part of the unique shopping service you get here at Castfireplaces thats why we are the number one place online to order your fireplace

Are your Fireplace timber mantels antique waxed

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

The pine timber mantels we manufacture here at Castfireplaces our finished with our own secret recipe even more guarded than the secrect of Coca Cola.
Now that would be funny if it was true but we do have a lot of people asking us how we get such a great finish to our surrounds and whether it is something they can buy to achieve the same results from a diy shop.
What we use to achieve such a greta finish is a product called Van Dyke Crystals which is mixed to a certain stength to make a waterbased stain and is not avail;able to buy in B and Q etc.
Water base i hear some of you cry will that no raise the grain, well yes but it is wire wooled back again before applying wax.
Now the method we use is 1 or 2 coats of Van Dyke stain to create base stain (left to Dry) then use Morells Med Brown Wax which also contains a pigment to give it the top coat.
Normally one well applied coat of wax is enough then it is left to dry for 20 minutes to allow the wax to soak in then polished with polishing brush and then buffed with lint free cloths.
This finish we find suits our Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds perfectly and is the perfect hand waxed finish.
We will be adding Stain and Wax Kits to our online shop so our customers can achieve the same results on other things like skirting boards and doors etc to match the Fireplace Surround.
So in the meantime if you need any stain just let us know and we will be more than happy to post it to you.

Lytton and Pine Bedford to Colchester

Monday, March 22nd, 2010


Fireplace arrived as promised.
Delivery man very polite and pleasant.
All in all an excellent service


Carl Ranns Colchester 22/03/10

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Victorian Style Fireplaces from Cast and Pine Direct

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

So we often get asked what is a Victorian fireplace well basically the answer is a fireplace made in the reign of Queen Victoria 1819-1901 (Longest reining monarch) this period spans so many different decades it really does define a great era not only for fireplaces but for the shaping of things and items in general.
The Victorians were the masters of Cast iron and there are so many fantastic designs of fireplaces that a lot of our replica fireplace have been cast on an original.
Here at Castfireplaces we do not supply original victorian fireplaces but we suppy reproductions of this fabulaous era.
A fireplace of this great age varied from room to room from a plain combination or open grate in the servants quarters to a grand fireplace with decorated slate or Marble.
Any timber fireplace would always be painted (not like todays stripped wood fashion) and quite often grained or marbelized to match the more expensive original item.
In the bedrooms of any victorian house you would find a smaller combination fireplace with a shelf that was designed to be used as a heat source not just for display.
So many houses have lost these fantastic features over the years and in particular the 1970s so we do offer a good range of smaller bedroom fireplaces to compliment the larger ones we do.
if you are intersted in learning more about Victorian Fireplaces click on the link to take you too another page.

Made to Measure Fireplace Surrounds how long do they take

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Today i have been asked if we can do made to measure Bedford Surround unwaxed and delivered to Truro Cornwall by Friday.
Now this is really to much short notice and the Customer seemed surprised when i said it would not get delievered until January they actually said well why can’t you make it Monday and deliver it Tuesday or Wednesday.
Now 1st off do they think we are sat twiddling our thumbs at the busiest time of year waiting for orders to come through and seeing as they are 302 miles way from us too even if we could have made it in time how could we possibly go down there with just one surround.
Now we do try our best to juggle things round to help our customers but this really is a step to far and they honestly did seem annoyed when i told them it could not be done.
So it just goes to show how ever hard we try we just can’t please everyone.
So if ordering a made to measure Timber Surround or Hearth please allow a couple of weeks to get it ready for you and bear this in mind when placing your order.
As i have said before if we can get it done we will just like Peter from a building company in East London who ordered a Valencia 21″ firebasket and gas insert and needed it tomorrow to fit in customers house it is now on a carrier and being delivered before 12 o’clock so they can complete the job. So as you can see we will try and make sure your fireplace items get delivered when you want them most of the time.

Lytton and Pine Lincoln Fireplace is like changing rooms

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Hi there I forgot completely to load yesterdays article continuing the theme of Customer photos so here it is all pre written so I do not have to do one today.

We have had a few photos sent us by our customers with there fitted fireplaces and today featured fireplace is the Lytton and Pine Lincoln Solid fuel package.
For this one we actually have a before and after photo so take a look at the 1st photo shown below

BEFORE PHOTO fire place 002



This Gas Fireplace is hideous and is straight for the 1970s it even has little shelves on the side to place ornaments on I am amazed it was still working before being sent to the scrap heap.
Now take a peek at the new fireplace that was installed in its place a change from gas to solid fuel as well you may notice it is even burning away at a nice lump of wood.

This Lytton Highlighted fireplace goes very well with our plain Lincoln mantel and I am sure you will agree is a huge change of look and style in fireplace and is much more in keeping with any traditional home and with prices starting at £480 there really is no reason to put up with a fire from the past.
So if you feel like taking before and after photos and contributing to our Customer Fireplace gallery please feel free to email them and we will feature them and if you do see somebody with a outdated fire point them in our direction were just like changing rooms.


fire place 003

Timber arriving for our Wooden Fireplace Surrounds

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Somebody in our office namely me decided it would be a good idea to order a lorry load of wood for our Timber Surrounds so we can make the Pine and Oak Mantels we manufacture cheaper for our customers to buy we are not cutting back on quality just cheaper timber price for buying in Bulk.
This at the time seemed a very good idea so a good friend of mine who is a timber importer ordered a “couple of packs” as he called it. I had forgotten how big and how much timber there is in these packs until he asked me where it was going when it arrives on Monday.
Needless to say my forward planning is now in overdrive and thanks to the people next door to us who make furniture frames it is now being stored in there timber racks until we can process it.
All our Timber Surrounds we make are made in Solid Pine and Solid Oak so you can rest assured they are made from the best timber and hand finished in a waxed or oiled patina which suits the wood they are made from and we really think they are some of the best quality to be found in any shop on the high street or online.
As we have said before we can custom make any size surround and alter any dimensions to suit a particular fireplace or Chimney Breast.
There are not many firms who offer this service so why put up with a standard size Mantel when for very little extra you can have one made to measure.
So if your not sure with any sizes don’t hesitate to give us a ring I am sure there is something we can sort out for you