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Fireplace Shop Myths What they tell you is not true

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Now Today I have had a call from a Woman in Surrey who rang us after visiting our website over the weekend and then going to a fireplace shop local to her on Sunday here’s a few things the shop told her after asking why there prices were more than double ours.
Now these salesman must be so desperate for a sale they have lied and deceived the customer beyond belief, now it makes me mad people saying Online Retailers have no customer service or back up we pride ourselves on customer service and you only have to read my article the other day about fireplace showroom who do not return calls.
I do understand they have a bone to pick with us saying we can sell them cheaper than them as they have larger overheads well that is not true we have 1700 sq Foot factory to pay for, 2 Modern vans and we spend £1000s of pounds every month on seo and google ads let alone the rates, heating and lighting for our factory and office.
Now wait for it here’s the best bit the products you buy from them are made from inferior cast iron and HETAS registered fitters and GAS SAFE fitters will refuse to install it due to this.
What utter Bo****** I have never heard such rubbish in my life.
The Gallery Fireplaces we sell are the same ones sat in there showroom just like they sit in our showroom we do not sell seconds, rejects or any other made up excuse they come out with.
Now I know which shop you are and I have even been passed it when out delivering and if you think it is ok lying and deceiving customers to clinch a sale then you go ahead I can honestly say the day we lie to our customers regarding any of our products is the day I will pack it all in.
Yes there are dodgy firms out there who have terrible customer service and sell rubbish but then there are High Street Shops that do the same ask yourself this when ordering online

1 Can I contact them by phone and do they have Address and Company details shown
2 Are they VAT registered and will I get an invoice
3 Do they have a showroom I can visit?
4 Am I going to get Honest Correct Free Advice without Sales Pressure?
5 Can I contact any of their Customers or read genuine testimonials

If you can not assure yourself of getting all 5 of these things move on to another website or shop its just not worth the risk

So if you do want a fireplace or stove that can be used for gas or solid fuel use shop with us here at Castfireplaces we have over 5500 genuine customers who have bought from us in the Last 6 years that’s why we are in my opinion the best fireplace retailer online.

And Just for the record we do now have a sale for a Pembroke Black Fireplace with Granite Hearth for Solid fuel use going to Surrey on Sunday 29th so not only have you lost your sale you have deceived someone who will tell all her friends and Family what a con merchant you are