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How do i care for my Slate Hearth

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

We do sell slate hearths here at Castfireplaces and have done so for quite a while, we mainly sell them for gas or electric use only as they are not ideal for solid fuel use due to the fact of how soft the stone is.
It can be cut and slabbed for solid fuel use if anybody really does want one.
Anyway today we have been asked the question how to remove the scratches in the slate hearth caused by dragging the ashpan cover backwards and forwards.
As i previously said slate is very soft so scratches are very common the surface of these hearths it is not from misuse it is just a very soft stone and really can not be avoided.
All is not lost though we do sell some oil in our care products section which is ideal it is called Slate Oil
applied with a clean wrag and worked into the surface of the slate it makes the sctraches blend in and when dry leaves a nice colour to the slate.
If unsure please try on the side or where the hearth will not be seen to colourtest as using oil does darken the slate
Each bottle has enough to do a hearth or slate surround of normal size and after treatment will also repel water so it will sit on the surface to wipe off.
So if your slate hearth or surround is looking a little tired just order a bottle of oil and in no time all will be looking great again

How do i measure made to measure Granite Hearth

Friday, August 13th, 2010

First off before you think about ordering a made to measure granite or tiled hearth have alook through our Hearths Section to make sure we do not have a stock size that is a few cms or inches off the size you require.
Stock size hearths are considerably cheaper than made to measure and for it being a little larger or smaller could save you time and money.
So you have had a look and there is nothing suitabl don’t dispair we can manufacture exactly the right size you need in Granite,Tiled Slate etc.
The main reason for made to measure hearths are either to replace hearth within a room that is carpeted or you have a consructional hearth laid level with your floorboards and standard hearth will not cover it.
Another common reason is a sub hearth for a stove to sit on where there has never been a hearth and it needs to match the front one.
Ok were ready to go then decide on waht size you want your new hearth to be either to cover the hole in your carpet or to extend over the constructional hearth
The Dimensions we require are
A Width
B Depth

C Height
Most hearths are simple three measurements and normally the hearths are made as standard at 50mm in height for normal use there should be no reason to later this
Just bear im mind that granite hearths are boxed and lipped that means the top section overhangs the front and the sides by 10-15mm so if hearth is required to cover cooncrete base take this inot consideration

Alsp if using for solid fuel your granite hearth will be in sections and rejoined so it can expand and contract with the heat from a real fire it has to be done or it will crack if in one solid piece.

If you are in doubt about any made to measure hearth jst ring the office and we can run through it with you.

Made to measure hearths very popular

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Here at Castfireplaces most of you will know we do offer made to measure service in granite, slate and tiles for all our hearth options and its always very popular with our customers.
Now recently we have had a few people order items and ask if they can collect or have the items delivered within a few days.
When we do made to measure items its around 5-10 days depending on how busy they are at the workshop to get the items manufactured.
When using for solid fuel they also have to be slabbed and then left to dry which takes a while longer, so although we do have a quick turn around on the hearths please do not order and then try and arrange collection or delivery for the same week as normally it can not be done in such short time.
I understand you sometimes are in a rush but theres not much we can do about it im afraid made to measure is what it says we never alter stock sizes we always cut from new sheets.
So if you do require a made to measure hearth send us an email stating sizes which material and whether it is for Gas, Electric or solid fuel use.
We will return with a quote for you as soon as we can and then if you allow around 2 weeks for manufacture and delivery all will arrive in good time.

Limestone Sample for your Fireplaces Required

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

As with all internet shopping it is sometimes difficult to get the real feel and texture for a product and a lot of people do like to touch and feel before purchase.
Thats the main reason we have a showroom at our Factory in Langley Mill where we invite everyone to view our products before purchase.
I also understand some of our customers have seen the very same fireplaces in a local showroom and viewed them there before searching online and already know exactly what they want.
Even though all our images are of a good standard we do also offer samples of all our Stone Surrounds including Limestone in both Agean and Portuguese.
The full range of Jura-Stone and carrara marble are also available and we do offer timber samples too from the range of wooden mantels we manufacture.
These include Oak in both natural and oiled finish and the Pine we sell in unwaxed and our antique hand waxed finish.
To top this all off Slate, Granite and Tiled hearth samples are also available so you can order any of these free of charge and we will post them out to you so you can see and feel exactly what your new fireplace is made of if you decide not to visit our showroom.
So anybody wanting a sample please contact us with your details and we will wrap and send off to you to help you decide on your fireplace choice.
Yet again this is all part of the unique shopping service you get here at Castfireplaces thats why we are the number one place online to order your fireplace

Victorian Style Fireplaces from Cast and Pine Direct

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

So we often get asked what is a Victorian fireplace well basically the answer is a fireplace made in the reign of Queen Victoria 1819-1901 (Longest reining monarch) this period spans so many different decades it really does define a great era not only for fireplaces but for the shaping of things and items in general.
The Victorians were the masters of Cast iron and there are so many fantastic designs of fireplaces that a lot of our replica fireplace have been cast on an original.
Here at Castfireplaces we do not supply original victorian fireplaces but we suppy reproductions of this fabulaous era.
A fireplace of this great age varied from room to room from a plain combination or open grate in the servants quarters to a grand fireplace with decorated slate or Marble.
Any timber fireplace would always be painted (not like todays stripped wood fashion) and quite often grained or marbelized to match the more expensive original item.
In the bedrooms of any victorian house you would find a smaller combination fireplace with a shelf that was designed to be used as a heat source not just for display.
So many houses have lost these fantastic features over the years and in particular the 1970s so we do offer a good range of smaller bedroom fireplaces to compliment the larger ones we do.
if you are intersted in learning more about Victorian Fireplaces click on the link to take you too another page.

Which hearth to use with my fireplace

Monday, June 8th, 2009

What Hearths are best for gas or solid fuel is often asked here at Castfireplaces and really it is down to preference as we do granite and tiled hearths for solid fuel and gas use. We do not recommend slate or limestone as slate is too soft and scratches very easily and limestone is too porous for the cement under fill as it seeps through to the top surface staining it so we don’t use either for solid fuel use.
Here we will explain what options you have.
Granite Gas Use – A single slab of granite around 20mm thick sits on 30mm risers making the total height 50mm its 15” in depth and is fine for use with gas and electric fires.
Granite Solid Fuel use – Granite sections form these hearths so the fireplace can expand and contract with the heat from solid fuel use they are filled underneath with a light weight cement mix to dissipate the heat throughout the hearth if this process was not carried out it would simply Crack down the middle they do have to cut and slabbed they are 18″ in depth so a little deeper than gas use.
Tiled Hearth Gas and Solid fuel – The tiled hearths are manufactured from 6”x 6” tiles available in various colours they are then set on a bench and filled underneath with lightweight mix and then grouted. The only difference between them is that they are 15” for gas Fireplace use and 18” for solid fuel use.
Slate and Limestone – Exact same manufacture process as granite hearth for gas use an same dimensions being 15” deep only suitable for gas use as explained
We Offer a full made to measure service for all our hearths so if you need any help or advice choosing a hearth just contact us.

Hearth options when choosing your fireplace

Friday, May 1st, 2009

When choosing your fireplace package from us at Cast Fireplaces we offer various Hearth options as part of our package prices. As standard we list the most popular Granite hearth for gas or solid fuel as standard as this is included in the base price of the package. We do offer the following hearth options for gas use

GRANITE our Standard hearth which is made from solid Granite which is in one section and is 15” deep and 50mm in height its boxed and lipped which means it has a 20mm overhang both sides and the front ideally suited for all gas fireplaces

TILED we offer the Ebony black tiled hearth as an alternative to the granite they are made from 6” x 6” black tiled hearths and are grouted with black grout in between each tile they are available from 30” to 60” in multiples of 6”. For our gas use hearths they are 15” in depth and 2.25” high

SLATE is our final option and they are of boxed and lipped construction same as the granite and are also 15” in depth they are made from Italian Slate which is quite a soft stone which is matt in colour, they do need to be cared for more than the other hearths and need oiling to maintain there looks

For Solid fuel use we don’t offer slate as its too soft and will become very tired looking with the mess from solid fuel and the scratches from cleaning away ash etc so we don’t offer it as an option for our solid fuel packages. We do offer the following

TILED made for the same tiles and done in the same way as our gas hearths the only difference being that for solid fuel they are 3 tiles deep making them 18” in depth as required by law

GRANITE these hearths are cut into sections and slabbed underneath so the hearth can expand and contract with the heat of solid fuel if this wasn’t done the hearth would crack in two when using with a real fire, there is no other way of avoiding the sectioning it just has to be done for solid fuel

If you need any advice regarding choosing the Hearth option for your fireplace please feel free to contact us for free honest advice. Below are some photos of the hearths we offer just click the photos to view.



Tiled Hearth


Granite Hearth


Slate Hearth