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Regular maintenance for Solid Fuel Stoves and Fireplaces

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

So you have your new solid fuel fireplace or stove installed the last thing on your mind is maintenance and cleaning of chimneys and flues etc.
Most of the time this is very seriously overlooked and a lot of customers do not even have the chimney swept before installing a new real fire fireplace or stove.
As most people are aware fitting of a solid fuel fuel appliance must be done by HETAS registered fitter or have it signed of by Building Control inspector from your local council.
Bizzarely after that there is no further regular maintenance required by law, in my opinion this is very shortsighted as burning solid fuel can also create carbon monoxide which is a silent killer if the fuel is not burnt correctly i have read online about a death from a blocked flue for a Kitchen Range.
There are no regulations currently that say solid fuel fires of any type must be serviced and chimneys swept once a year. It would be good to have a regime in place or guide line so people know how often to service the fireplace, flue etc they have.
I understand most people would detect a fully blocked flue but how often have you heard people say sometimes the fire blows back smoke into the room, normally there is an underlying reason for this do not leave it have it investigated by HETAS registered fitter.
As a guide chimneys should be swept once a year by a decent sweep try the NACS which has sweeps numbers all over the uk they will give you free advice as to how often you will need it cleaning depending on the fuel you are burning.
As the flue is the only source for the toxic fumes escaping make sure it is in good condition so smoke does not enter your property right through the run of the chimney if in doubt have a chimney sweep test it for you and if found to be faulty it can always be lined.
So enjoy your winter fires and as good sound advice get your chimney swept just as you start to reuse the fireplace after the Summer so if you do have birds nest etc in the flue it will be removed before you light the fire.

Happy Burning and just to let you know our local sweep is cleaning my stove Thursday next week

Have your Chimney Swept Before Fitting Fireplace

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Before fitting your fireplace it is important to have your chimney swept first before any installation begins. It is vital you use a professional chimney sweep preferably from the National Association of Chimney Sweeps or NACS for short. Here you can find a local recommended sweep with all the relevant insurance to make sure you get a proper job done.
The reasons for this is that chimneys that have not been used for a while could be blocked with bird’s nests etc (even bees nests as I found in a house I used to live in) or even have loose bricks stopping the fumes escaping properly. This can be potentially dangerous with carbon monoxide or smoke coming back into the room due to the chimney not drawing right.
I know this sounds a little severe but it can happen more often than not though it is just a case off soot build up that needs removing and then they normally smoke test them to make sure they are drawing correctly.
If Problems are then found it’s a simple job of lining the chimney with one of our Chimney Flue Liner Kit these are for use with solid fuel use and we also sell gas liners too if you want a gas insert.
Most of the chimneys we fit fireplaces in are of sound working condition and do not require lining so we always recommend prior to any fitting getting it swept and it will save a lot of mess if you have a soot fall whilst fitting the fireplace.
As the soot is flammable we normally suggest having chimney swept at the end of the “Heating Season” when you don’t intend to light fires on a regular basis this will then ensure the 1st time it drops cold your fireplace is ready to light as nobody wants the fire brigade out to extinguish a chimney fire.
Happy Sweeping and remember a good sweep will never leave you with a mess.