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Do we buy Antique or Victorian Fireplaces

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Often we get asked the question i have some antique fireplaces from our house would you be interested in buying them ive emailed you some photos.
Hera at Castfireplaces we only sell new fireplaces and stoves from the gallery and carron range and thats exactly what we do.
We do not have the time to restore original fireplaces and i even have some in stock that i bought 6 years ago and have never got round to having them renovated.
The problem with original antique fireplaces is the fact that they always sem to have bits missing whether it be bars hoods backs shelves etc they never seem to be complete and thats where the time factor comes into it sourcing them.
Also we do not have the facilities at our factory for proper restoration yes we can have them blasted and blacked up but as to welding and repairing them its not something i wish to undertake as a business.
I know of a few good firms who do nothing but originals and can point you in the right direction for you to sell them too but im afraid it is not something we undertake here at Castfireplaces.
I know most of you find us in google under antique fireplaces its just basically a phrase we use such as victorian fireplaces we dont sell them but people searching for those items do buy reproduction fireplaces confusing i know but thats the way it is.

Victorian Style Fireplaces from Cast and Pine Direct

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

So we often get asked what is a Victorian fireplace well basically the answer is a fireplace made in the reign of Queen Victoria 1819-1901 (Longest reining monarch) this period spans so many different decades it really does define a great era not only for fireplaces but for the shaping of things and items in general.
The Victorians were the masters of Cast iron and there are so many fantastic designs of fireplaces that a lot of our replica fireplace have been cast on an original.
Here at Castfireplaces we do not supply original victorian fireplaces but we suppy reproductions of this fabulaous era.
A fireplace of this great age varied from room to room from a plain combination or open grate in the servants quarters to a grand fireplace with decorated slate or Marble.
Any timber fireplace would always be painted (not like todays stripped wood fashion) and quite often grained or marbelized to match the more expensive original item.
In the bedrooms of any victorian house you would find a smaller combination fireplace with a shelf that was designed to be used as a heat source not just for display.
So many houses have lost these fantastic features over the years and in particular the 1970s so we do offer a good range of smaller bedroom fireplaces to compliment the larger ones we do.
if you are intersted in learning more about Victorian Fireplaces click on the link to take you too another page.

What is a black leaded Fireplace

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

On our Black fireplaces we can apply a black leaded finish to bring out the features in the cast iron fireplace we do this with a Black Lead Grate Polish It is called graphite polish and doesn’t contain lead anymore but everyone knows it by that old name it used to go under the name Zebo too but they are no more.
This product is what my granny used to use on the old kitchen range and the fireplace grate in their front room.
I can clearly remember her polishing it with a boot brush and then wiping down with cloth to buff it up the required sheen.
These days nobody really uses a cast iron range for cooking or heating for that matter and most houses now have central heating and the fireplace now is a more decorative part of the room and becomes the main focal feature.
The Black fireplace we supply is coated in the factory with matt black heat temperature paint and can be used just like that for solid fuel with no problems.
We can also supply the black lead grate polish for you to apply to the cast iron to make it look more traditional and once applied I think its then hard to tell them from original Victorian or Edwardian type fireplaces.
So if you simply want to treat your existing fireplace or wish to add this product to your order or need any further info on how to apply it, which we will feature in, a further article just let me know.

Do we sell Spares for original Victorian Fireplace

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Do we stock spares for an original fireplace was a question I was first asked by a customer this morning who had left a message on our answering machine we start at 8AM in the morning in the week and at 9AM at the weekends so to have message earlier than this is unusual, anyway I rang them back to find out what they were after as we do have a work copy of the spares brochure listing all the spare parts we offer from bar sets to hoods and simple ash pans to cast iron replacement mantels all available for the range of fireplaces we sell and replacement parts to suit originals too.
After sending me an email with some images and sizes on I soon found the items they were missing.
This particular fireplace was simple to sort out as it was only missing a set of bars and a set of Tiles and was I must say a bargain at the £145 they had paid for it at a salvage auction.
The bars we had in stock from a Galway Fireplace that I somehow let fall over in our workshop damaging it beyond repair and the tiles they choose were from our website and were the Jazz Ivory Lilac which we also keep in stock so they have all been wrapped and sent by next Day delivery to a very happy customer.
In most cases we can supply Replacement parts for original fireplaces so just email us or contact us and we can see if we can order the parts to restore you Victorian or Other fireplace to its former Glory.
So another thing explained you were not perhaps aware of what we do here at Cast and Pine Direct we do try to go that extra bit more to make sure we offer service second to none

Reproduction Marble Fireplaces antiques for the Future

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Explaining these fireplace categories seems to be taking ages we only have 4 left after this post but if it makes it easier for our customers to navigate round the site then its worth doing.
The Next Category we feature is Marble Fireplaces this is where we sell all the marble fireplace packages for use with all fuel options. These tend to be rather grand styles as most original marble surrounds were. They are all made from natural 100% solid Carrara Marble, this stone is creamy white in colour and has grey veins running through it personally I think you could not pick a better marble to manufacture these surrounds from. Quite a few years ago gallery decided to try another stone, which was Florentine marble, this was beige in colour and wasn’t very popular with our customers and only lasted one season before it was withdrawn and since then Carrara has been the choice of marble used for these great designs.
It is an expensive stone to use hence why the prices are higher than our limestone packages but there is nothing as Grand or Sophisticated as marble it never dates and is the perfect fireplace to fit in larger Victorian Homes. These packages are featured with some of our more ornate and larger cast iron fireplaces so they make sure that they make a statement and become the main focal point of any room.
We can mix and match the inserts and the surrounds to get the perfect fireplace you are looking for so you are not fixed to have the packages we have listed in this section so let your imagination run wild and choose one of these fabulous grand fireplaces.

Restoring an Original Cast Iron Fireplace

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Restoring an original Cast Iron Fireplace is a subject we get asked about a lot due to the fact that we sell Reproduction Victorian Fireplaces. Although we only sell new Gallery Fireplaces we are more than happy to pass on any info and help we can and supply the products you need to restore it with.
Cast Iron Fireplaces are the most likely type of fireplace that need restoring it is easy to restore yourself and if you remove the fireplace so you can work on it a proper height it makes the job far easier. Don’t be tempted to use a blowtorch to remove the paint this can easily crack the cast iron and the fumes are toxic due to old lead in the paint. We suggest using Nitromors paint stripper or any equivalent. Scrape away the dissolving paint using plastic or wooden scraper for the decorative details use a stiff nylon brush don’t be to hasty to remove paint as there will be many layers and it takes time for the paint stripper to work. After all the paint has been removed wipe down with white spirits do not use water or the cast iron will start to rust. A base coat of Heat Temp Paint can then be applied and a top coat if you want the Matt Black finish or if you prefer the more traditional look to the fireplace apply Black Lead Grate polish with a brush leave to dry then buff to the required finish. This fireplace is now complete and will look good for years to come just make sure it’s kept dry and never clean with water to avoid the fireplace going rusty.