You can tell the weather has turned cold its fireplace time

So another very busy day at Castfireplaces and the website orders and phones seem to have gone into overdrive like a cold November day with the i want it for Christmas mentality.
Its very strange in our trade what a little cold weather does and the fact people have been paid helps as they again have money to spend after the expense of December.
When the frost arrives sales of solid fuel fieplaces and stoves goes mad it happens everytime the thermometer reaches around the zero mark.
So with cold weather forecast for around a month if you believe what some forecasters are saying it appears Castfireplaces are going to be in for another very busy month.
We very well equipped to deal with even the most busiest months of the year so you can rest assured your chosen fireplace or stove will arrive in not time at all.
For those requiring miracles we do try but always have the option of collection if we can not meet your deadlines such as a customer today who has ordered a Daisy fireplace but needed it for the weekend im afraid there was no chance we could deliver for then so he is having it collected by courier from our Langley Mill showroom.
So get your fireplace or stove nice and early before the cold weather begins to bite as its forecast for minus 10 in some places this week which is really cold

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