Are we having a sale in January for our fireplaces and stoves

Someone today has rung me to ask if we are having a January sale on our website and at our Factory as he has been looking online at a few fireplaces he fancies and wondered whether to wait till Jan to see if they were going to be cheaper.
As most people know the VAT is due to rise to 17.5% and we also have had a price increase from gallery which we have not added to any of our products so really the basic fact is when we return back to the office full time on the 4th

1 The VAT will be at a higher rate adding around £15 to a fireplace package costing £700
2 We are implimenting price increases straight away on new website
3 We dont do sales we are already one of the cheapest if not THE cheapest online

So when you are searching online for a new Fireplace or Stove i am sure you will find Cast and Pine Direct to be one of the most competitive places to shop and with our fantastic delivery and customer service i am 100% sure no other company comes near in offering you the best quality fireplaces online at a price that will save you hundreds buying from your local fireplace shop

By the way after telling Mr Jackson about the no sales thing he promptly ordered Firefox 8 Stove and at around £340 he has got himself a bargain