Customer gets wrong fireplace company

I had an irate phoneall this morning asking why there fireplace delivery did not come yesterday as promised and to be truthful my heart sank.
I could not think how it had escaped our ordering and delivery system it has never happened before and when the customer said well shouted this is the second time you have let me down i was suprised.
Can i take your invoice number or Website order number please i asked well the number i was given was not one of our invoice or webiste order numbers and i heaved a sigh of relief.
Im afraid you are not speaking to the right fireplace company you must have ordered it from someone else we are Castfireplaces.
Well im glad we had not let a customer down regarding delivery and for the second time too it just goes to show you how bad some other fireplace companies are.
Well as im writing this i expect them to be recieving a fair amount of trouble and to be honest they deserve it not to let the customer know if anything goes wrong is not acceptable and to expect someone to wait in all day for a delivery to is bad.
We have pallets delivered to our factory in Langley mill and many times they arrive a day late its just the way they seem to work
Right im off to the factory to load the vans for this weekends sunny London runs another 5am start on Sunday cant wait