Last day for Lower rate VAT sees surge in fireplace and stove sales

Well what can i say i did think today would be busy but if im honest it even caught me out the phone started ringing at 9 am and didnt stop till 4pm with people placing last minute orders to save money before vat returns to 17.5%.
Also i have answered around 20 emails regarding Fireplace products and stock availability as everyone is getting back into work mode now the festive period is nearly over.
I have even been to the factory today to meet a customer who wanted to come and collect Lytton and Pine Bedford gas package in a Highlighted finish and 54″ Pine Bedford Mantel.
I didn’t really mind as to all intents and purposes it wasnt a day off yesterday i was working all day.
Stove sales were patricualary busy again yesterday with us now taking forward orders of Firefox 5 Stoves that are arriving in Late January,we do have 25 on order but ive sold 9 of those now so i will have to up order levels when our suppliers return on the 4th.
So we are returning back to the office and factory on the 4th and will deliver all these orders asap so nobody is kept waiting long for all their new goods anyway im off to get ready now
Happy new year to everyone from Castfireplaces and we look forward to dealing with you all in 2010