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Caframo Ecofans and Stove Fans

An Ecofan from Caframo is a heat powered fan designed to run from the warm air produced from your stove (no cables or batteries required) they are designed to effectively circulate the warm air your stove produces increasing comfort, cutting fuel bills giving a fuel saving between 12% – 14%.
The best selling brand on the market it outsells all other brands combined.
Caframo have been making Ecofans for two decades meaning lower faliures and high customer satisfaction which is why Castfireplaces has chosen to offer this brand for sale
We stock two models from Caframo the 800 Original Ecofan and the 810 UltraAir Ecofan both available in an all black finish and the 810 in Black and Nickel too.
We also offer for sale replacement motor kits should you have any problems with your existing fan.

We also sell a cheaper range from UK stove Fans we have tested them on our showroom stove models and can happily say they work perfectly well, we offer 2 models the 2 Blade fan and 4 blade fan save some money and try one out on your stove at home

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